Letter(s) from Anita to Roberto (Italy)

Letter 1

Privet Roby!

You can write me to this address Zemchuzhunka@mail.ru !!!!!

Have you ever heard a Russian word "PRIVET" ("Hello" in English)? Yes? No? It is so strange that we are talking now and I don't know your answer:))) We are talking cause of I'm writing you and I expect your answer. Will you answer me here Zemchuzhunka@mail.ru? At the moment I don't know whether you know Russian or not. As you know I'm from Ukraine and my native language is Russian. You will get my first letter in English cause of I want you to understand it in any case. If you tell me that you know Russian it will be more easy for us to communicate. If you are going to write me in Russian using a computer translator I have to notify in advance that it will not work. It will not work cause of I need you to write me yourself without any "machines". If you are going to ask some friend to translate our correspondence it will not work as well. I simply don't want any of your friends to be involved in our romance. I need only your own thoughts, feelings, intentions and expectations. I'm writing you with a hope to create a couple with you. Here I'm lonely and I'm not in love. I'm not married, I have never been married, I don't have a boyfriend, but I had some. I saw your profile and I had an intuitive feeling that you could be mine. Now my attraction to you is only intuitive cause of I don't know you at all, you don't know me at all. If you like me, if you have the same intuitive feeling, you are welcome. It is my first experience when I try to build relationship with a foreigner and I'm not sure what it will be like. In spite of I have appearance of a tender, delicate woman and you may think that I'm weak, I have to nip in the bud all the attempt to hurt me. If you are loving and kind with me, you will be loved. If your intentions are honorable, you will be cherished. But if you are going to play with me, if I'm considered like a cheap prey, I will disappoint you. I have a gift to distinguish the black from the white. I will be very attentive to your letters, I will carefully read all of them, I will answer all your questions, I will absorb all your information. You don't have any chance to make a fool from me cause of I'm not playing here, our correspondence is not an entertainment for me. Nothing shall prevent me from reaching my aim! My aim is to be loved!!! Will you join me in reaching my goal?

Poka, poka,