Scam letter(s) from Onchan Pratoomtod to Peter (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
My love Peter,
I am so happy to see your e-mail. Yes I want to meet you soon as possible. When you want me to come to england, honey ???
I will be the best girlfriend you ever have, Peter.
The only problem is my mother. I told you already.
She is still so sick and she need me so much, honey.
But I want to come to you !!!
You are a very nice man and you look good in your picture. Next e-mail I will send you also 1 picture again, my honey. I believe you and me will be very
happy together forever...
1.000 kisses, your very honest girlfriend Cat
Letter 2
My love Peter,
I feel sooo happy to receive your e-mail and I will be very very happy to meet your family.
Ok, I can go to make my passport in bangkok.
It cost 6.000 baht (100 english pound?) fee.
My Peter, when I come to be with you there in england, I will need someone to take care my sick mother, ok ? I will start looking now for someone, ok ? Today I send you one more picture from me. I hope you like me forever ?
I opened my heart for you and not want later be disapointed, ok ? In love, your sweet Cat.
Letter 3
Peter, my love,
Sorry Peter my love I write you so late.
But my mom was again in hospital and l stay with her the last days.
My darling, l told you before that people break in my room and steal all my money and my phone. Do you forget this ?
Also my passport was stolen on this day.
May be I not tell you because that time it was not important to talk about passport.
I find someone to take care my mother in the time I come to england. But we have to pay her for this. is it ok for you my love?
Do you want to send me the money for my passport and to take care my mother bank to bank or by Western Union ? Its up to you, l can give you all details you need. I am very happy to come to meet you soon, in love, Cat.
Letter 4

Peter my love,
I feel so hurt about your e-mail. You have my picture and my promise: I am real and I am a good honest girl.
But I am poor lady and no money for buy a phone. Here in thailand many people not have phone. its not same in your country. If you not believe me i am very sad now.
I not want waste my time and l want we come together.
Why you make me cry now ? Thai lady are poor and is not easy without money, you understand ???
So you want me come to meet you in england, yes or no ?
I am ready for make my passport, I am ready for come.
Be serious and if you love me - please help me ok Peter ?
It is 6.000 baht for passport and 15.000 baht for take care my mother 3 month (for every month 5.000 baht) !
So together 21.000 baht. This is about 350 english pound.
Please can you send me quick ? PROMISE I make quick my passport and I come next month, ok ? PLEASE trust me and I will be there soon. You can hug and kiss me all day and I am very sure we will be very happy together !
I really feel that I love you... ! Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, your Cat.
Letter 5
Peter my love,
Thank you for trust me, I will not disappoint you !
Yes, Western union is fine for me, please send me quick that I can go soon as possible to bangkok for making my passport there. Yes, it is 6.000 + 15.000
together 21.000 baht. this will cover all, dont worry.
My full name is : Onchan Pratoomtod And my adress : Thappaya Road, Jomtien - Pattaya They will give you a money No. after you send to me.
please let me know this No. to pick up the money, ok?
I will be there in england in the middle of september.
First I will make my passport than I will book a flight and will let you know all details, my love.
Thank you, I am very happy now to come to you and we will be a fantastic couple, my love. Kiiiiiissss, your Cat !
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