Scam Letter(s) from Larisa to Eddie (USA)

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Letter 1

Dear Eddie!To write the first letter is always difficult, but I will strive.
My name is Julia, it comes from Latin word "Julius": Curly, fluffy. I may say that I'm fluffy, tender, endearing cat with shining eyes, who loves warmth, coziness, caress. I'm 24 years old. I graduated from University of Agriculture. Unfortunately I work out of my specialty and work as a manager of staff selection in autoshow. Speaking about myself, I should say that I'm a dreamy sensitive and at the same time purposeful girl. My dream is to find a man with whom I can live till the end of my life. I do want to give happiness to my darling, to grant all my love, which lives in my little heart. I can do everything for love. I dream to live with my soul mate in a cute house, where a lot of flowers and garden will be. To built such relations when my husband will rush to come home and want to feel me endearment, warmth and passion. I like to make people joy, I feel sincere happy for people's success and in no way feel envy. I will never aloud my man to be bored with me, but only make our life various. I do like to cook in the kitchen. I'm sure that my second half is waiting for me and we will be happy. I'm pleased to tell you about myself and I hope that very soon relationships between us will rouse. Friendship is good, but if love will arouse - I'll be happy.
I wish you good luck, Yours Julia.

Letter 2

Hello dear Eddie!
My goal in life now – to be happy! To be happy with a kind, honest, balanced man! I appreciate a good sense of humor in men. Sometimes humor helps me in life trouble. A lot of conflicts can be solved with humor and alternative. I think that marriage is a very serious step in relations and we have to think about what we want to do and with whom we want to share our life! My dear, I think every woman needs a support of a good man! So, first of all I appreciate in men such qualities as strength, but not a physical strength but strength of mind and will-power; care of his relatives and family, and in the same time I want my men to be tender and loving with me always! And I see healthy relations like relations when a husband and a wife understand each other maybe even without words, it is enough to look into eyes to understand everything…Of course I permit some quarrels – it is almost impossible to live without them but even arguing I want to understand that my man loves me and I love him and nothing else is important for us!I have never been to USA and I would like to visit it! I don't speak English at all! And it will be great if you come here! And now we have time to know each other better! I am waiting for your reply with great impatience.



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