Scam letter(s) from Aminata Mustapha to Mark (USA)

Letter 1

You have received a message from Aminata (Member Id: 2388070)
Dear Sir, Hello Sir and i tell to you that i am more than happy in your reply to my mail. How was your day.Cos' am a little bit okay as for now over here in Dakar Senegal here in West-Africa.Presently i am residing in the Humanitarian Building here in Dakar as a result of the Crises that happened right at my Country then and have been going on Secretly.So please i am still very much single an Dropped out from the Universityl.So please i do want to be free and still myself read. Thanks and please kindly try and get to know that Distant is actually nothing to do or to say ok thanks for love and truth to be and then both can come together and be as one ok. Well,my father was late Mr.Abdul Mustapha the personal adviser to the former head of State in our Country before the rebels attacked our house one fateful early morning got every one Assasinated both my parents. I managed to make my way to nearby country here Senegal where we are leaving now.And full of sorrow and help especially for life and to be loved. However,i would like to know more about you.Your likes and dislikes,your hobbies and what you are doing presently. Can actually discuss and as well for you to get kindly try and help me out in this terrible situation with my Late Fathers inheritance has been Deposited in a finance house. 4.5 Million Dollars.($4.5MILLION) Please am on my kneel begging for your assistance towards my situation, pls i need your full assistance in this matter, as soon as i hear from you i will give you all the details concerning the Transactions, am not writting this mail to scare you away from me, all am saying is what am passing through here. so pls if you are willing to help kindly forward your full contact address for the arrangements of the transactions. please am begging you to keep it secret and confidential between me and you. i will stop here till i here from you. And do not run away from me. Please cos' i am dying here and duly needed you as my partner forever. do not scare me away from your body.take me as your part of your body Thanks till i read from you. It 's me, Aminata Mustapha
Letter 2

Dear Mark,
Thanks for your mail, is a coincidence a lot of African leaders have various money in diffrerent accounts in Africa, Europe, American and islands.
please i will love you to please help me out of this calamities, i hae been in a refugee camp for 2 years now and i was told my status been a refugee cannot claim the money.
Meanwhile how are you?I hope you are fine , please if so thanks be to God.Well my dear i am still single never been married,and also seek for a dear soul mate that will be my gold trophy that i will respect and love and care and give my children , that is my future children .My Dear i am to make future with you , but in all i need your help.
Honey , the help i need from you is my late father deposited money in a Bank in Africa, and the amount is $4.5 million US DOLLAR.
please i need your help to stand as my partner as my trustee so that you can Tell them that you are my nominating partner and that the money is for investment.for me on my behalf , i have wrote to them but the Bank told me that , my status been a refugee status that i need some one to stand for me as my partner to claim the Money from their Bank,
In your ability to assist me please kindly sent to me your Full contact address , Real Name ,Tel/Fax Number and house or company address,so that i can forward it to them your that you will be in good position to claim the money. also sent all the documents that covers the transaction.Please i need your help.This is my future ,my hope and my life.
Thanks and God Bless you ,
hope to hear from you ,
Yours Sincerely,
Aminata Mustapha BANK CONTACT
8, Avenue Leopold S. Senghor
BP 9095 - Dakar, Senegal
Tel+2215837885 / +2215480478
Fax+2218263771 / +2218558483
Email/ or
Letter 3

Dear Mark, I am very glad to hear from you. Once again, thanks for providing me with more information about yourself and I am glad that you have been a helping hand to many people especially for those of us who needs your help. Though I has been thinking so much about safe guarding the fund and making sure that I have the right person to help me for the investment and confident to deal with you. Owing to what happened in UK recently about money laudering, I have been affraid to open up this deal so that I don't loose my fortunes. I want you to keep all our communication very private and confidential while I completing arrangement with the Bank Please, I want you to give me your telephone number and also your fax number, and contact details about your self. i goes to the public internet cafes through the help of Rev father Thomas Galantree. i really need your help and i want to get out of poverty and start a new life and school. i had a dream some days ago and i see a white man helping me to move my late Fathers wealth into a secure account and bank in europe and i see myself leaving a better life.
Please mark am not trying to lure you into marriage please try and understand and help me out of this predicament am going through. I need you to contact the bank as soon as you can to work out the modalities of transfering the Money into your bank account as i always believe on white men as they are true and honest so says the word of my late parents. i will also love to meet you online soon, i will come back to check my mail in 4 hours from now to see if you are online. when i heared from you i will give you the contact information about the bank and the documents that will be used to claim the Money.
Hope to meet you online again Yours sincerely, Ms. Aminata.
Letter 4

Dear Mark,
Thanks also for your mail, i am online now and i dont know how to use the yahoo messanger but i will call the computer operator at the public cafe to help me out now.
am a young self future talent girl and have a promising hope and career ahead of me, am 5.7 tall, i love reading novels and books and my favourite books is Shakespare. i see myself in places in a year from now studying a Degree programme in a University if God permits me.
The address of the Refugee Camp is Rue 29 UNHCR Fann du residence, Dakar, Senegal i will send the picture of myself and i like a good and caring guy, any Height, weight, hair etc.
i like watching Historical movies and hates war films. am a christain and i do have the fear of God.
A lots more i will be telling you as we meet as the Journey of a life time begins one day.
I hope to logg online and meets you soon.
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