Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Sapugolceva to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
It is interesting that I met you and it seems so amazing to me, that we divided by many thousands kilometers, but can have easy conversation with each other! I hope we shall be good friends!
I shall be describe me in brief. I was born on September, 8th, 1982. I am 25years old, I am 172 cm tall and my weight is about 55 kg. I'd received high education here but here's no job according to my speciality so I'd changed some jobs here and currently I work as the steward on passenger train. It is really good work. I like it because I like to travel.
I live in Orenburg, it is usual city in Russia. It is located about 1650 kilometers to Moscow. Here, men are not good partners and conversable, they think only about *** and cheerfully to spend time, they do not care of their appearance, cannot connect two words, they are rough and ignorant... Therefore, I want to find my friend abroad. So let's not speak about sad... Please tell me more about yourself, about your country, your city...
I prefer to enjoy full life, not pay attention to difficulties and small problems, to be happy of every day, to love and to be loved! I am very optimistic person and want to divide my pleasure with someone!
I like to listen cheerful Electronic music, watching comedy and action films. I don't smoke and I drink sometime.
It would be great to know more about you. Write me everything you want. What do you usually do at work, how spend time, what do you like / dislike. Can you describe exactly what relations are you looking for and what is your dream of ideal relations?
May I ask you about some photos?
I hope my letter did not bored you. Write me! And have a nice time! Yours Tatyana. p.s. You are very pretty on a photo. I shall be glad, if you can send me more... This photo I made at this summer. I hope you will like it :-)))
Letter 2
I was very glad that you have answered on my letter. It is so interesting to get acquainted with the man from other country. Thank that you have answered me, I hope that our correspondence will proceed in future. I think that you want to know more about me. My unique relative is my mum, but we live separately. It is bad, because I miss her always, but I almost every week I visit her. Mum also have her sister in Australia, she moved there more 12 years ago, when she married with Australian. Imagine, when we with mum shall go to visit with my aunt, and we can meet you there too! It would be funny! :-) As I wrote you already, I work as steward on a usual passenger train, it goes from Orenburg to Moscow and back. Time of one trip from one city to another is about one and a half day. Usually, one work shift occupies 3 days. In Moscow I stay in a train, though they offer us special hotel for employees of the railway. I use it seldom, because there are no normal conditions for have a deserving night's lodging. And in a train I feel all the same better as I have own place. I ended college (local pedagogical university) on a speciality the trainer of fitness. After ending college I worked as the trainer in private sports interior, I learned people fitness and, certainly, until now I do physical exersises to support my form in a good condition. I do sports when I have free time. Best of all I like swimming. I like to cook. My mother learned me cooking and I like to cook Russian food. What do you like to eat? My favorite meal is a borsch (it is red-beet soup). I cook it very good. May be you will taste it someday... When I have free time I like to read, listen a music and watch films. I prefer, historical novels and psychological dramas. I like romantic music and instrumental music. My favorite composer is Jivan Gasparyan and singers "Gipsy kings". What kind of music do your like? My favorite kinds of films are melodrama, comedy and action. I have two good friends. Their names are Sveta and Natasha. They are very good girls. They are from Orenburg also, I know their and their families for a long time. With them sometimes we went to the disco or to the cinema. I like Hollywood films very much. Especially when these films are about love and life histories. And what do you like to do at your free time? I shall be glad if you will tell me more about you, your work, your city and your family. What are you doing every day? Do you like it? I have to finish my letter now. I hope you will answer me soon. Because I shall wait it with impatience.
Write me.
Tatyana. p.s.: Thank for photo, very interesing! You are very pretty on a photo!
Letter 3
Hi my dear !
How are you today? I have excellent mood because you have answered on my letter again. It is very interesting to correspond with you through the Internet. Probably, I do many mistakes? But I hope, that you understand my English? My dear, please, write me about it in the next letter! Ok? I like your last letter very much! Thank you for nice words for me. It is very pleasant to hear.
