Letter(s) from Natalia Mamaeva to Stephen (Australia)

Letter 1

My name is Marina
I live in city saint peterburg, i am 27 years old, and i am not married and haven't children, i am alone now.
I am search for a man for serious relationships in your country, and plan to create a family in your country.
I am in moscow now and i am waiting reception of the visa. I and my girlfriend planned to travel together, and start process of receive our visas in past, and few days ago embassador informed us that our visas will be ready soon and we need to come to moscow to receive it. I waited for the moment when we will travel with my girlfriend, but now she has problems and can't travel with me, it is really sad for me, because i can't go to another country alone and to nobody. And also i don't want to lose chance to see your country.
I decide to get acquainted with a man for serious relationships in your country! I adressed this letter to dating agency in my city.
I hope you are looking for the same as me! We can continue corresponding and meet soon, if you want write me back please! I will be really glad to receive your answer and will necessary send you reply with my photo.
Tell me please something about you, like your name, how old are you, and in what city you live?

I am sorry if my letter have disturbed you, but anyway hope to hear from you write me please on my mailbox: marinkiss2@bk.ru
Hope to hear from you

Letter 2

Hello Stephen!!!
Want to tell you more about me:
I live in the city Saint Petersburg! Also my mother and my father lives together in Saint Petersburg, they live together already 33 years approximitely! In our family i am single children.
I work with sales of cosmetics here in russia
I am 27 years old, and 171cm height
i like to go to the cinema, i am very like to see good and interesting films! Also like to listen music, like pop music, sometimes read books... But all is not enjoyable, because i didn't find a right man for serious relationships, i am ready to know about you more, and for me will be interesting to see your country, because i have never before been in your country! Now i feel myself very lonely and i am want to meet the right man!
I very much would like to have acquaintance man for serious relations.
I hope that we can learn more about each other.
I'm in Moscow now, and I will receive the visa on 4 august. It's good for you that we can meet already in a week? What do you think?
Would you like that i can arrive to you during little more than a week?
I wish you good day and success.
I wait your letter.

Letter 3

Hello dear Stephen!!!
How are you? I hope, that all good.
It is pleasant for me to receive your answer.
Thanks you. It's very important for me!
Dear, I am pleased if you also want our meeting.
I will be happy to arrive to you!
I think my english is good enough to talk on it I was in embassy and the ambassador has informed me that on 4 august i will receive my visa. After reception of the visa I can fly to you.
But we should discuss some things before our meeting.
For example: what dates it is better for our meeting, i can arrive already on 4-5 august. It is good for you?
I can stay with you for 3 months. What you think of it???
I will be happy stay together with you. We will learn each other better.
Ok, on 4 august i will receive the visa and can fly to you.
Also i should know in what airport i need to fly, where you can meet me.
Well, i wait your answers to my questions and we may plan our meeting.
I wait with impatience of your answer, hope with photos.

Letter 4

Hello my dear Stephen! Thanks for the photo, i am really enjoy it!!!
Thank you for your letter!
The weather here is not bad today
I will receive my visa on 5 august not on 4 (as today at embassy to me told that it is very much people at embassy will be on 4 august) and after that that i can come to you!
I am waiting our meet and thinking about you a lot!
I saw much about your country and i am very like what i saw!
It will be really great to spend time together with you, and see your country! I am thinking of you and meeting you very often! I saw your country only in films and for me will be very interesting to see some places where you live! Now i know the nearest airport to you When i will buy the ticket i will tell you all information about my flyght, so you will know when i will come! We need to wait until i will receive my visa, and i am waiting for it with great impatience!
hope you are fine today, wish you a good day

Letter 5

Hello my dear Stephen!
I am very sorry that i din't write you for a long time. I was ill, i have high temperature and was lay at hospital, now i am ok, and date of receiving of my visa now is 11 august.
I don't want to loose you dear, i am sorry again, hope you will answer to me
kiss you
yours Marina

