Romance scam letter(s) from Liana Korneeva to Leslie (UK)
Letter 1
Hello, my dear Leslie!!!
How are you? I am ok.
Thank you for your warm,interesting letter,I was happy to receive it and thank you for your interest in me.
I am also very interested in you and I think we can build good relationship together.
I want you to know I am serious and honest person,I am here not for playing games or wasting time,I want to find my true love very much, I promise you I'll always be honest and open-hearted with you.
My English is not bad,I learnt it at the school.
I'll be happy to talk to you over the telephone,you can call me to this phone number +3 8 066 015 25 73,I'll wait for your call impatiently because I am excited to hear your voice,
As for me,I live in the eastern part of Ukraine, in small town Lugansk,
I live with my parents in two-roomed flat of nine-floored house,
My Mom Elena is a technical engineer, my Daddy Victor is a builder, I have no brothers and sisters, only cousins.
I am thankful to my parents for that they brought me up such person as I am now,I love them very much. We are friendly and happy family.
I study at the Pedagogical University and it is my last year of study, in spring I'll get Master Degree in teaching Russian Literature.
I also work as a teacher of Literature at the secondary school,my pupils are 10-13 years old,they are very clever,hard-working and obedient,I like my job very much because I enjoy to give them new knowledge and to get wonderful feedback from them. I think the profession of a teacher is my vocation and even if I had a chance I'd never change my job.
I am looking for my beloved,that man who will love me,take care about me and support and understand me in everything.
As for my hobbies,they are the following:
I like to play tennis and volleyball, unfortunately I don't play very often because I have no much time but I try to look after my figure. I like listening to music very much! I like most of up-to-date music,such as Sting,Madonna,J Lo,Christina Agilera, and I like creating something new in the kitchen, I like to make surprises to my parents...My favorite food is Okroshka, the soup of vegetables, and also I like different fruits and vegetables.
I adore reading books and watching films,most of all comedies and love story films, and I don't mind having a friendly gossip with the girls from my group.
I like to dance, especially modern dances,sometimes I go to the disco with my friends.
I like flowers,my favorite flower is red rose.
I like animals very much,unfortunately I have no any pet but I like cats and dogs very much.
I think it's enough for the first time.
I'm waiting for your next letter with photos and call impatiently.
My tender hugs and kisses,Yana.
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