I was very glad to receive your letter. I like it very much because I am beginning to find your letters very special. You know, you are not similar to Russian man. I can not describe in word what is a difference, but I like it very much. You know I did tried to find a man here before but I had not meet a right man. Most of them are thinking only about alcohol and ***. They do not care how are they looking. They are not romantic. Due to this reasons I have decided to find a man out of there.
Thank you for a photos. I like it very much. As for me I am sending my photo now again.
I will wait for your letter.
Yours Tatyana. PS: About my the aunt, to my shame, I cannot tell something reasonable :-)
Practically I do not communicate with her as I do not remember her since my childhood, but mum constantly communicates with her. They have correspondence and phone calls often enough. I don't have my exact geographical knowledge, but in my opinion, they with her husband live at east coast of Australia.
Letter 4

Hi, my dear Gavin! How are you?
It will be a short message. I'm in a hurry! In an hour I leave my flat, because I had a big problem here. I had a conflict with my boss (former boss already). My mum was very ill 2 days ago, and I asked the boss to give me immediate holiday to visit her, but he sharply refused me. Therefore I quit my work! I'll go to my mum. Now it is a unique and positive moment that I shall be with mum every day! And I can look after her. I have already searched for new work and found a vacancy. Now I'll work as a trainer in a big fitness-center. I like it, because it corresponds to my education and it will not be many tiresome days which I spent when I worked on the train. I'm glad to see the message from you! I am always glad to receive news from you; you for me are as a beam in the clouds! :-) I am glad, that we have got acquainted; now I test such new feelings which I did not have earlier. It is difficult to describe in words - it is pleasure I receive from our dialogue, it is an exchange of our ideas and experiences, it is the delightful moment of expectation and reception of news from you and hope for the development of something greater for us in the future. I think you understand me!... But I should not hurry this event as I want our dialogue to continue so it does not stop and then Time will show all. Only one thing I want to ask you, that you do not hide from me your ideas and feelings. I am open and fair with you and I wish it from you also because, I think, that only sincere relations will really make us the best in the world friends!! So, I should go now, I have to put in order some things at home. I shall try to come to the internet-cafe tomorrow and write you letters every day! I wish you a good day! your Tatyana.
Letter 5
Hi my dear Gavin!
Thanks for your letter! I am glad that you write me. When I come to the Internet-cafe I always look forward that your letter will be there! Our dialogue is very pleasant for me!
I am very romantic if I find the right man and I think I could be romantic with you or fall in love with you. Why are you coming late into my life? I find you so attractive and I know we could have a great relation. I could gave you some much love and make you fall in love with me. I could lay in bed and just kiss your beautiful lips and then softly your neck and hold you tide in my arms until you fall of sleep. Wake up in the morning and see your beautiful face, say good morning and kiss you again.
I suspect that you and I will become good friends and will indeed meet one day. I hope so at least. Have a wonderful mood and know that you have an Russian friend thinking about you!!! Tatyana. P.S. You are so hot! I want to talk with you throw phone, can you give me your number? I shall call you, my Brilliant! :)
My mum is better now. I so worried, she had a strange pang, but now it has passed. My job also is well, I like all here!
Letter 6
Hi my sweet Gavin!
