Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Vdovichenko to Gerrit (Netherlands)

Letter 1
My name is Anastasiya. I am the modest girl from Russia. My age of 26 years. I think, at this age it is necessary to search for the man and to create strong family. I search for serious relations. I write to you with this purpose. I do not search for casual relations. I search for the future husband. I have addressed to the manager the Internet-cafe. I use services the Internet-cafe. I have no own computer unfortunately. I have asked the manager to search for the man for me on the Internet. The manager has addressed to a site: I saw set of profiles on this site. I saw yours and I have decided to write to you. For me you seem interesting by the man. And now I write to you. I do not know why. I think, it is female intuition. I hope, have not made the wrong choice. I shall be glad to learn you better. And I ask to answer my e-mail: I have put a my photo. I shall wait your answer. Bye. Anastasiya!
Letter 2
Hello, my friend Gerrit,
Now I'm here to write you. I understand, that we have distinction in the age of. But for me the age has no value. For me the most important soul and heart of the man. I think the most important, that the man had a soft heart and soul. I love man of adults. I want, that mine the man was more senior, than I. My opinion, that the man more senior age serious, also has the purpose in a life. I can be assured of the man of senior age. I should be assured, that mine the man will care and protect me. I have age in which it is necessary to create own family. I think, that at your age it is necessary to create own family also. I think, that the love does not see distinction in the age of. I am assured, that love above all. I think, that the mutual love and feelings to each other does not see distinction in the of age. People with the years become cleverer and seriously concern to a life. I hope our distinction in the age of will not be an obstacle of our relations. I already enough adult girl. I wish to meet my second half. I wish to meet the man which will love me all life. I hope you understand my sincerity. I love kind soul and heart of men. I love the quiet and counterbalanced character in the man. I love sincerity and honesty in the man. For me the most important trust in relations and mutual understanding. I love fair men. I do not love lie. I'm the honest and true girl also wish to meet the honest man. I want, that my man loved and respected me. I think the man should care of the woman. I want to feel in full safety with my the beloved. I love caress and attention. For me not important external party of the person. For me the most important soul and heart of the person. It is important, that at the person inside. I never shall forgive change. My future the man should love only me. I do not understand men whom deceive women with other girls. You understand? For love not enough one woman? Why men search for *** with other girls when they are waited the house of the wife? I hope you want serious relations for all life. I want to tell you more about myself. I like sport. I like various kinds of sport: volleyball, swimming, aerobics and dancing. Also I adore traveling with friends around my country. Sometimes we take the tents, make there a fire, sing songs, fool, tell terrifying stories and cook the food. I like cooking very much: usually fish soup, millet porridge, and toasts. Generally we have a good time. I adore flowers in all their displays. I think that they make our life beautiful everywhere: at home, in the streets, at work. As for me I think there is no woman who doesn't like flowers at all. I prefer ****** red roses, delicate lilies, and noble irises. When there is a vase of flowers in the living room or on the bed-table it means that you will be elated all the day, have a desire to do the best for everybody. I'm fond of dancing very much. I attended dancing classes. Most of all I like Latin-American dances, because they are so passionate, rhythmical and active. So I think that's all for now. I wish to see your photos. Send your photos, please. I shall be glad to receive your photos. Bye, kisses from Anastasiya.
Letter 3
Hi Gerrit,
I was very pleased to receive your letter! I did not expect, that you will answer so quickly! I want to learn more about you. What would you like to know about me? Please, do not hesitate to ask me I will answer you with pleasure. I do not know, how the manager from the Internet-cafe has received yours e-mail address. I have asked the manager to search for the man for me on the Internet. I use the Internet for the first time for dating. The manager from the Internet-cafe has helped me to find yours e-mail address. And I have decided to write to you. I think, that you interesting the man. And I wish to find out you better. A few words about myself: As you might already know I'm 26 years old girl from Russian small town called Alatyr. Alatyr-It is city in Chuvashiya. Alatyr it is located at the left coast of the river Sura. It is approximately 900 km from Moscow. I have never been married but feel ready to make the family with the good and honest person. I want to find the person who will love me and take care of me. I hope that our relations which are so fragile yet will grow day by day. Happiness in the Family is everything which is necessary for the lonely girl such as I am! This's all I need. I am already an adult girl and I need my own family! I work as an accountant. I worked at many other places before my girlfriend has helped me with this one. It is very nice, I like it very much. I work in firm, which is engaged in retail delivery of food production. I work with the important documents. I love my work. I work in firm of several years. I have enough experience in my work. I am qualified employee. My boss respects me. He appreciates skilled workers. But my work occupies a lot of time unfortunately. I am devoted to work completely. I work with 8 am up to 5 pm. I work on Saturday if has not finished affairs on Friday. But I have rest on Saturday and Sunday is usual. I work 5 days in a week. My life is devoted for work and the house. And I need in love. I wish to come from work home, and to spend evenings with the beloved man. I go home after the working day. But I have entertainments. I spend time in weekend with girlfriends. We go to cinema or theatre. We go with girlfriends on streets of our beautiful city of Alatyr. I like to go along the street and to think of a life. I like to live and enjoy a life. Also I like cooking! I can make a big variety of dishes! My mother used to say that it's very important to cook tasty and delicious food to become a good wife. My favourite is the Russian cuisine! My mother says I do it very good however I don't eat that much: only salads 2 times a day. What kind of food do you like? I like to eat salads and meat. Also I like to eat fruit. I love tangerines and oranges. I eat healthy and wholesome food. I think, what to eat fruit it is useful very much. I like to prepare for meat in the French style. Also I like to prepare for different soups. My mum learned to prepare to eat me correctly. I studied with pleasure to prepare to eat in the childhood. I cook tasty food. And I am capable to cook tasty food for mine the man in the future. For me it is pleasant to prepare tasty and wholesome food. One of my hobbies - to cook food. I think I know English well enough for us to understand each other I studied English at school then at the University. The English language was my favourite lesson. Of course I don't speak English as good but I'm trying to improve it. Now I live with my mother. I was born when my mum was 30. My parents wanted children so much and they were waiting girl for so long so that when I was born they were so happy and tried to give me all their love and care. My father died natural death when I was young but he is still in my heart and in my mind. Unfortunately I have neither sisters nor brothers. I feel lonely and it is so difficult to live without man's support without strong man's shoulder on which I would lean. Fortunately I have some good friends who always are with me and help me. I am very much interested in you and our relations. Will you please send me your pictures! It's all for now, I'm going home. Your Anastasiya.
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