Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia Dubnikova to Joakim (Sweden)
Letter 1
Hello, Jocke. I am milashka from moteplassen.
I want to write some personal information about me so that you know whom you communicate with :). My name is Anastasiya. I am 31, my birth date is 07.02.1977, and my zodiac sign is Aquarius. My height is 168 cm, and my weight is 56 kg. I am sending you a picture of me. I hope that you will consider me an attractive one. I will be more than happy if you could also send me your picture and write me more information about yourself. I am a trustful person and I would like you to write me only true information about you. I was born in Poland, but then my parents have moved to Khabarovsk. To me there were only 4 years when they have moved to Russia. After we have started to live in Russia I never went abroad and it will be very interesting for me to communicate with a person from another country. Probably I will be lucky and you will become my good friend or maybe even more than just a friend. In Russia I have good friends, but I am still alone. I am lonely and I don’t have any children. It was my destiny that I couldn’t find my love and my happiness in Russia and probably I will find it out of my country. Now I will finish my mail and I hope that you are interested in continuation of our contact. I am waiting for your mail. Anastasiya from Khabarovsk, Russia.
Letter 2
Hello my friend, Jocke. I called you a friend because I hope for our good connection. Of course there is a big distance between us, but Internet makes this distance shorter, and we can communicate and have no difficulties. I want us to communicate by e-mail as it is very convenient and this way I can feel personal communication. If to leave a message on profile, it is too inconvenient and takes a lot of time, and by e-mail we can learn each other much better. And now I hope you understand the aim of my communication? I am a lonely girl, and I was lonely for a long time and my last serious relationship failed two years ago. I was married, but now I am divorced and now I am in search. Two years ago I thought that my life has no sense, I experienced big depression. But now I understand that this person was not my only one and he was not a man I want to live my whole life with. This is only the memories of past and if you have interest in this I will certainly tell you more about all this. I am not a very good author, and may be you will find many mistakes in my mail, bit I will do everything possible to make reading my mails interesting for you. I don’t have any brothers or sisters, but my parents are still alive and I am very happy about that. I live separately from my parents, in an apartment that I rent. This is a small apartment, only 33 m2. As I wrote you in my last e-mail I live in the city called Khabarovsk. It is located in the Far East, not so far away from the border with China. You can see my city on the map. I don’t have a computer at home because there is no need in it. All I need I can do at work. I don’t know if you liked my mail and if you are ready to write to me again. But I hope you will concern my words with respect and write to me even if you didn’t want to begin our dialogue. If you find me interesting and think that probably something will develop from it, then tomorrow I will open my mailbox and see a good mail. Now my work is coming to an end already, and we can continue our communication tomorrow, I hope very much for that.
Your friend, Anastasiya.
Letter 3
Hello, my friend Jocke. At first I wish to answer your question. At leisure I like spend time with friends, also I like to go to cinema, to listen to music, or simply to relax at home. I believe I can have courage to call you my friend because you answered me. This may mean only one thing – you are interested in me and you hope for a good contact. I also hope that we can have wonderful days during our communication. Yesterday I have spent about two hours to write to you and I didn’t want that my efforts were in vain:). Today I will continue telling you about myself and I hope you will do the same. I work as an accountant in a transport company. We have a small branch of “Trans-Auto” company in Khabarovsk, you can see information about it on the site Unfortunately this site is in Russian. Headquarters of our company are located in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Only a few people work with me, actually we have only small office, and sometimes it seems to me that the management of the company forgets about us:). Our director is a good person and so we have a very amicable team. My main task every day is making different accounts. Financial accounts, taxation, profit and loss. I need to count all this so that not a ruble could be lost. This is a very uninteresting work, but I have to do it, because this way I “earn bread”. Probably you have heard about this Russian expression. This means that I work to live. Actually in Russia if a person doesn’t work he cannot keep himself and therefore he can die. I have read that in your country jobless persons are paid for life and this is quite a big amount of money which they can live at. In Russia jobless people also are paid, but it’s only about 50 euro a month and it is so little. My salary is 250 euro a month. Probably for you it will seem funny, but this is an average salary in our city, and this money I pay for rent, food and clothes. But I can’t complain about my life, because many others live even worse and I believe that I don’t live bad. It’s a bit sad mail. But I hope that you still have an interest about me. I will write to you tomorrow as soon as I will see your reply. I hope that I will not have to wait too long:). Your friend, Anastasiya.
