Letter(s) from Anna Timoschenko to Russ (South Africa)

Letter 1

Hello. How is your day? It is pleasant for me, that you gave me yours email and now we can begin dialogue. The dating site of has shown me yours profile which coincided with my inquiry. You have seemed to me to the most interesting and I have decided to write to you. I want to tell more about myself. My name Anna . I live in city Kozmodemyansk, it is silent small small town on coast of the river Volga. You can see it on a photo which I send you. My growth of 172 centimeters, weight of 59 kg. my age 29 years, it's normal for you? Because for me has no value, how many to my elect will be years because I consider, that the most important, these are feelings, understanding, trust, support. And all rest, it is simple words. I was never married and dont have children, I live together with mum. Unfortunately so it has turned out, that I the only child in family. I work as the secretary in a civil engineering firm. I go to cinema, I like to have a rest and I like to dance, go to theatre. Last film which I looked - "Wanted". Very much it was pleasant to me! You looked it? I like to listen to various music, but especially it is pleasant to me silent and quiet music. Also I like to listen Bob Marley, U2, Madonna... My English good and I do not use service of the translator. I have written this letter itself.:) I use the Internet from my work and at present I have no webcam and various msn because the computer has been got recently, but I hope, that I shall soon have all this and we can see each other and have chat. Whom did you dream to become in the childhood??? Tell me about it something …! About place where you live right now from example??? If you can and want certainly … What's your favorite film and kind of music maybe? You may tell about yourselves something interesting in addition also. You may not answer these questions. I think it's really simple questions.:) I with pleasure shall answer all your questions and I shall be glad to receive your answer soon.
Your new friend Anna