Scam letter(s) from Julia Drozdova to Benoit (France)

Letter 1
Hi Benoit! It is an honor for me to be chosen by you. My e-mail address is:
This way we could communicate quitely to learn more about each other and nothing could dusturb us. In the meantime, I make my warm kisses for you.
Letter 2
Hi my new friend Benoit!My name is Yulya.
I'm from Ukraine. I'm very serious woman.Who is seeking just for serious relationship. How are you? I like your profile. If you do not mind and if your heart is still lonely. I would like to get to know you better. Maybe you are my other half.
Could you send me your e-mail, I might write you
Letter 3
Hello, dear Benoit!!!!! I am very glad to see your message on my screen!You know, nothing happen without the reason in this world and I am sure our meeting in the Internet must have an interesting continuation. So, my dear Benoit, nice to meet you. Well, I would like to tell you more about myself. Usually it is not so easy to do, but i will try to make a good impression on you :) My name is Yulya. I am from Ukraine and my native town is Antratsit. But now I live currently in Lugansk, here I found more opportunities for myself. I am 30 and by this age I defined what I am looking for in this crazy world. I am joyful, easy-going and sociable person. I inherited kindness and honesty from my parents and can say this traits help me to have a lot of friends. My close people consider me to be attractive woman. Well, I try to hold a healthy life style. So that to be in good shape I don't need to spend my free time at the gyms. Actually I am a dance-master. What can be more exciting and creative than to teach children to dance??? By the way, do you like to dance, Benoit??? If you want I can teach you:))) Benoit, I should tell you that I always open to people and never hide anything that I want to say. I have to tell you something important and perhaps you will get disappointed in me after knowing that. I must confess that I do not speak English. Sometimes I am ashamed of this, cause this is a language that is spoken all over the world. I used to learn some when I was a student, but now I could hardly understand anything. Hope this does not frighten you off me. If we are lucky to continue, I will start some English courses. It would be a considerable step on the way of creating our relationships. You know, I do not have too much experience in the Internet dating, but I sincerely believe that it will help me to bring this loneliness to its end! In my dreams I see a happy couple, living in love and peace, smiling every day and bringing up beautiful children. I am devoted to my job so much that I almost forgot that I am a woman. I missed sweet dates, I missed kisses, touches and warm hugs. I need that so much! My last relationships brought me much grief and suffering and I lost my hope in mutual true love and sincerity of feelings between two people. Benoit, maybe it is you who are here to bring my heart to life???? And one more important thing I want to say. Benoit,I don't take the Internet as a play-ground.My intentions are very serious about searching my second half here! I'm not looking for an amusement. I want to built serious long-term relationships with a serious person. To play with feelings is not my goal! Well, I guess that is more then enough for the first letter. Benoit, I hope my letter did not seem too boring for you?? :))) Again, thanks a lot for your attention. Please, tell me more about yourself. It will be very interesting to read about your character, hobbies, your family. Do you have bad habits :)? Send me some photos of you. I will be looking forward to hearing from you. with deep respect Yulya
Letter 4

My dear Benoit, hi!!!! How are you? How is your day? For me this day is beautiful, as you did it colorful with sending me your letter!!! But I was a bit sad when I got to know that you did not like my photos. I think I always look naturally. I liked your photo very much and I think you are a very attractive man.