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Jocke! I am happy to see your mail. Last weekend I have visited my parents, besides I didn’t tell you about them yet. My Mum’s name is Klava, she is 56 years old, and my Dad’s name is Prokopiy, he is already 67. My mother worked as a nurse in the children’s garden, and my father worked as a driver on the truck, but now they don’t work , they are retired. I don’t have any brothers or sisters, because for my parents it was not easy to grow more children as far as we didn’t live rich. Yesterday we have celebrated one important date for our family, this day 30 years ago my father made a proposal to my mother, and in three months after that they had a wedding. The whole day yesterday my parents were very happy, the whole evening they recollected their youth. Perhaps, it’s surprising, but even through all this long time they still continue to love each other, that’s what is called real love I think. I live separately from my parents in one-roomed apartment, I have already told you about it.
I decided to live separately from them because I wanted to have my own personal life. I have to rent a small one-roomed apartment, on the second floor of the five-stored house. It’s a good apartment and I was lucky to pay not so big rent for it – only 4000 roubles, to buy an apartment for me is impossible as far as the cost of the apartments is very high in our city. My parents live not so far away from me, in the same city, so I visit them quite often. They have a summer house in the countryside and in the weekends we often go there, there my parents grow some vegetables, and I help them to look after them. My Mum yesterday asked me when at last I will find my real love, as I am 31 already and my parents worry that I am still alone. Unfortunately I couldn’t give an answer to this question as far as I don’t know yet what my destiny will be. I need a sincere, kind and interesting man which would love and respect me. Perhaps it’s you, Jocke? Time will show everything, and I don’t want to hurry events. I want to finish this mail, and it was really pleasant to see your reply very soon.
See you soon, my friend Jocke! Your Anastasiya.
Letter 5
Hello, my dear friend Jocke. You have written me again. Our communication gets more and more interesting with every day, and I like very much the time that I spend to reading your mails and answering to you. Actually I have learnt many things about you, but it’s still interesting for me to learn more, and also I will try to tell more about myself. I have already told you that I work as an accountant and I deal with composing different documents. This is not a funny job. I get up at 7.30. I take a shower, cook breakfast and get myself ready to go to work. At 9.00 I must be at my workplace. Usually I get to my work by public transport. Of course, this is not so convenient, but I don’t have any other choice. Because the cost of a car is very high. That’s why public transport is the best decision, and besides it’s available and cheap. But I think you understand what I am talking about. My work is usually finished at about 18.00, but sometimes I have to stay longer, because it is necessary to hand over some reports, that’s why we work late. Usually my working week is 6 days. I spend a lot of time at work, and after work I usually stay at home or visit my parents. In fact I don’t have any great hobby. I like knitting, in the evenings I like solving crosswords and reading. I have a TV set at home, but I usually turn it on only as a background? and I do housekeeping things. Also sometimes I listen to the music. I like music of different singers. But mainly pop music of Russian and American singers. Sometimes my friends and I visit the pool and Ice Palace. Unfortunately now I have only a few friends which I communicate with. But they are very good friends, and there cannot be many of them. I think you understand me. During my study in the University I communicated with many people, we spent a lot of time together and had a very good student life. Unfortunately now we have lost this contact between us. Now I will finish my mail, I hope that it will be anyway interesting for you to read my mail, as well as it was interesting for me to write it. I will wait for your reply and your comments about my words. Your friend, Anastasiya.
