Scam Letter(s) from Kelly David to Carles (Spain)

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Letter 1

Thank you for the message.. How are you today? and how was your day? I hope you had a great one.. Am pretty good . Well it was nice to read from you thanks so much for getting back to me... I am really glad to read from you, its really interesting..It would be really interesting to meet in person.
It would be really nice to see you in person someday.. My name is Kelly David.. I am never married and 28 years old, I was born in los angeles usa.. i want to settle down with the right man for me. I believe life has so much to offer; it really needs to be enjoyed, experienced and lived! - too many people just go through the motions. I like experiencing a wide variety of lives and enjoy both ends of the spectrum on a number of different continuum's. I have lived enough to see the ups and downs of life, but even though I've experienced my fair share of pitfalls, I believe (and others around always tell me as well.

I am a very positive, motivated person and have a good head on my shoulders. That doesn't preclude the fact that I also have an emotional side. I think allowing ourselves to experience our emotions (the most important being the ability to enjoy life, not just live it) is the key to a fulfilling life. I am looking for that Mr. Right who is kind, fun, intelligent and wants a real partner (in all aspects) in her life. I have my own startup business, but I don't let it consume me.
Am into importation and sales of clothing materials for Presently am in West Africa, Nigeria on a business trip. I was awarded a contract by a newly established production factory here. I would be back in about 2weeks or less. I hope this is not a problem?

Don't hesitate to ask me whatever you want to know about me.

Take care of yourself. Write me soon.


Letter 2

My love am not happy at the moment,but your message brought joy and happiness in my heart,i just got back from the shippers office where i want to get my goods ship but on getting there they was an increase in the cost of the shipment.i dont know what to do at the moment cause it cost $1450 to do the shipping and all i have on me is $1100 and i need $350 more so i can pay the shipping the moment am worried.
let me know if there is anyway you can be of help to me.

Besides that am okay my love,thinking about you all day.your name and your thought brightens my day ,i cant wait to jump into your arms.

Get back to me as soon as possible.i have to go run around to see what i can come up with so i can pay for the shipment..if you can help me with any amount kindly let me know.



Letter 3

Do you know any western union around you My Love?

This is the information where you will send the money to..SEND it to the shipping agent


thank you so much my love,am so grateful,i dont know how much i can thank you for this help you are doing for me..

Much Love My Husband
Kelly your Wife

Letter 4

i am getting my payment on 15th of september.

did you get the western union point that i sent to you?

Letter 5

Hello Honey,i just got back from work now,Honey i really need your help urgently,i need to pay some money to participate in the Big Fashion Show here ,and i have to pay it first thing Monday morning ,11am at most or else i will not be able to participate in it
It is a real big opportunity for me to make good morning .i will have the opportunity to Exhibit my fabrics/textiles,that way i can get so much customers to patronize me.
I really need you to Help me with this My love,i Promise to pay back as soon as i get my Payment.

Wow honey you are a fans of Barcelona,Barcelona is my Favourite Team,i love them alot cause i love Ronaldinho,Casillas,Samuel ETO,Puyol,Iniesta,Henry,Deco and so on,
i felt like crying when Deco left for chelsea cause i really like him alot.

wish i was there to watch them play.

I love you so much Honey,you are my Angel.

Your Wife Kelly

Letter 6

Honey i need $1075,

can you afford that?




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