Scam letter(s) from Olga Yandulova to Forrest (USA)

Letter 1

Thanks for your remarkable letter. I, have been admired to receive it.
I - almost always in good mood, but reception of your letter have lifted my mood even more! I am capable to understand your letters completely well. As you know my name Olga. To me of 27 years. I am interested in serious relations. I am not interested in to be friends of the handle, but I also understand, that there should be letters between us so we can learn about the friend the friend and see,
whether there is a mutual interest in more serious relations.
I want the partner which also will be my best friend and that I can not hesitate to speak Something , and I want It to be capable to tell me something also. It is similar to you, I have decided to look in other countries to see, whether my love there because I have found is,
that here in Russia many of Men do not cherish a marriage and fidelity. I cannot accept it. I - the loyal and devoted woman also want to meet the man which will return that loyalty and fidelity. To put it briefly, I am a woman who can trust, and I want the partner to which I can trust equally. I ask too much?
I like to play tennis and, in general, on open air to enjoy the nature.
The city where I live, is not so remarkable. I love old, historical architecture. Sometime in the future, I hope, that you will tell about a history of the city. I understand, that it - old city with many interesting histories and buildings. Who knows, if we are successful,
it is possible sometime, that I shall be capable to visit your city.
I was is given actually birth in Russia, in city Yoshkar Ola. My family will consist 4 person. I, mum, the daddy, the sister! As I have grandfather and the grandmother!
I love cinema. I observe some from them at cinema, but I also like to observe their houses.
I have mentioned, that I love the convenient house. You also?
I also have decided to try the Internet to find that the special person. I am not sure as far as successful I shall be, but others were a success, so I thought, that I shall try also.
I want to tell to you about my work. I work as the seller in shop.
My working day begins with 8 mornings. I reach 8:00 AM and work till 17:00. On Saturday and Sunday I do not work. In weekend, I like to relax, being on open air, meeting friends in the evenings for a dinner and then probably going to listen to music in club. Within a week, I prefer to remain at home and to relax, observing TV. I write to you from the Internet of cafe. Ours the Internet of cafe is approximately 5 minutes of walking from my house.
Please tell to me more about you directly. You like to make what types of things to weaken and have an entertainment? You love animals? You love the tidy house? If you should fall in love with the woman from other country, what you think of it? You have considered it?
I with impatience wait to receive news from you again soon. And I hope, that you have remarkable day and evening forward. Sincerely Olga
Letter 2

Hello Forrest. I have received your letter. How you today? I am fine.
I hope that at you all well! I am glad to our acquaintance! Transfer hi to the cats:-))) I never travelled outside of Russia.
There are some character traits, that I examine a basis in any man to which I could be probably is involved. They include honesty, honesty,
fidelity, fidelity, intelligence, the novel and passion. I wish also capable to return all these features to my future partner! Certainly,
they - the basic characteristics which define, at a fundamental level, type of the person, which individual.
There are some components which feelings of the person for another enter into appeal one. I would like to receive a physical part of it from a way now. Obviously, people, by the nature,
visual essences. It probably is more true for men than the woman, but it is true for both floors to some extent. I want to be physically involved to my assistant. I want, that he was attractive, desirable and ****** in my opinion. But I also want, that he was modest and ****** at the same time.
As I think, that it - with you, the internal person,
the spiritual person - the most important thing to me. With the relation to this, I wish, that my partner had many displays of his basic of a character trait.
It is interesting to me as men and women communicate in another way.
When the woman has a problem and wants to speak about it, she does not search for the decision. Mainly she only wants to hear her problems and the person, with which she speaks to recognize,
that it - a problem. Men, on the other hand, hear, that who - that expresses some type of a problem in their lives immediately, start to think of the decision and are too happy to offer ideas how the problem should be solved.
During the work week, I usually like to just come home after work and relax here. I will watch some television and make some dinner. When I do watch television, I do not watch the shows many others watch. I prefer to watch educational and history programs and shows about nature and science. Do you like these types of shows also? I have always had a rather scientific and mathematical mind and am very curious so watching these types of shows feeds my desire for knowledge. I would hate it if I reach a point in my life where I stop learning new things. Please divide more about you directly with me.
What your dreams? What do you think of some from things which I have told to you here? What is the favourite foodstuff should eat? I love almost all! As you should know that I perfectly prepare! I with impatience wait for your following letter. I send still some pictures.