Letter 6
Hello, my dear Jocke! How are you? How is your mood today? Yes, I can speak in English as well. It was short weekend for me because on Saturday I had The working day. On Sunday I have not made anything, I only had rest At home. In the evening when became outside more cool, I have gone to walk in park. There I have met my girlfriend and we have gone to a pizzeria. We ate a pizza and drank Dairy cocktail. Late at night I have come home, was washed in a shower and have gone to sleep.
I was glad today when I have come for work and saw your letter. I am always glad to receive your mails because they make my life bright. I am looking forward to your mail every day. I like learning more about your life. I hope that you are interested in our correspondence because I try my best to tell you about myself. I feel that you have become a friend for me; to you I can trust my thoughts. I like writing to you and I hope our relationship will continue in the future.
Yesterday my friend Masha and I have been to the Ice Palace. In our city there are several Ice palaces and we can ice-skate there. I like very much ice-skating because I was engaged in it in my childhood and I skate quite well on the ice. Also it makes my mood higher and I can forget all the problems that happened to me during the day. And besides that I can have a good communication with my friends. In our city there are not so many entertainments and this is one of the places where it is possible to have a good time?. Actually I like ice-skating! Can you ice-skate? There were not so many people on the ice so it was very pleasant to skate with my friend. There funny music was playing and we skated with pleasure during the whole hour. There were many young couples. They were skating together and kept there hands together. It was a pleasure for me to look at them, but in my soul I felt a bit sad. In fact yesterday it was very good time in Ice Palace. I came home tired, but very satisfied and had a good night dream. I hope that it was interesting for you to read my mail. Perhaps you have similar hobbies? I will be happy to hear from you what you do in your free time. What do you do after work? I will wait for your fast reply. Yours, Anastasiya.
Letter 7
Hello Jocke, my dear friend! This is a strange feeling, I have never seen you, I learn you only by e-mails, but when I open my mailbox and see a mail from you, I have a great feeling. This feeling cannot be expressed by words, I feel some joy and some fear. I fear that some day you will write me that you want to stop our connection.
But when I read your words, I understand that you are interested in our communication. I have written to you about my happy times of study in the University, but I told you little about it. Today I want to tell you more about this. I studied in the University of my city, from
1995 to 2000. These were happy years. I remember my first day, it was September, 1, it was Friday. I didn’t know anything and I was feared.
Not many of my schoolmates could get to the University, so I was alone from my school in this group. I have chosen a specialty economist – accountant, because for me it was interesting to learn mathematics and economics. And only with time I understood that they are the most complicated subjects. And once even I have to pass an exam of mathematics again. In the University it was called “higher mathematics”, and for many students it was big challenge, but we helped each other and could overcome this barrier successfully?.
Student years were very happy and we got ready to the exams together, we celebrated together the end of the session, often gathered and go together to disco and cinema. But in five years our carefree life came to an end, we have to search for the job and keep our life ourselves.
Many of my friends after getting their diplomas move to the other cities and countries, I have lost contact with many of them, and only with some of them I communicate so far. Sometimes we meet to sit in a cafe and recollect our funny days. I hope that it was not boring for you to learn about my past. I have these memories in my mind and I thought it would be interesting for you to learn about it. I will write you tomorrow, as soon as I will see a new e-mail from you.
I will wait, Anastasiya.
Letter 8
Hello, my dear friend. Thank you for your good words. We are continuing to communicate despite of all the huge distance and I hope that you enjoy our conversation. My dear Jocke. I think, that we should make our communication of more frequent. Probably we should use for our dialogue the program msn. I am assured, that you know about it because it is very widespread America chat programm. Only today I have started to read about this program, and I think, that soon I can understand it completely. For this purpose, that we could communicate, I should know yours msn the address. And when I will know yours msn the address I can add you in the list. Unfortunately mine the Internet connection not so quickly works, and sometimes I even have breakages on a line, but I hope, that it will not prevent our dialogue.