I think it's time to tell you more about my life. Even don't know from what to start! I guess I will start from something I am so proud of!!! It's my family!! Well, it is rather small: just my Mom, Dad, me and my younger brother Aleksandr. My father works in the security company and my mother is a hairdresser. My parents managed to live almost 30 years together in a perfect harmony. You know, it is a great rarity now to meet two loving people who could spend so many years together!!! That's a true love and absolute devotion to each other! My family live in an big house with a large yard and garden around it. We were very happy and united. You see, our town is very small and there are so little opportunities for young and creative people. That's why I made up my mind to leave for a neighboring city, called Lugansk. It was very hard to leave my family, but I needed to start my independent life. Now I live and work here. It takes me 1 to get to my native town from Lugansk, so I often visit my parents on my weekend. Are you interested in my hobbies, dear Banoit??? I guess you are! I can't say I have many special hobbies. As you know my most important hobby is dances. My second hobby is cooking!!! Do you like it??? I love cooking very much. I have an endless fantasy in creating delicious dishes. I can prepare a special and unique meal using the most common and cheap food. Among my likes are also reading, singing songs with Karaoke :) and listening music. My favorite foreign singers are George Michael, sting, Madonna. And what about your preferences for music? I love to have fun with my friends. But almost all of them are engaged in family and domestic affairs. I like to have a lovely chat with my girlfriends at the cosy cafe having a cup of cappuccino and a portion of ice-cream. Just like all young and energetic people I try to spend me free time in active way! I adore to have my weekends in the open air, I mean picnics, barbecue, having bath in the river, also having a sun bath. Do you like tan-skinned ladies?? Benoit, my dear, can you tell me what can woman do for you to make you the happiest an on Earth. What traits she must have and what values. I would rather finish now and will be waiting for your answer, of course if you are still interested in me:)
Take care and have
a fabulous day!!! Your Yulya.
Letter 5
My dear Benoit, hi!!!! Your lovely message made my day. I hope you had a lovely weekend, maybe you had a nice time with your daughters? My weekend was nice and relaxing with much sun bath and swimming. I spent good time at the river bank with my family. Benoit, I feel very good every time when I read you and especially look at your photos. I can see you love horses, I do too. But have been to the horse farm only once in my life. The photo of you in kids' pool was cute too ;) Benoit, I feel more and more desire to know you and get closer to you, because my heart prompts I may have good hopes for our future. You are coming to my mind more and more often and I am afraid that love can come too early. Should I afraid of it? My dear Benoit, you brought the smile back into my life and I am very much thankful to you for that. Thanks a lot for telling me more about your family. It is great that you have two daughters and I wonder why I should not have the interest for you because of this, Benoit? Just on the contrary, I have more interest for you with each day and maybe some day you will introduce me to your daughters? Who knows where we go from here. You say they like to dance, so it is wonderful. We shall have much fun together, but first I will have to teach you how to dance :) It is interesting that you train teenagers to aikibudo. Of course I have heard about this. I wish I could see how you conduct your lessons. In what cities in Ukraine do you have clubs? You ask me what I expect from a man. Benoit,I don't need someone perfect (it's boring, I think, to be next to absolutely perfect people:), but I wished he would be attentive to me, and caring.. I wished he will be optimistic and reliable, and we could cross this life together hand in hand.:))) Is this too much? Sometimes I thought it's so.. But now - I have the real hope, I found him.:)) I have 5 golden rules that can make relationships successful:
1. I never go to sleep on an argument with my partner. I always want to go to sleep knowing that there is no disagreement between us so that the next day we can start afresh and fully in love. My mother gave me this advice many years ago, and it is good advice. What do you think?
2. I never assume I am better than anyone or that my opinions or views carry more weight than my partner's. This keeps me on an even keel and opens my heart and my mind and my soul to all the wonderful things that have happened to me in relationships.
3. I always have implicit trust in my partner and never question that trust.
4. I am always open to discussing everything with my partner, and there are no secrets between us (except small secrets like what presents I might buy his for birthdays etc.). I value my partner's input and views ? especially if he is a man with whom I hope to spend my life.
5. Making love is an important part in cementing and continuing any relationship, and a relationship that dies on the physical and ****** side is doomed to die on the emotional side sooner or later. My darling Benoit, do you have any rules in creating strong relationships? What do you think about all this? Of course I was thinking about relocation, if I find a man from abroad. I do not think any foreign man would like to move to my country, especially to my city. So, for me it will be a very serious step, but I hope my beloved man will support me in all ways. My dear, write me soon and send me some more of your photos and your daughters. I feel so nice when I look at you and read your letters.
When do you have your birthday, Benoit? Wish you a good day. My tender kisses and hugs only for you. Yulya
Letter 6
Hello, my dear stranger!!!
My name is Yulya!!! I am an optimistic and easy-going person with a wide area of interests. I am here to find my second half to whom I could give all my love, care and tenderness! I want to find a serious and reliable man and create a beautiful love story which could last forever! Maybe this man is sitting just behind my blue screen? :) Let's be acquainted!!!! My address is . Waiting for your letter! A kiss, Yulya.
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