Letter(s) from Larisa Taratkina to Bill (Ireland)

Letter 1

Hi my love, I has just written to you the letter and has sent, and has then received again your letter and now I answer again.
Certainly I very strongly yesterday worried, in addition I also am ill and when we shall meet you, I too shall worry very strongly, but it will pass, I very strongly love you also you should not doubt of my love.
I think of you every second, only you one my unique the man.
I am very glad about your offer, itself to pay for an apartment through the Internet, I only very much want that you were convinced of safety to pay, and then to not be disappointed in an apartment.
In Moscow it is a lot of deceits and many agencies which are engaged in swindle, can be and such, that they will show any photo and will tell to you, that we shall live there, and then we with you shall arrive to this apartment, and there there will be naked walls.
I only want, that there was a full confidence, I do not trust yet I shall not see own eyes and I shall not receive keys on hands from an apartment for which have given money.
I am very glad, that you will solve this question an apartment, but you please should be convinced of authenticity.
As I do not believe the Internet.
Be relative the boot, certainly is and is cheaper, but such boots carry very little, they start to be torn.
Which I want to buy, they have very much liked me, at them a high heel, I very much love classical style and consequently they such dear.
My dear, I in fact do not force you, if you do not want to send me, you can not send me, I urgently do not ask you.
We with you shall choose date only then when to you will tell when at you the visa, now will be ready while we know nothing.
I once again ask you please be vigilant about an apartment and not so trust the Internet as they can deceive.
And so I am very glad, that you will search for all, I very much like Jaccuzi, and we with you shall enjoy the friend the friend.
I with impatience wait for an our meeting.
And if not a secret how many cost through the Internet of an apartment with good repair??
With impatience I shall wait from you for a fast reply.
Your small princess Larisa!

Letter 2

Yesterday one of happy days as I have heard your fine voice was my, you at all do not represent my love as it is pleasant for me on soul, I recollect our conversation, at you very pleasant voice, your voice inspires trust, I you was very easy and any vital difficulties are not terrible.
I am sure, that you my true ideal and I love you very much.
What do you think of our yesterday's conversation?
You spoke me, that at me a pleasant voice, I very happy, that at me am my love, my fine prince, it you.
My love, I think, that we should speak by with you to phone more often.
Somehow once we with you again shall agree also you to me will call, to me has very much liked with you to speak.
I very well understand you, and you yesterday understood me?
I with impatience wait for your letter, you spoke me that write to me the letter, but I and have not waited and have decided to write nevertheless to you and to tell to you, that I very strongly love you and I can not live without you.
I miss very much you.
Your small princess Larisa!
P.S. I still am ill and I sit on tablets, I know, that if I was with you to me it would be much easier.
Mum transfers you greetings.

Letter 3

I dream of were for you a beam of the sun and to be for you the unique woman on light.
I want to bathe in love and to enjoy your society.
I want to divide with you both pleasure and grief.
You for me very dear person, I want that every night belonged only to you, you to one.
Except for you nobody is necessary for me........
I love only you and you my dream.
My prince, I very much want to arrive to you and to be with you always.
I with impatience shall wait from you for a fast reply.
I very much miss you and I can not live without you.
We should be together.
My phone number
My love, give we with you we shall agree beforehand when you will call to me, during what time.
And I shall wait from you for a bell.
What at us with you a difference in time?
Your small princess Larisa!

Letter 4

it is very pleasant for me, you in my ideas, I very strongly want you and very strongly I want you to love.
My love, my holiday began on August, 20 and it at me has already ended, I tomorrow come to work, and so at us in Russia holiday lasts 28 days.
My love, thanks you for care rather financially, but I shall not tell lies to you, is valid at me very small salary, she makes only 200 dollars a month, I do not have not enough money, but I try to live and save, I buy to myself not dear clothes, we have garden and all vegetables we raise with mum and we should not buy.
I have already got used to difficulties and I do not complain, as I have nobody to hope.
In Russia almost all men sit and wait, when the woman will earn money and will feed them.
I such do not understand, for me it not men.
I to you shall necessarily send letters with addresses back, at me were kept.
It is very a pity, that you have not received the information from embassy as I very much without you miss and I want to be more likely with you.
I love you very much.
My prince, in my house is phone, but it is very expensive for speaking with you, I promise you, that I shall save money and I at an opportunity shall necessarily call to you.
Please write to me number of phone.
With impatience I shall wait from you for a fast reply.
Your small princess Larisa!

Letter 5

Hi my love, my fine prince Billy!!!
How you today?
I hope, that at you all is good.
Excuse me please, that I did not write to you for a long time, simply I wanted you to send the letter at once from a photo as you asked.
My love, I has made these photos for you, as a token of our love.
You my true ideal, I very much dream to be with you beside, to feel your strong, hot hands, to kiss you gently.
My love, I is very glad, that we shall soon meet you also all our dreams will come true.
I very strongly love you and I miss you very much.
My love, write to me soon.
You liked my photos?
You want to be with me together?
I love you very much and with impatience I wait for your letter.
Your small princess Larisa!

Letter 6

Write to me when you need to send the address of bank and when you to me will send approximately money??????
I ask, because to me today called from Moscow from agency which to us will help to rent an apartment and they asked me, when I to them shall come.
But I cannot go to them without money.
You to me write approximately when send, and then I shall inform to them, that they waited for me in Moscow.
I am very happy, that we with you in October shall be together, I feel, how it raises me, when I a meeting at the airport I you shall kiss you very gently and for a long time.
I cannot wait this day.
I think, that it will be the happiest day in my life.
My love, I shall try to find very strongly the chamber that you could see me and I shall send you many photo.
Probably I shall do video a roller, I shall send you an air kiss.
What do you think of it?????

My prince, at me is not present the bank account, but we in city have system of remittances " the Western Union " refers to, you can learn, whether there is at you such translation system of money, but I learned in bank and to me have told, that it is all over the world.
Please learn.

My love, I very strongly miss on you, I dream, that there has more likely come that time when we with you shall be together.
I ask about it the god, about fast our meetings.
I love you very much....................!!!!!!!
With impatience I shall wait from you for a fast reply.
Transfer from me and my mum greetings to your boys.
Your princess Larisa!

Letter 7

You my unique the man which for me it is necessary.
I love you............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You suggest fine idea, rather to live not much in Moscow and to walk on city, we can better know each other.
My dear, today I called to Moscow and learned how many costs to lease habitation.
The prices very different, if an one-room apartment without repair she costs 600 dollars for a month.
And if the apartment is more and with good repair she costs already more expensively, about 1000 dollars.
I spoke them, that there will arrive my beloved from abroad and they have told, that can find beforehand to us an apartment, only it is necessary to pay money.
How you look at it?
If you my love agree before going to Moscow, you should send me of money that I paid in agency for an apartment and could go to Moscow to wait for you.
As soon as the apartment will be rented, I shall call to you also you can leave to Moscow, I shall meet you at the Airport.
How to you my offer?
I simply want to prepare beforehand all to our meeting that we already have gone at once to the rented apartment, instead of together with you to search for her.
As probably it is necessary to go and choose, and it can borrow not one day.
I very much dream to be near to you and to love you.
I think of you every second my prince.
With impatience I shall wait from you for the fast letter.
Your small princess Larisa!