I hope, that you love them. Sincerely Olga.
Letter #3 Hello Forrest. I am glad to receive your letter and photos! Thanks!
You wonderfully look! And at you a remarkable cat! how your weekend? I am fine! I hope that at you all well! I am glad to our acquaintance!
For me long relations are constructed on mutual trust,
honesty and love. Passion and physical appeal - most certainly important and essential elements. Fairly I want strong physical appeal to my partner. However, appeal, and the obligation,
should be physical, psychological and emotional. The combination of these elements is critical to long success for pair, and I insist on all of them. If attitudes(relations) are advanced properly,
obligations of appeal (physical, spiritual and emotional) will last for terms of lives.
My purpose will be to find the man with qualities and hopes which are in conformity about mine own.
I search for the man which will make my better qualities and will return his best to me. I do not see any reason to accept something less. I want the relations based on open communication and sincere division of emotions. I also want relation which include passion just as compassion.
You can tell to me about, how You meet new day. Or you prefer a nourishing dinner. You prefer what cuisine? What transport you use?
Tell to me more about the preferences. It is really interesting to me To learn. . I early lie down to sleep and early I wake up. If I Late I shall lie to sleep - that I shall not have high-grade dream even if I shall sleep in many afternoon. You can tell to me about the mode of day? Usually with what you begin the day. Than your day off differs Day from the worker? I so wanted to learn about you,
but probably and so I set too many questions much. My hobby - to embroider. Yes, I have overlooked to tell to you, that I well am able to sew.
Lace embroidery To me loved. This craft of me was learned by the girlfriend who was engaged in professional sewing. And I, in turn, have learned the girlfriend is tasty to prepare. When at us winter, the rivers and lakes become covered by ice, I go to pool, I like sailing. Still I have to you question: you love Russian bath? Imagine,
as birch brooms smell, The smell of the pitch allocated from the heated up tree... It also is Russian bath. If you were in To Russian bath tell, about the impressions! What relations I search, I would like to borrow what place in a marriage? How it is all I see for itself? I hope to find the person whom I could understand. I want to construct relations on trust and respect. For me it is necessary the man, to the aid which I could hope. As well as any woman, I would like to have children. And also to divide all difficulties and pleasures of life with my spouse.
I think it very little, but it is far from being all are ready to this. Basically people of my age build the relations on passion, a physiological, ****** inclination. Thus suppose mistakes. I think that it is not meaningful to get family with the person from whom *** is necessary for you only. I think that first of all people psychologically should approach to each other. Thus both the husband and the wife in the certain situations should go on a concession,
showing flexibility. Also it is necessary to accept the person such what he is, including all his lacks and advantages.
Frequently at long attitudes people are disappointed in each other. It occurs because they want to change the person with whom live. Or the passion which connected vanishes, held them together. Also keeps them only lived together time. I do not want it, I want that mine the man such, what I accepted me am on itself business. Respected my freedom of a choice.
And I promise on identical reaction. I do not love roughness and violence. It contradicts me. Also I want that my future husband watched itself, the body, and paid attention me. I do not know my requirements are high or are acceptable. Express to me the opinion. It would be interesting to me to learn it. Sincerely Olga.
Letter #4 Hello Forrest. I have received your letter! How you today? How your weekend? I am fine. I hope that at you all well!
Thanks for photos! I am glad to our acquaintance! I with interest read your letter. You know if the man and the woman want to go in Russian bath together they go there together. I am glad that with each letter I learn you all better and better!
I want to tell to you a little about the country and about my city.
Russia very big country. The population here various.
Certainly the majority Russian as also there are many people of other nationalities.
The geography of Russia is so various as the population - cities,
suburbs, small cities, settlements, mountains, coast.
Again there is no shortage of elections and opportunities. Living in Yoshkar Ola, I can exploit many museums, cinema, lectures, concerts,
or restaurants which Yoshkar Ola offers. There are infinite elections which weeks exist almost every day. I believe, that you would find it charming.
In fact the life in your country differs from a life in my country.
You know, when I was small, I dreamed to become the archeologist, I always Was fond of a history and I always wanted to visit other countries and To study culture of the countries. But all has changed with the years . So... Do you like to cook? As for me i like cooking much! . First of all i like to cook different pies and cookies, i enjoy cooking and glad to teach to cook something new.
Many people say that the men is best cookers and that the kitchen is not for men.
