Letter(s) from Tatyana Ponomareva to L. (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love!
Forgive, but call I could not, therefore and I write to you the letter.
So, I ask once again a pardon that I did not write. But I think, that my idea with the grandmother - ideal, therefore I and want to tell to you that I do not want to be discharged of it! Understand, you will not lose cent, you all will return. But you will not pay my visa, the passport, the ticket. I shall be already ready to pay for all! This so is fine! I have thought up it to me in it my grandmother helps.
But I do not understand you. Today already 31 number. Tomorrow new month already begins. You will operate under this plan with my grandmother, whether or not? Think well! Whether you agree, whether or not, to help me now, to pay for a duty of the grandmother in bank. I remind, that the size of the debt makes 785 $! You understand it?
So, I remind you that it is unique possible chance for us! I am not going to miss it and to wait still more some for years while you at last cannot help me!
I am tired.. I want to be with you! And to wait eternally I too not I shall.. It is last chance! Solve, my lovely!
Further our relations will depend only on you!
Your beloved, Natasha!

Letter 2

Hello my love!
I write to you very serious letter. Be adjusted at once on it. So, I shall begin.
I shall begin that I am tired. I am tired to go to the Internet - eaao every day constantly. I am tired to look only at your photos and to think of how you are fine in a real life. I am tired to go to bed and think every day that soon we shall together. I am tired from it. I have fallen in love with you. I love you all heart. I want to meet you in a real life! I speak these words in each letter. But now in my head all sounds differently, not as earlier. I feel deeply unfortunate. I understand, that I love, and I understand, that we cannot be together! Here it also is my misfortune. My damnation is a Love, true and fair! I do not communicate almost with other guys as I have you!
But... Is big but... I have spent already many money to visit Internet-cafe! I spend money constantly every day. It is not a pity to me of this money.. If at me was more I would arrive to you.
And now I shall tell to you something. I shall tell to you that is necessary for me. I have a plan. I have thought up, as to us to meet. But your help is necessary!
I am going to take the credit in bank. I have a grandmother. She very much loves me. Only she trusts me. My grandmother agrees to take the credit. She is20ready to take any sum! So at us is money that I have arrived to you.
But I am simple so would not write to you. At my grandmother a problem. An apartment in which she lives, state. And she yet has not paid off for it completely (they have moved there with the grandfather recently). The grandfather has died also the grandmother hardly paid for the loan in bank for an apartment. Now at it in bank a duty (I have precisely transferred in dollars): 785 $! It is the big sum for my grandmother, but a small share you, my love! I am sure, that you understand all gravity of a situation. The duty needs to be given at the end of this month, differently it is necessary to wait even longer and to pay much more sum (the percent of the loan for a duty grows each 3 months under the contract with bank!). There was not enough time.
I suggest you to make that already for a long time were going with to do.. I WANT TO MEET YOU!!! I want to love... To love.. You.... Only you who are love......
So. Solve. If you now cannot find so much money, how many I to you have told, it is necessary to wait.. I am going to make all! I then itself shall give the grandmother so much, how many we borrowed... I shall work for this purpose.
I shall explain to you once again. You should find now money that the grandmother could pay off with the debt in bank. Then to it will give the new credit. I shall take the credit with the grandmother together. I can pay for the visa and the passport, for the air ticket, for hotel in Moscow, for the ticket for a train up to Moscow. To me will suffice on all. I to return to you that money which you will find. I to return to you completely everything, up to last cent! So you can borrow in a duty.
Solve, whether I am necessary for you. If you are necessary also love me then I wait from you for the letter with the good answer. If it is necessary for you, I shall call you. Only leave the phone number and I shall call to you tomorrow!!!
Make a decision.. But remember, lovely!
I wait for the answer (good)!
Yours and only yours Natasha

PS recently has found old photos.. Here, I send them to you!