Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Galinskaya to Gordon (England)
Letter 1
Hello, Gordon! Thank you very much for your letter! I'm really very impressed with it!
When I was reading about you, about your character I had a feeling that I am reading about myself!!!It's unbelievable!!!
I haven't bad habits - I'm not smoking, not drinking alcohol, never used drugs, I'm not visiting the nightclubs etc. If I have a strong and loving family I don't need anybody else. I always trying to act with people how I want people act with me!I love to spend time with my family: to walk hand in hand along the seaside kissing each other all the time, to sit near the fireplace and to have a chat, to watch a TV and to feel my husband's strong arms ...
I'm really very very tender, loving and devoted to my family. I love to make presents for people I love, to arrange parties, surprises.
I just found that you sent me a message but I didn't get it.
I have just received it. I guess it was my daughter who have read your first letter. Sometimes she is reading my messages. She is too curious! And she speaks English very well!
You wrote that you are planning to come to Kiev.
I will be in Cannes! I'm working in Real Estate Company ("Ucapital Partners) as a Personal Assistant. And we will take part in annual international exhibition of Real Estate (MIPIM).
So, I will come back to Kiev on 15th of March and we will be able to meet on 16th of March.
Is it O.K. for you? It was a real pleasure to read your letter!
Hope to hear from you soon. I'm sending you my photos and photo of my daughter Anastasya. My phone: +380 97 468 16 80
E-mail: Sincerely,
Letter 2
Hello, Gordon! It was so nice to talk to you yesterday! You have a very pleasant voice! By the way, it was my daughter who opened your first message and she found you very very attractive. She called me to look at your profile:
'Mam, come here! What a handsom man has sent you a letter. Please, answer him ASAP!' She didnt't like anyone, just you!
She participates in my life very actively. I can't keep secrets from her.
I'm looking forward to see you soon.
These days I'm really very busy with preparation to Cannes.
It is very important period of my life. I just starting my career. I have not been working for 7 years. It's too difficult to start from the very beginning at my age. And I'm still on probation period... I wish you nice weekends! Sincerely,
Letter 3
Hello again Gordon! You impressed me with your prior job as a diver! You are very brave man! I guess, diving is dangerous. You must be a very wealthy man from this, I look to educate my daughter in the best possible way and this will cost money, she is very important to me and I will protect her.
My family name is Galinskaya (it's my ex husband's surname). But Anastasiya's family name is Ustimenko (my first husband and her father has surname Ustimenko). Anastasiya - it's a full name, but Nastya it's a short form of Anastasiya. So, I gave to e-mail address her name and 1995 it's the year when she was born.
Now, as you may see I had 2 marriages. First, when I was only 19 years old. My first husband was at the same age as me. We spent together 2 years. When Nastya was just 2 months he left us. And he didn't see his daughter since that time! Once a year I'm colling him to take an official permission for Nastya to travell to another country, but he never even askes about her!
7,5 years ago I married next time. My second husband was 25 years older than me. He is very famous football journalist and FIFA agent.
He was really very talanted but very very snobish. He was thinking that he is a genius but evetybody is stupid....
He made good money and put it all to his friends business. He had nothing here except this money (no flat, no car, no steady business).
Many years ago he moved to Canada with his first family and he had to sell his flat. He lived in Canada for 5 years and than he came bak to Kiev. He worked as a journalist but in Ukraine it is not possible to make good money on it. So, he started to sell football players. It is good business, but not stedy.
He didn't want to buy a flat here. He wanted to buy a flat in Italy (Verona) it was his dream. But in 3 years his friend (to whose business my husband put all his money)disappeared with his money! Then he wrote a book about the main coach Mr. Lobanovsky and sold all the examplers. We were renting an appartment for 5 years.
My parents couldn't look at this. They sold their big appartment in the most prestigious district of Kiev and bought 2 appartments (one for Nastya and one for them). My husband made a renovation in this flat and bought futniture. He didn't let me work. He told me that I was not made for work but just for love. He didn't want me to feel tired and to have lack of time for him and for Nastya because of work.
But he didn't want to wark as well!!! He told me all the time that he will become a millioner very soon by selling footbal players.
But during 2 years he didn't sell anyone.
Last winter he became depressed. He tried to commit suicide twice!
He cut his veins! But I saved him. I was beside him all the time. I was taking him to the church , I was taking him to psychologist. I was talking to him all the time. I tride to explain that he has to find a constant job with constant salary and keep selling football players.
And he promissed me he will. On July Nastya and me went to my friends to Crete for 3 weeks. When I came back I fond my husband with another woman! I was shoked!!!
So, I told him to leave my flat immediately!
He left me but in 2 weeks he called me and told that he wants to come back to me, because I'm the best one. That woman took all his money and left him. He didn't sell any players again and didn't find a job because he was too busy with this woman. But I took a divorce.
I was along without money, without job but with a daughter whom I had to feed. I sold my mink furcoat and it gave me a possibility to live from August till the end of November. At the end of November I found a job in Real Estate compaly "Ucapital Partners". So, I'm starting my life from the very beginning.... This is a sad story of my life.
Letter 4

My dear friend! I hope you will receive this e-mail with attached photos. First of all I would like to tell that I do not deserve an admiration, because I haven’t done anything special. I just tried to survive. I have no anybody to support me. But I ‘m not satisfied with myself, because I am 34 and I’m still a secretary! And I don’t know what will be tomorrow. I’m trying all my best but I know that in Ukraine (I don’t know how in other countries) you can be fired without any reason. And it makes me sick. I’m dreaming about my own business or family business to be independent. It is all for now, I have to work. Please, if you find mistakes correct me, because I would wish to improve my English! I wish you nice day! Sincerely,
Letter 5
My darling, usually in Ukraine the person who is leaving the company making a small party: bringing some bottles of wine and fruits, sweets, etc. So, it means I had to do it. But I didn't want to make a party. I just left the office as it was every day before. I just talked to 3 people who were really good to me.
On one hand I feel better, but on another hand I feel not so nice, because now I am totally dependant on you and I have to ask you all the time about things I need. This is not nice. But I hope the situation will change soon.
But I am so happy to be with you soon! I love you very very much! I hope you dont mind me owing you the money you supplied but Nastiya and I need more to be able to live, Im sure you understand this as a man of the world and travelled person. Nastiya is in love with the bird Tocan, she would like it very much but I do not like to ask you for the money as you have been kind in the past, this will cost $6000 and we will need to go to Moscow to collect it.
I wish you a nice trip home and then to me!
I kiss you

Your Tanya
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