It is pleasant for me to receive in this fine day your letter! I looked forward for the moment, when I shall be in internet-cafe and now I read your words and I want to share with you a dream, which was at me today in the morning ;-) I still laid in a bed, it was laziness to me get up and I at a level of sensations have presented as-as if you lay near with me!!! Both of us were *****, we caressed one another by hands, looked in eyes one another, kissed on the mouths! You wanted to embrace me, but I jumped aside from you... But I did not left, and took whipped cream ( do you love cream?!) :-) I kissed you on the mouth, then I put there a little cream and have pinched it, we shivered from excitation... I started to put cream on your ******: it is a little around of yours ******* and then on yours navel, and also I licked all this! I felt huge happiness, I had sensation as-as if I am in paradise, I did not feel such never before! But as it always happens with good dreams - I wake up... :( The Sun shone in a window and I simply laid and listened to my sensations. I wanted to try to fall asleep again, but could not do it any more. I heard on kitchen mum prepared for something and you represent - there was a cake with whipped cream! (I learned my favourite cake on a smell) :-) I tested dual feelings: the pleasure from my dream and at the same time it was a little funny to me! I laid, thought and suddenly burst out laughing so loudly, whether that mam came into my room and asked did I descended from mind! :-) I answered, that all ok, simply I am happy! And I understood at this moment, that I am not alone in this world, that I can someday be happy with my love man! Thank, that you have not stopped dialogue with me, it pleasantly for me our acquaintance, and I start to test to you special feelings! You know, probably I would not tell you about this dream, but the matter is that I for a long time did not see dreams. Or it is more exact - I did not remember them, therefore it was for me something like discovery! I hope you you will not consider me strange after that, but I should share it with you! Now all day I feel force, not only physical but also spiritual! This all owing to you! Thank my sweet Gavin!
I dream oneday we shall meet in person and I shall necessarily prepare for you a cake with whipped cream! ;-) kiss you Tatyana. p.s. Thank for your phone number, I shall try to call you soon! As I don't have my own phone, I shall call you from post-office. There they render services of the international communication.
Thanks for your photos. It really is very beautiful.
Letter 7
Hello, my Gavin!
Sorry, I cannot today long to be in the Internet-cafe, I should go.
Now I feel myself badly. Yesterday my mum was in hospital - doctors suspect, that she have a skin cancer... I feel very badly though I should not... because I have to support her, because she and so in a grave condition. I still hope that it is a mistake, she will do more serious inspection next week and all will be known precisely!
Why all bad appears when think that the life is fine?!! Only recently I was glad that began my new life - I found my lovely work, returned to home, I was glad that had got acquainted with you, you are such good man, absolutely unlike people who live here...
Here I'm very lonely, my mum all time asks me when I shall marry, and I do not know what to answer her... Gavin, only when I have started to communicate with you, I have started to feel, how the curtain around of me rises. The world for me became brighter. Owing to you I understand, that not all in this world is so bad. It is pleasant for me, that you are not such, as all. You interest not only ***, but also creation of relations. In you I see that man I could become happy with and I could share the happiness with you! Gavin, now I can tell with confidence, that I have fallen in love with you, I like your sense of humour, your smile, your words which you address to me... I do not have words completely to describe, that I now feel to you: I think of you constantly, I would like be with you very much, dear Gavin!!
Letter 8
hi my dear Gavin
Thank for your gentle and kind words. currently I feel extremely lonely. When I am looking on my friends and coworkers who have their own partners already, I feel sad that I haven't it. Of course I shall communicating with you and I glad that I have found you, but we can write letters for years and never see each other. My best friends (Sveta and Natasha) telling me that, it is unable to build relations using internet. They tell that I should find someone here :-( But I don't want it! Because I don't trust that I shall meet here man, who will be so kind, understanding, careful as you... Maybe I should not write letter right now because I feel sad and letter is resulting sad also. But I don't see anything good right now. with tenderness Tatyana.
