Letter(s) from Maria Boateng to Dwayne (USA)

Letter 1

hello dear, how are you doing ? darling, since when did you started with your new business ? darling i wish i can get donations from other but how can this happen ? not possible at my mind but i dont know about your end also if you can get donations from people you have not meet before or friends.i think the best for me to do is that i can ask for a bank loan and it depends on the money i have saved in my account. darling to be honest with you i have only 20 dollars in my account, i know that money in my account will not actract much money.the total cost of the ticket is 2750 and we have raised only 1420 so we are short 1330 darling this is too much for me to bear, i will email you with the amount the bank will be able to offer me, i sleep on the floor now since i have sold all my belongings just to be with you and spend good time with you for ever
darling is true i loves you very very much
i am right online

Letter 2

darling, we need 135 to book for a business flight.
dont let me down darling
i love you ... i am sad, worried and confused at the moment