Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to David (UK)

Letter 1
Greetings my love, dave ! As I am again glad to hear you. Each your letter for me is pleasure on all the day and night, to following your letter which I wait every minute.
It seems to me, that I cannot breathe without you any more. I do not have no air as I wish to breathe it near to you, to enjoy a life and all it near to you. I cannot without you. I wish to get you the hand, to touch you.
Road as I have understood from your last letter, you want that I have arrived to you? The darling I so about it long dreamt, I am simple the first did not dare to start talking about it that you were not frightened of our fast relations. But actually after all we already long correspond, have learnt each other well, we like each other outwardly and all would be very fine to meet and tell each other in eyes. You too so think? Yes if I have arrived to you for long time I would work for you. I very hardworking also am not afraid of difficulties. Can once we and we will meet, then I will be the happiest ******* light.
The darling I so want that you cared of me, protected me, I loved me I know that if we meet, it and will be also I will be loving your beloved. I will care and preserve too you.
The darling to arrive to you to me the visa and the passport and tickets are necessary. If you want that I will go to agency and I learn all in detail.
I love you and I wish to be with you, you very careful and tender about such man I always dreamt.
I love you and I wait for your following letter. Also remember I think of you every minute! Tatiana.
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