Letter(s) from Svetlana Siverskaya to David (USA)

Letter 1

Hello to my dear man David! you know, it is new for me but I start to be accustomed waiting for the opportunity to write you, I am always waiting for your letters and I am happy that you're always with me when I have an opportunity to be in the Internet cafe, thank you for your presence in my email box, it gives such a pleasure to my eyes and my heart, and my soul! sorry, I am so much exited about all these feelings which fills me, that I forgot to ask How are you, David?! hope you are well!!!
You know, I start missing you more and more with every new day, you know, I start to notice that I am thinking of you so many times during my day!:0) you know, I was searching for this feeling but now it scares me a lot, I am afraid to feel deeper than now because now I can control myself but when it is deep feelings person become weak, and it is easy to be hurt, David, it seems like 100 butterflies jumping through my body now when I am writing to you and thinking how would you feel when you see my letter, I am afraid you don't accept me serious, I am afraid you can hurt me easily, I am afraid I am not good for you, but I am ready to take this risk because here we say "only that person who don't afraid to take a risk knows the taste of victory" do you agree, David? how do you think, is it sometimes necessary to take some risk?
You know, David, I had very hard day today this night I couldn't sleep, because when I went to bed, the great thunderstorm began behind my window, it started with the light drops of the rain which was drumming on my window when I was learning my homework in psychology, you know I have to do my homework at night because I came back home from work near about 8 pm and after having my dinner only have time to sit down to my writing-table and start doing my classes, so yesterday I had so much work because I must be prepared for today credit. Girls (my room-neighbours) were already asleep, so I was in the company of textbooks when this terrible thunderstorm began... First the flesh of lightning illuminated my room as much as it seemed to be not a night but afternoon, then it was so much strong thunderclap that it seemed to be that window could break into pieces, I was so much frightened, I couldn't learn anymore so I climbed under my blanket and tried to fall asleep, but it was very hard to do because the drops of the rain with hail still were drumming on the window, it was thundering all time and flashes of lightning continued to illuminate the room that even under the blanket with the closed eyes I could see the light. Could you imagine how much I was scared? I lay and trembled with the fear that it was the last day of my life! don't laugh please, I know you are smiling now, and it really sound funny, but yesterday I didn't think so, I was scared a lot! :-((
You know, at that moment I wanted so much that my beloved man was close to me, that he could hold me in his strong arms and said that I am just stupid girl to afraid of thunderstorm when he is next to me
You know, David, I am so tired from loneliness, I need my special person in my life, without him I live a half-part-life, I truly believe that every person shouldn't be alone, everyone needs another person to be happy! How do you think, David, is it true that person couldn't be happy without his second half? I think that it is really true, as for me I can't be happy just by my own even if I am successful with work and studying, I need someone to share my progress with
sorry,David, it seems to me that I start to be too philosophic... I don't want to be sad today, it is such a wonderful day and I am here with you, it makes me happy doubled! promise that everything will be ok, and in the nearest future I will be more then happy because I finally find my right man, and maybe I am already find him?:0) Who knows! So the good news is that I have passed that credit, and now I could say that my hard night have been rewarded, and with the clear conscience I can go and eat the ice-cream;)! I will go to buy to buy an ice-cream for me and my room mates and we will eat it together, you know in such way I always reward myself for some good doing. I should keep myself in a good shape that is why I always keep on diet but I like it veryyyyyyyy much so in such way I am spoiling myself!:0) ohh, by the way, I have a question, if you want to spoil yourself what would you do? Maybe you also have some limits in something but from time to time you could allow it for yourself!? Or maybe you have some favourite thing which you are doing after you were a good boy!?:0) Tell me about it, I am really wonder?!
Wish you were here with me to eat my favourite ice-cream together!:0) my favourite is vanilla, and what is yours?
David, time is so fast when I am with you!!! I haven't noticed how my time has been up! So, I have to go now, but I hope that soon I will have an opportunity to come to my dear David! ohh, I will create new habit, I will spoil myself with writing to you, it is a great idea!
send you my sad "good-bye", talk to you soon, your Svetlana :0)
P.S: My full name is Svetlana Siverskaya and as for the phone talk. Well, of course I want to talk to you, but here is a little problem I don't have a phone, and I don't speak English well, of course I know some English words but it is very poor, but, I think my English is not an obstacle as I do want to hear your voice, it would be great! you know, David, girl who help me with English has a mobile phone, she agrees to let us use her phone, if you want!? we can arrange time and you will call, if we need she will help us to understand each other, what do you think about this idea? as for me I am so much impatient, I want to hear your so much!