Scam Letter(s) from Carol William to Gary (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Dear,
sweetheart,what i really want from you is your honesty and nothing more...the money is nothing to me ...the 30% is okay for all the assistance you are given ....Never did I imagine that I would ever meet you, especially not in the form of a chat friend......God has got his own reasons for us to meet and come this far. But I hope our love will flourish beyond what it is right now. Distance maybe just a part of the reason why sometimes we think we can't handle this whole relationship, but I am sure our love for each other is way far stronger then any oceans can come across. So all you will do for me to get the boxes, is to write to the security company as the recipient of my traveling luggages and do not tell them that boxes contains money, just you are my fiancee and you want my traveling luggage sent to you . Because i told them that it is my traveling luggages, and i have locked the boxes with a security 4 codes, which prevent it from been opened by an authorized person. So i deposited the boxes with the security company as a Private shipment (free from checks) and it will be deliver to your door-step, you do not need to burn out to receive. Therefore, below are my deposit details and the contact of the security company. You can write to them to inform them that you want the boxes delivered to you as soon as possible and ask them How much the clearance fee will cost. I did pay them already the Deposit Fee Security Fee Shipment Fee, only the clearance fee is payable upon clearance. Please, bear in mind not to tell the company that the boxes contains money, only say traveling luggage of( Miss Carol William)

Deposit Ref#: GSC-POL-0669-PRVT3450
Clearance Sort Code: PRVT-3450-69GSC
Deposit Certificate #: 3450/PPPOL/234NG
Consignment Description: 2 Travelling Boxes
Depositor: Miss Caroline William
Contact of Security Company
Contact Officer: Mr. Benjamin Johnson or Mr Dennis Kings (Custodian Managers)

So, you can write to them and get back to me asap. Please Darling you will help pay them the clearance fee,and as soon as the boxes get to you, i will let you know the code and you can have your money from the boxes and then send me money for my flight, so i could come over and meet with you.
I wait your message as soon as you contact the security company.
With love

Letter 2

Hey Gary

How you doing??? I am online on AIM,Please come online,I need to talk to you.

Letter 3

Hi Gary........

How you doing?? Did you get this message now??

Letter 4

Hello Gary.........

How you doing??? I have send the Check to you,I need to talk to you online,where are you??



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