Yesterday an interesting event happened with me. After my work I went home. And on my way home I have met my former mate from University. It was a very interesting meeting, because recently I have told to you about my student years. Now she lives and works in Moscow. And now she has arrived here to visit her parents, because they were left in Khabarovsk. We have talked with her about one hour and we even were in a cafe. We recollected our study, our teachers and our friends. She told me that she is married already and has a child, a girl of 4 years. I have seen pictures of her family and she was really very happy. I have also told her that I was married already, but this relationship are in the past already. Of course, my friend wished me to find my happiness in the future and she said that I should continue to search and I will find the only one. And I was pleased at these words. We really had a very good time together. She left me her e-mail address and now I hope that I can keep a contact with her. In the evening I have come home and I thought a lot about my friend. In fact I have stayed in Khabarovsk and nothing new is happening with me. My friend lives in Moscow, has a good husband and family, has a good job and can keep herself. Unfortunately in Russia it is very strange financial situation. There are a lot of people which earn low salary and there are a few people which get a lot of money. These people are traveling a lot, all over the world, has several apartments, many cars and beautiful houses. These people usually live in big cities such as Moscow, Saint-Petersburg. In Khabarovsk we have a low level of life because the distance to Moscow is very big. The main income for many people comes from China. But I think you know about it. The biggest part of economics of Khabarovsk is based on trade with China. They bring to us absolutely everything: household things, computers, automobiles, toys. Sometimes these products are of very low quality, and very often there are inspections of such stores and shops. I hope that for today this information is quite enough for you. I want you to find our communication interesting and we continue to write to each other about everything. Yours, Anastasiya.
Letter 9
Hello, my dear friend Jocke. Thank you for your new mail and your msn address. My msn address is I have added you in my list of contacts. I hope, that we can chatter there soon. But I also want, that we have continued to write letters each other because we cannot chatter in msn often because of distinction of time between Khabarovsk and Sweden. I see that you are really a very good person and our relationship should be developed further. With every new day I learn more about you, your life and your dreams. And this seems to me wonderful. Today I am again at my work, sit and look at the reports. I have found today some discrepancy in a report and so I had to leave my office and visit the neighbor company. Sometimes I have to do it.
Unfortunately I don’t have my own automobile and my company doesn’t give a work car for me so I had to use public transport, but I am used to that and I didn’t have problems to reach the necessary place. I have met with the accountant of that company and we could solve all the issues in two hours. Such situations usually appear because of the “human factor”. A human being is not a machine and that’s why mistakes and different discrepancies often appear. But my task is to correct all mistakes. Of course sometimes I can miss something too, that’s why we have a main accountant which manage us. I have a good relationship with her, but I don’t like her a bit. She is a woman which thinks only about herself. Of course, she does her work, but for me it’s complicated to find a common language with her. She is always crying and she is always unsatisfied. Now we all reconcile with that and understand that there is no other way but to continue our work. That’s why we just take it easy and tell each other different funny stories.
Dear friend, I don’t know why I tell you about these things. Probably I see in you that person which I couldn’t find in Russia. You attentively read my words and treat me well, you think about me and take care of me. It is important for me, so I would like to treat me seriously and write me always only truth, and then probably we can have future. Of course, it’s early now to speak about it, but who knows what will be in the future. My dear friend, tomorrow my girlfriend has wedding and I have been invited. I will leave work earlier and I cannot write to you. I will try to write to you on Saturday. I will wait for your reply, your friend, Anastasiya.
Letter 10
Hello, my pleasant interlocutor. Sorry, that I did not write to you.