Letter 6

My lovely Stephen!!!
I received the visa today, but at reception of the visa there were some difficulties. When I have come to embassy the ambassador asked many questions. He has asked a question on that who will be the responsibility about me when I will be in australia.The ambassador informed me that i need to have relatives to fly in the australia. I informed the ambassador that I haven't relatives living on territory the australia. I have told to the ambassador about our correspondence with you, but he has told to me, that we should be relative and informed that it will not work.
The ambassador has found a way out of this situation and informed me that the guarantor for me can be the the insurance company which works with embassy.
He has told, that in my situation it is necessary to insure my travel and then the insurance company will bear the full responsibility for me in territory the australia. It was a unique way to receive the visa and I went in insurance agency. After I have insured my travel i went in embassy and the ambassador have given visa to me. It takes many the efforts and money. I had money for purchase of the ticket of the plane and additional for residing at the australia, but the insurance document costs much. I receive the visa, but now there are difficulties in that now I haven't enough of money for purchase of the ticket of the plane. It is a pity to me to inform, but I can't arrive to you now without help. Now to buy the ticket of the plane to me it is necessary also 720 dollars.
I have all documents to come to you in australia, i need also money on the ticket of the plane
Unfortunately i at all had no time to ask your advice, but I think that I have made a correct choice. I have made all necessary to fly to you and we could be together. I want our meeting very much but to fly to you to me it is required approximately 720 dollars it will be really difficult to cope with this problem independently.I want to ask your help. I want to meet you and to have bright days together, but without the help I can't fly in the australia and we can't meet. I would be happy to fly to you, but i want that you have understood that for me is necessary help.

I hope that you understand my situation. I do not know, that you think of my letter, but i hope that I have made a correct choice. This your decision.
Darling i hope that my letter will not push away you and you will not throw me in such situation.

To me have told that it will be easy to send this 720 dollars through "western union".You can find the most cloose western union bank to you at www.westernunion.com
I hope to hear from you my dear, i am so nervous
kiss you

Letter 7

My darling Stephen, i was trying to borrow this money from my relatives and friends, but they haven't this extra money to give me, i am so broken with this problem, i was told you that i will come and now i can't come on my own, excuse me please I am very want to see you, but need help
kiss you

Letter 8

Stephen my darling it is really sad that your computer was broken by virus
I am thinking of you all the time and i hope we become together soon
To come to you i need only to buy the ticket, i have all documents now
If you can send me this 720 dollars i will have full summ to buy the ticket
To send this to me you need only to go to the western union office and send it on my name: GLAZDOVSKAYA MARINA
also if you need my adress: Russia, saint petersburg, kirovskaya street 4, flat 12
i will wait your letter my darling
kiss you
yours Marina

Letter 9

Hello to you my darling Stephen!
I am glad to receive your transfer
How are you? I hope you are good my darling, i am ok thinking of yuo all the time and waiting to meet you with great impatience!
I will wait your letter tomorrow my darling thinking of you, wish you a sweet dreams today
kiss you
yours Marina

Letter 10

Stephen my darling, it is really surprised me that you send check, it is afraid for me if it will be stolen
If you was use western union it was much faster
I seen wall-e, panda kung-fu, henkok
thinking of you
kiss you
yours Marina

Letter 11

Stephen my darling, there are no parcel, you sent it to st.petersburg, i wrote to my friend to check for this there are no parcel my darling, because now i am in moscow
Darling Stephen can you block this check you send, and send this money through western union? Because it will be much faster
kiss you

Letter 12

Hello my darling Stephen
To send this to me through western union you need to know my full name: GLAZDOVSKAYA MARINA
my adress in passport: Russia, saint petersburg, kirovskaya street 4, flat 12
Also to me have told that you can send me this transfer through the site www.westernunion.com
I will wait news from you my darling
kiss you

Letter 13

Stephen my darling i was worried that you didn't wrote me for a long time, i am glad to receive your transfer, how are you? I hope you are ok
To receive your transfer i need to know the mtcn number(this code you receive after you send the money), also your full name and adress of western union office
After i will have this information i will be ablr to receive your transfer and will buy the ticket, and will send you all information about my flyght
So i will wait you letter my darling
kiss you