Letter 9
Hi my dearest Gavin
My last letter to you was little bit sad because I was badly that day, but I should write you that I felt at that moment. I want to be opened and fair with you: I feel, that you start to be more closer for me, all that concerned with you is interesting for me, I think about you constantly and I worry when I can not go to the Internet-cafe long to write the letter you - I start to miss you very much! You are kind, gentle and careful man! You include yourself those qualities which I like... BUT, I should be fair: I am afraid that our relations develop more, I am afraid, that it will hurt... It will hurt you and it will hurt me! I speak about mental anguish! I am afraid, that our relations grow into in something greater, I am afraid that I can't presume, that you will suffer because of me! All this can be only temporary feelings which have arisen between us because we have liked each other! I'm in confusion... I do not know what to do, I do not want you shall unhappy because of me... Certainly, I want dialogue with you, it is very pleasant for me, and I even could think about our meeting when we shall know well each other, but it is so unreal - we are divided by thousands kilometers, probably, only in movie people being divided by huge distance to be able to meet one another and to be happy and to enjoy life together... Forgive me, I did not want to afflict you with my words, but I really have confusion of my feelings, now I am afraid to lose you and at the same time I do not want to hurt you... Can it will be better if we shall forget each other? It will go away some time and, probably, splash in our emotions will come to norm... You are nice and good... how I hate myself that I do... I'm writing these words and crying, but, you see, it hurt us already... Tatyana.
Letter 10
Good day, my love Gavin!
I waited for your answer, and thought at this time very much... Now I have understood how I miss you, I cannot be without you! Probably, on your place I would not write too...
After I wrote you my last letter I came back home in the upset feelings, I cried all the night long. I did not want to lose you and regretted, that I hurted you with my words... Understand, I am very sentimental woman, I do not wish to play with our feelings, therefore I should write you those words. But then I had understood, that I should not refuse you in dialogue, because I do not want to lose you: you are very gentle and careful man, I want very much, that you were with me together! Please, do not perceive those my words seriously, now I understand how close I was to break of our relations and I am happy, that it has not happened! I want and I shall have dialogue with you! In Russia we have a saying: " From destiny you will not escape! ", I think, that destiny have given us chance to get acquainted and we shall do all that someday to be together and to be happy together!
FORGIVE ME! Don't take offence, please! write me Kiss you, Tatyana!

Letter 11
hi my dear Gavin!
I am glad to see your new letter today. I am glad, that my letters have not upset you.
My dear, I agree with you, that the situation with my mum does not allow us to think of our meeting. I agree with you completely. I am so glad, that I have found you. I am grateful to you, that you can always support me your words. I am grateful to you very much.
Gavin, I should tell to you, that you became for me the close person and I hope, that sometime in the future, we can meet. Until then I hope you always will write to me because I do not want to lose you.
I hope my mum will be recovered soon because it worry me very much. I shall try to write to you soon. But I also shall wait for your answer.
I have attached for you my new photo.
With love, Tatyana.
Letter 12
Dear Gavin!
Sorry, that I have not written to you earlier. But I am glad to see your new letter. Yes, my mum received results of medical research. All our with mum heavy fears were realized. she really has skin cancer... I am upset very much because I hoped, that my mum is healthy. I do not know what to do. I think now treatment for her will be necessary. I should talk to doctors about it because I know nothing about this illness.
My dear, I am upset now, but I do not want, that you worried about it because I would like that you always smiled when you receive my letters. Sorry, that I cannot make it for you now. I'm really sorry. Gavin, please excuse me for my short letter today. I think, that I should be with my mum now. But I hope you will write soon because I think of you often. And only your letters please me now.
Sincerely your Tatyana.
Letter 13
hi my dear Gavin!
I am glad to see your new letter. How are you? Sorry, that I have not written to you earlier, but I shall try to write to you more often.
How there was your week? Tomorrow weekend and I want to have a rest. I hope you have time for rest? You have any plans for this weekend? I wish you to spend time perfectly.
My mum feel better. I am always near to her and I try to support her.
The doctor has told, that illness has been revealed not at the latest stage, therefore it is not bad. I hope, that my mum will be soon healthy, but some treatment will be necessary.
My dear, in your letter you asked me about my work. I cannot think now about anything except for my mum, but I understand, that I should work now because I should pay money for treatment. It will be difficult for me, but I hope I can make all for my mum. She my closest person.
Gavin, I hope you will write soon. I shall try to answer your letters as soon as I can.
Your Tatyana.
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