On Friday I was on wedding of my friend. On Saturday I have not gone for work because I took free day. Today I actually run to the computer to see your mail. It was a strange feeling as if I was late for the favorite movie or serial and I try to catch it anyway. I open my mailbox and my heart is beating stronger and stronger, and I see a mail from you and I almost laugh, but I try not to laugh because I don’t want my other colleagues to think that I perhaps got crazy. I read your mail and I felt very warm in my soul. Yesterday in the evening a movie called “A walk to remember” was shown on TV. When the final titles were shown I couldn’t get up, not only get up, but even I couldn’t move… I sat and thought how much in this life goes beyond us, how many things there are in the world to be glad about, to dream about, to aspire to. I thought that every day is invaluable in itself and how often we forget about that… And about the heroes, what power they have despite of their 18 ages. Very often in our lives we prefer to refuse something or somebody, if we know this will cause us pain.
And we think «Isn’t the price for such a short period of happiness too high???» And here a young man pays this price even not thinking that this summer spent with his sweetheart, these short three months he could never forget during his whole life and memories about it would cause him even if bright, but anyway pain. I liked the slogan of the movie: «Our love is like a wind, it cannot be seen, but it is felt…» I think you have also seen this movie? For me this movie is one of the best, this is a very good movie. Unfortunately the end of the movie was not happy, but love is not always fair. I hope you are not angry with me that I talk with you about this film, but from the first letters I wrote to you that I will tell you everything that I have in my head. And now this movie is in my head. Usually I like very much romantic comedies, and simply comedies. I like Jim Cary and Rob Snider, they are very good actors I think. Unfortunately now I didn’t hear anything about Jim Cary, but old comedies with his participation still make me laugh. Also I like the actor Jonny Depp, his roles are always very bright and impressive, like in The Pirates of Caribbean Sea. Also I like the director of movies Peter Jackson. Of course their films are action and hit films, but their films attract me. But this is not my favorite genre. To sit quiet and calm, to watch a romantic comedy with my beloved person is more important for me than to go to the cinema with friends and watch next Hollywood hit movie in a big screen. Now I put a family in the first place and I hope to find my love once. It’s very sad to be alone, and it’s very sad when nobody loves you, this is a feeling of forlornness and isolation. I hope that once again I can experience a feeling of love. I am sorry, but this is a bit sad letter. But anyway I will wait for your reply already very soon and I hope it will be tomorrow?. Your sad girl, Anastasiya.

Letter 11
Hello, my dear Jocke. How are you today? I want everything in your life goes well so you can have a good mood every day. I spend a lot of time to write to you, answer your questions and ask something. And our communication is like a dialogue. This is a very special connection, very personal and very important. Nobody can prevent us and it’s unique. In one of my first letters to you I have told you about my former husband. And I think that I am ready to tell you about this relationship. When I was 25 I have met Igor, he was a good and merry guy which looked at everything somehow specially. I have already worked in “Trans-Auto” and he was transferred to us to develop our firm. He was born and grown in Khabarovsk, but I have never met him before. After study he began to work in Moscow in “Trans-Auto” and in three years he came back to Khabarovsk. I have noticed his sympathy and began to make first steps to get closer. We had a very good communication, we have spent much time together. And it seemed to me that we were born for each other. In half a year we began to live together and household problems appeared in relations. These were little scandals and I understood that this is just a family life and in future everything can be changed. In one year we married. It was a very good wedding and my parents were very happy that at last I could build a family. We went to our work together, but we didn’t meet often at work because we had different duties and sometimes we even went home separately from each other because one of us had to stay late at work. But in one year our relations got worse and worse every time. I began to notice that I was not the only woman for him. He also met with other women. My friends told me about it, but for me these words were nothing, because I loved Igor very much. Once a girl-trainee came to our firm, she was only 21, she didn’t graduate from University yet and she had training in our firm. But in one week she was dismissed from the firm, because our director learnt that she had sex with Igor at the workplace. The director of our firm is my friend; he even was in our wedding and spoke very good toasts, so he was very surprised.
