Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Zagaynova to Peter (New Zealand)

Letter 1

Hello my love Peter. I waited for the moment when I again shall receive from you the letter and there has come this happy moment and I can learn that you think of my previous letter.
And at me the second life of a life has appeared. And I see that my life is not meaningful without you. Tomorrow I would shall call in the Your country embassy what to learn more particularly about the visa. I shall inform about results later. Unfortunately there are no friends which have left for, but I hope that I can learn details itself. I have told about us with you to the girlfriends, they are very glad that I have found the happiness, and that I shall leave to your country Certainly they will miss on me as well as my parents. Already it seems to me that we already so we are close with each other, as if the husband and the wife, only unfortunately, divided in huge distance. But not looking on it we should continue to love each other and to trust each other, you with me agree?
And today I have much more found out that is necessary to us that we were together and I found out full details as we should do make that I might receive the visa and it only all that to me it is necessary to receive my visa.
My aunt have connected with Embassy and there have said to her that it will be better for us with you, if I will have the visa of a tourist. This tourist visa, the visitor visa will valid during six months.
On this type of visa I'll can travel till your country without any restrictions. The price of this visa, as aunt was informed in embassy, is 300 US dollars.
My dearest, in generally I'll need for 466 US dollars. It's certainly large money, you probably have thought what is it more than the total price of the visa and visa's registration, but I will must to get the foreign passport too of course the price of which is 80 US dollars.
Also I will need to pay for medical exams too, it will be 66 dollars. By the way I will try to find the cheaper prices of the air ticket for the fling to you. I want to ask you, what is the nearest airport (name of the airport) from your city? Also, please, tell me about the approximate price of the airplane ticket too, ok? Please, i will need this datas!
My dearest Peter, if you will send me this so necessary funds for this documents, it will be better to do through a system of Western Union, I have interested about this at my relatives. As the relatives have said me, Western Union is the beterest and fast transfer system in the world. Also my love Peter, you will need in some datas from me, you will need my full name, if you remember, Anastasy Zauzolkova, And also the country where it is necessary to do make remittance:
You know, that for registration of all documents as the visa the passport is required to me of 290-300 dollars. I do not know when, but my aunt speaks, that will make the ticket for you more cheaply, but it will be already after I shall receive the visa. Peter I want, that this letter has reached you. As recently I cannot send the letter. Here any problems with a server. Your letters reach me and send the answer to them I cannot. If you are ready to my arrival to you as you write in the letter I allow to you the necessary data that I could receive money from you for the visa. My full name Anastasya Zauzolkova
My country RUSSIA Bank address
NIZHNY NOVGOROD, 603024 If I can receive money tomorrow I shall do the visa on Monday. The visa on time will occupy from 8-10 days as my aunt has told.
My dearest Peter, I want to ask you, when you will sent this recourses 300 dollars, it will be necessary for me, that you must to send me an important information which required at a parcel of money. As Frank said me, it is the control number which consist of 10 digits (Money Transfer Control Number-MTCN).
My love, I understand completely that it's a large money, but to me any more on whom I can to rely and on this I ask you about your help with this charges. My love, we are me and you love each other very much and we will together, simply, I sure in it my darling!!!
I that cannot do with myself, it is love, she sings in me as a bird in the spring sky. I think that it is destiny, it can be dangerous, but I am madly in love with you. Your letters are filled with such heat and care, and at me tears of pleasure sometimes flow. I think " My God, that you have helped me to find thanks of my only thing and I hope that we shall incorporate to you and we shall be happy " I dream of our meeting and about that as we shall walk with you, to keep for hands. As we shall look after one after another and as we shall do love. I love you, I want you, you for ever in my heart, in my ideas. I dream as you will carry me on hands, to embrace me, to kiss and caress my gentle body. It is a pity that it is all dreams and whether it is fated to them to come true the God knows only. I hope soon to see your letter. YOUR NASTYA!!!
Letter 2

Hello my loved Peter!
As your affairs. I very much miss on you. My dear, I very much would like to hear from you very pleasant news, But I should suffer and wait.
I also allow to you flight and flight of the plane. So that I could arrive to you. My aunt has taken care of it so that I could arrive to you with the cheapest cost of the plane, understand Peter, but my aunt will try to do the plane even more cheaply, well? You can see this flight. For 1 ticket: 1050 us. +
In total 1 ticket (a) x (1050,00 c.u. + 124,12 c.u.) = 1174,12 us.
(including gathering)
Flight: Moscow (MOW)-> Oakland (AKL)
Airline: Aeroflot Flight: SU321
Departure: October, 17 2005, 14:40, the Sheremetyevo a/p
Arrival: October, 17 2005, 16:50, Los Angeles Intl
Places: Economy class, places is
<<<<-city of change Los Angeles (LAX)->>>>
Airline: Qantas Airways Flight: QF26
Departure: October, 17 2005, 21:40, Los Angeles Intl
Arrival: October, 19 2005, 06:10, Auckland Intl Arpt
Places: Economy class, places is
Time in a way: 30 h. 30 m. My complete name - Anastasya Zauzolkova
My home address:
Country Russia
city Nizhni Novgorod
Postal index 603000
street BELINSKOGO, 59 apartament 19
I hope, what these data will help you that I could arrive to you, well?
My lovely I very much do not have you near to me, I wait for the moment to be near to you. Ideas about you do not leave my head! And it comes to an end the good arrangement of my spirit! I frequently present, as your lips softly concern my lips!!! We leave this world, and us carries away in eternity! I so love this feeling! This feeling you has presented me! My feelings to you grow with extraordinary force! I so am grateful to destiny, that we had a meeting in the Internet. It has caused to opening in me of new magnificent feelings! And it makes my life, more beautiful and desirable. I think, that you will make me by the happiest woman in the world. I do not have words to express all feelings to you, I so would like to tell you, That I thirst for you and I wish constantly. But I do not know as I shall tell to you it when we shall meet. I would like, that you would caress me gently and tenderly, kissed all my body and lips burning from desire, But I do not know when it will take place. I want to thaw in your embraces as a slice of ice on the hot sun. To whisper to you words of love which would raise ours of flesh, I want to be given you all completely and nothing to leave to myself. I want, that your gentle hands would study all my body and to burn down in them from desire. I know only one you will present me many happiness and love.
Now you may understand me why I do not have patience to wait??????????? I love you you the most tender, loved and desired.
With tenderness Anastasia.
Letter 3

Hello Peter! I do not know, but I seem to me has lost any hope to receive from you the letter. But I do not lose hope that I can see tomorrow your letter. Yours faithfully and hope Anastasia! P.S. My new e-mail! Write!
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