Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Nikolaeva to Joseph (Ireland)
Letter 1
Greetings my beloved on whole light.
Dear thanks you for your fine letters. I see that you care of me and the truth want our meeting. Excuse that I hurry you simply I thought that we can lead a holiday Christmas together. I very much dreamed of it. But probably we cannot embody my dream. I would like to be with you these days. Lovely I very much suffer that we cannot meet you only because of this damned money. If they at me were, I though tomorrow to you would arrive. Lovely I want to ask you you is now 370 euro? Simply if they at you are that you could send me them and I then would begin to make out the visa and the passport. That is in 10 days I shall receive them, and then when you will send money, I can arrive at once to you, that is it is literally in couple of days. Lovely you do not think that I ask you this money, I simply suggest you but if you disagree then it is not necessary. Simply write that you think of it. I with impatience shall wait. Dear thanks you once again for care of me. It is very pleasant for me to read your letters. Sometimes to me even to cry it would be desirable, believe me, I very sentimental. Dear and now I should go home to be cleaned. I wait tomorrow for your answer. One thousand kisses. I for ever yours.
Letter 2
Greetings my love Joseph !!!!
For me the big happiness to receive your letter.
I do not know, how you consider this letter.
I hope, that you will listen close and will understand me.
Me very much it is pleasant, that you as want our meeting.
Yesterday I was included into the company of travel and have learned full details of rather our meeting.
I have learned, that the company of travel for registration of the visa takes 357 euro. We with mum tried to
Find this money
But it is very difficult for us. It - very much greater money for our family.
You can help me with payment of registration of my documents and visas?
It - very much a greater sum, and I cannot find it soon.
Also it is necessary to order tickets. They cost approximately 630 euro
You can send me such huge sum? If you will send me that I can soon arrive to you.
When you can send money favourite?
. And I very much wish to arrive to you, and to carry out with you a lot of time. We shall leave on walk
Together, to speak about a life, to have entertainments. I dream of the incorporated supper in candles, and then I slow down dance
In your gentle embraces. I think, that you also dream of it my love.
I wish to tell to you, that in me such feeling, that I know you very long and during long time.
I can be, me will show you ridiculous, but with each your letter I feel, that I love you!!!!!!
Sometimes I cannot to sleep at night, and I have no appetite, I lay, and I think of us very much.
My mum speaks, that I am enamoured.
I very much would like to see you, when I lay down to sleep, and I rise in the morning.
But most of all I wish to meet you my love. I live this dream.
Favorite I very much am absent without you. Now I, I shall go home also, I shall think of you my prince.
And tomorrow I shall search for your answer. Kiss and love. Yours. Elena
Letter 3
HI my lovely!
My darling, I am happy to see your letter!
I want to you more soon! Thanks you that you wish to help to arrive to me to you.
I have learnt as you can send me money.
In our city is Western Union. In your city is Western Union???
But I did not know as it operate.
Today in evening after I read your message I came in bank to find out as it am done.
I very much was delighted that I had time before closing bank.
Of bank of me have assured, that this campaign the most effective and successful in system remittances.
And all is very simple. To carry out transfer money, it is necessary for you to know my first name and my last name.
And as my address.
I should know almost the same, only it is little bit more.
Yours first name, last name, the full address, and the sum transfer money.
And as ten-character control number transfer money. To me have told that it refers to as MTCN.
Or something on this similar if I am fair has not remembered it precisely. It is for you for transfer money.
My addres:
LAST NAME: Nikolaeva
CITY: Volzhsk
STATE: Mari El
ADDRESS: Vodoprovodnaya st. house #132a apt 3
POST CODE: 424000 Inform me when you can do it. I'll be very grateful, if you will help me. I dream of that bottom when we will meet.
It will be fine.
I love you very much and I wish to be near to you! I'll wait your letter.
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