When I was told the whole truth I was in shock. I picked up my things and moved to my parents, I couldn’t talk with him for about 3 days, I couldn’t take myself into my hands. But anyway I could find some powers in me to meet with my husband. We have spoken about 3 hours and I couldn’t get a clear answer why he has done it and I took a decision to be separated. Of course it was very painful, but even now I understand that a divorce was the only right decision. In some time Igor went back to Moscow again to the head-office. Our director wanted to inform general management of the firm about this case with him, but I asked that nobody talked about it. Actually I don’t want to cause harm to Igor and I don’t want him to spoil his life. That’s why this case didn’t go beyond borders of our office. Now it’s already very late and I have to end this mail. I hope that you understand my feelings, because your words are very important to me now. You are my good friend and it’s pleasant for me to know your opinion about me.
Letter 12
Hello, my dear Jocke. How are you? I hope that you have a good mood. Today from the very morning I am in high spirits. I got up in the morning, take a shower, have breakfast, and my thoughts were about you. I thought about that how pleasant in the morning to see the face of dear and loved person. How pleasant to know that close to you is the person to whom you are dear and to whom you really mean a lot.
From the very morning I imagined how I go to work and spend boring working day, but also I could see your mail and learn something new about you. You are my best friend, my thoughts and my feelings are open and sincere to you, that’s why I want that you too was sincere with me. If you don’t like something in me, if you think that I am silly or unworthy of you, please, write me about this, please. I want that trust and understanding was between us. We never met, but may be just this help us to communicate well and learn each other better and more. I don’t have any secrets from you, my thoughts and feelings are open to you. Today my friends invite me to cinema. We will go to the Khabarovsk cinema. Cinema Khabarovsk is situated in my town. It is a very big hall and beautiful place. I was said that they show a new movie “Paragraph 78”, they say this is a very good and interesting movie.
This is a Russian action movie, with famous Russian actors. Perhaps, you didn’t hear about that film. I can’t say I love the action movies, it is spectacular and impressive, of course, but I love more romantic comedies. Always pleasant to see some romantic movie, especially when it accompanied with humor. I dream once to go with you to the cinema, or simply to watch some romantic movie at home in the evening in silence and coziness, simple be with a man who is really interesting to me. One more day is coming to an end, I am sorry, but I will end this mail, and will write you soon. Yours, Anastasiya.
Letter 13
Hello, my dear Jocke. How glad I am to see your mail in my box.
Really pleasant feeling to open the mailbox and see that there is a man to whom I am not indifferent and who have sympathy to me.
My full name: Anastasiya Dubnikova.
My address: LENINA 33, 680013 KHABAROVSK RUSSIA.
I will be glad, if you send me something. You asked what religion I have. I the orthodox Christian. We celebrate Christmas on January, 7th. As I told you I was in the movies with my friends. The movie was “Paragraph 78”, it is an action movie with famous Russian actors as Gosha Kutsenko and Vladimir Vdovichenkov. May be you could hear of them, because in Russia these actors are very popular. The film was surprisingly boring, and only the play of actors could hold me at the screen. I said already that I don’t like the action movies very much, that’s why I didn’t have much interest to this film. Perhaps, if close to me there was a man to whom I was dear, then time spent in the cinema seemed to be more interesting. I actually look at the screen and imagined you close to me, it seemed to me that you was sitting with me, and we only two of us watching this movie together. Then I could only remember your mails with sadness, all your words and stories. I was really frustrated that you was not there with me. It is so sad that we live so far away from each other, between us thousands of kilometers, and it is really a big barrier. I can’t express all my feelings to you, so I can transfer only my thoughts and emotions with the help of words. But we can communicated nevertheless and it is most important. I want you Jocke to know that you are very important man to me. Yours, Anastasiya.
Letter 14
Hello, dear Jocke. I am so glad that I have mail from you again in such a beautiful day. Your letters allow me to feel your presence close to me. We are separated by long distance, but I feel that you are so close. Thanks for your address. I will try to send to you a postcard when I will have a free time. Yes, I work this Saturday. My favourite colour - blue. In Russia duration of holiday is made four weeks. Jocke, we communicate already for a long time. During this time you become to me more than just a friend. You made my heart beat stronger. Now it is filled with tenderness to you. I know that I have a man to whom I can say all about me and my life, because I trust you.
