Scam Letter(s) from Yana Kuzminova to Allister (England)

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Letter 1

Good afternoon my friend Allister!!! I am glad, that we have met you also that that now we with you have begun our correspondence! How your affairs? To me it will be very interesting to learn with each your letter you, about your family and as about your life. I hope, that you understand me. In this letter I shall speak you and to tell about myself because we for the beginning should learn{ each other. My name Yana to me of 25 years. I was born on April, 10, 1983, I was born in the city of Moscow, but after a while I the daddy has died, and we with mum have decided to sell our apartment and have moved to live in Naberezhye Chelny. Now I live in city Naberezhye Chelny. We have a small apartment where we live together I and my mum. That concerning me:
My growth 168
Weight 60
Color of eyes brown
Color of hair black
My trade the economist
I have finished university where I studied within 5 years. And as I have already told, that by a trade I the economist. But now at us it is very difficult to find such good work, and I had to go to work as the seller. I work in shop as the seller of footwear.
My character very quiet and I concern to all things very normally. I not when do not like to swear and with whom that to quarrel. In a life I the woman joyful also like to learn{ always, that be new. But in my life there was no my private life with the man in my city. I have consulted to my friends, and they to me have told, that I can find to myself the beloved on the Internet. And I now have decided to make and achieve the purpose in a life. I not when was not for the husband, and I have no children. As I do not take alcoholic drinks and I do not smoke. In general I like to go in for sports. I write to you to begin with you serious attitudes. If you are ready to this to begin with me we should learn{find out} for the beginning each other, and then we can see with you that we shall do further. You agree with me? It will be very interesting to me to listen to you and about you, what you can tell to me about yourself? It will be very interesting to me, that our attitudes have proceeded, because I very much am interested in you. I wish you to carry out good day today. And I hope, that when you will read my letter you will write to me. I shall wait for your letter. Your girlfriend Yana.

Letter 2

Good afternoon my love Allister!!! It is very pleasant for me to receive such beautiful letter from you. My mood on became much better. Because in the morning when I have woken up, I had not so good mood, it because I have not slept not much. But when I read your letter at me there was a smile on the person my dear. My day today began not so well as I would like it. I hope, that within day all will exchange at me. Allister tell as your day, and how your affairs? I loved mine very for a long time thought, and I not as did not dare to tell to you that I think of our future. But all currents today I have gathered with forces and I have decided to tell to you it. Because I cannot hold all this in myself, and you loved mine the man Allister and I should speak all to you. As you have understood, that it is more we with you already likely we can not learn, because we with you already learned a maximum each other through the Internet, and now we only can and speak about our attitudes and dream of the future. And what for it is necessary, if we with you can make our future real to be together and that with you not that did not divide us, not what distance to us with you will not be a problem to see each other. As you likely have understood, that I speak about ours with you meetings because with you it is necessary for us to make this step, and we should be with you together to divide all that at us is with you, and that that we with you together created these some weeks my dear Allister. I do not want to suffer, and I do not want that all this so simply cunningly, understand, that my heart lays to you, and you unique mine the man, which I have met to make private life. I already spoke about it with my mum, and she was simply glad for us with you, and she completely supports us in that plan that we have met you and were together. Allister loved mine, I so have thought now, and I want to tell to you, that it would be certainly very pleasant for me, if we with you could make so that I arrived to you, even on not which time. All this time which I shall be with you, it will be for me the big happiness and the best time in my life which I shall carry out near to you and in a place with you! Lovely mine, tell to me please, what you think of ours with you of a meeting? You agree what we shall make with you so that I arrived to you? And still, if I arrive to you where I can remain, I can remain in your house? I hope, that you agree with me, and will support my opinion or you speak by the opinion!!! I love you Allister, my kitten. I shall miss, and with impatience to wait for your answer. I with the big impatience as wait for ours with you of a meeting and I hope, that this time for us will be fast and we with you shall be happy in a place my dear. Strong whole you. Your loved Yana.

Letter 3

You do not trust me also me it very strongly offends. At me tears from this pain flow. Forgive me



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