Maybe? My mother likes to say that a kitchen is a women`s Kingdom and that it`s not for men. And what do you think about it... I would love to tell you in this letter about my girlfriends. I have three closer friend. We have grown up together since childhood and know each other very good. I can trust them in all and sure that they will can help me in any situations. Their name`s are Lena, Sveta and Oksana. There are very sociable and kind girls and if you could to see them one day i sure they will like you:) They have already known about our correspondanse and think i did right when i wrote you.
They wish us good luck in our relations and wanted me to send you hi:) And what about you?? Do you have many friends?? What are their names?? I hope that I do not tire you with the different questions. I hope that You understand that I want to learn you better. I with impatience wait for your letter. Sincerely Olga.
Letter #5 Hello Forrest! I am happy to receive yours the letter and photos!
tomato pickles look so appetizing! I hope that sometime can To try tomato pickles!!! How at you weather today? At us today Fine sunny day! At us today here the day off! We We celebrate on May, 1 here! And you celebrate on May, 1? I so am glad to our acquaintance Forrest!
In Russia it is difficult to live. What though as that to live it is necessary to work with Mornings till the evening, in streets of full ***** people, drink which all time Alcoholic drinks and anywhere do not work. I want to start normal family, To like and be loved. Write to me, what you wait from our relations? If to you something is interesting to learn new about me that safely Ask Questions! I necessarily shall answer you. It seems to me that we approach the friend To the friend, and you that you think in this occasion? I would like normal Relations with normal the man. You at all do not imagine as it Is sad to come in the evening home, and you not waited by loved The man. Certainly I have favourite family. But fact they to me will not replace The man. You do not think that I to you simply complain, I simply speak you The truth as it, to live in Russia.
To me it is very sad and lonely from one Only that you will cease to write ideas to me or will write, that I to you It be not become interesting or boring.
Write to me of that you you wait and on, that Whether you in further hope and going to continue niches with you Relations?
I search such for the man which not when will not tell to me Bad word, that who To not get tired to give me flowers, that who will be To love me and to care of me not looking on anything.
As you like to carry out the days off and Holidays?
Whether you like to have a rest on the nature? Interestingly, you like To travel? Write to me, please, who for you is an ideal, What you most of all appreciate in the woman? It will be very interesting to me to find out It. As would like to find out more about you. Share the plans On the near future, the dreams. In this world so it is a lot of lie and Injustice. It is very hard to find the good, worthy person, on Which is possible to rely. Which will pick up you, when at you will be Problems. In fact the love, as well as friendship are checked by time,
difficulties, Which have together gone through. How you concern to this? In the man I want To see simultaneously and courage, confidence,
quiet force, the The defender, and the passionate lover, romanticism with young soul. Pleasantly To know, that there is on light a person to whom my destiny is not indifferent, The person it is important for them to know, that with me, that I do! In my life I saw a little and felt care of - simply everyone who could about To me to care, have been very much borrowed with the affairs, and the rest I at all It was not necessary. It was necessary to do without care, I even felt Itself a little confused when received from you such kind letters! I on the present did not know what to do Ask me, that you would want To know about me. I with pleasure shall answer you! If I have found the man Souls that I probably have gone to him. As I very much want to visit In the different countries, but not only because of it. It is necessary to move ahead in Lives to reach that that new. And how you look at this question? In my opinion the man oppress would not want to arrive to me. he at once Has felt a difference as at me the small apartment and is not present that That is at you:)))
we Shall talk about romanticism. My favourite season this summer and winter (not so cold). Summer to me It is pleasant from for that that is possible to go to bathe, lay on a beach and To sunbathe. A lot of years games for example football, me very much Football is pleasant to look.
Volleyball (at school I went on volleyball). In the summer at us very beautifully all it is green. Simply eyes are pleased.
And in To winter too there are pluss. Though on skis to go on a skating rink, and Sometimes it is possible to lie down in a snow. About clothes I shall tell that that is pleasant to me To carry both trousers and skirts.
Depending on weather .AND still I carry Sportswear. My happiest memory, probably when to me There were 12 years. I remember as I went for a drive on the pony. It was very cheerful. I could not sit down on her astride and Above me all laughed, but in a result I Has driven. I hope that I have not tired you with the letter. I hope that you find out It is more than me. I with impatience wait for your answer.
Sincerely Olga.
PS: It is a ridiculous photo of me! Then simply shined very bright The sun!
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