Before I have never thought that I can develop such feelings through Internet, but now I know that it is possible and it can happen. I want that you know that every time I wait for new mail from you. Now I need them. I wish you a good mood!!! Yours, Anastasiya.
Letter 15
Hello, my dear Jocke! Thanks for a photo of you and that place, where do you live. I see, that there very beautiful nature. I like the nature very much and me it is pleasant to be on the nature, especially in the summer. I want to address you today with words of sympathy and respect. I hope that your attitude to me is sincere. Believe me, I lack serious relations in my life. Jocke, you won by me, my thoughts and my consciousness, my soul! Only you touch my heart, make it beat faster. I think of you all the time. I think of, imagine you big expressive eyes. Wherever I go, wherever I look, I always see you. In my head the thoughts only about you, you are everywhere and always close to me, despite of many kilometers separating us. And I wanted to say to you that you are very important to me now. During our acquaintance I began to value you and now understand that I need you.
Yes, I LOVE YOU, Jocke… and at last I decided to say… Of course, it is unusual to love a person whom you never saw, but it’s true, when I talk to you about my feelings. I could never imagine and would never believe that I find my love in the Internet. But when I learnt you, I understood that you are the only man that I want to present my love.
Even if there is a big distance between us, despite of anything – I love you! I will wait with impatience for your letter. Anastasiya.
Letter 16
Hello my love Jocke! Thank you for your mail. I waited for the moment when I can get your reply. It was difficult for me to say to you that I love you, but it’s true. I opened to you all the feelings that I had inside me, and I am glad that you answered me. Your mails fill my life with sense. I began to understand that my life means nothing without you, because I love you. It seems to me that you and I are very close, but only unfortunately we are so far away from each other. I think that we should meet; we should see each other, look into each other’s eyes, because through Internet lost are emotions and it’s hard to understand each other. Of course, it is difficult to talk about feelings, if we know each other only in Internet. I want to see you very much, hear your voice, talk to you. I dream about our meeting. I imagine how it will be. It’s a pity that it is only dreams and if they come true knows only God. Between us big distance, but in my dreams I am with you. I feel that our hearts beat in one rhythm and do you feel that? Wait for your letter, it is very important to me.
Yours forever, Anastasiya.
Letter 17
Hello my love Jocke! I am glad to see your mail, your letters make my day more interesting and joyful, they give me a lot of pleasure. I already can’t live without your letters and without you. You get very dear to me during the days that we are acquainted. Now I wish to answer your questions which you have set to me in your letter. My parents have left Poland a lot of time back, actually at that time I was still the child and did not understand anything. For me it was long travel, and even since then I remember, that this road has very much tired me. In our national cuisine it is a lot of soups: shi, borsh, okroshka, rassolnik. Also we have many meat dishes: a shish kebab, a meat ragout, the hen in bank, plov. These are very tasty dishes. I am able to cook these dishes perfectly and I like to eat them:). It’s difficult for me to concentrate on the work recent times, because I think only about you, my love. I get tied at work very much, and only thoughts about you, my love Jocke, give me powers. But I think of the holiday oftener and oftener. I didn’t have holiday for about a year because I didn’t see any sense in rest as I didn’t know what I will do in my free time. But now I have you, and I want to spend this free time with you, what do you think about it? For me it is very important to know your opinion. I can take a holiday in the coming time, my holiday can continue for a month, but it’s important for me to know if you can spend this time with me? I hope you can. I have never been outside Russia, so this journey to you will be the most remarkable moment in my life. My dear Jocke, I would be happy to meet with you. I want to speak with you and see your eyes, only that way we could understand each other to the end, do you think the same?
Tell me please what you think about this everything. I want to end my letter, and now I will wait with excitement for your reply. I hope that you will answer me at once. Yours, Anastasiya.
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