Scam letter(s) from Olga Volkova to Tommy (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear. How are you today? I want everything in your life goes well so you can have a good mood every day. I spend a lot of time to write to you, answer your questions and ask something. And our communication is like a dialogue. This is a very special connection, very personal and very important. Nobody can prevent us and it's unique. In one of my first letters to you I have told you about my former husband. And I think that I am ready to tell you about this relationship. When I was 25 I have met Igor, he was a good and merry guy which looked at everything somehow specially. I have already worked in "Trans-Auto" and he was transferred to us to develop our firm. He was born and grown in Habarovsk, but I have never met him before. After study he began to work in Moscow in "Trans-Auto" and in three years he came back to Habarovsk. I have noticed his sympathy and began to make first steps to get closer. We had a very good communication, we have spent much time together. And it seemed to me that we were born for each other. In half a year we began to live together and household problems appeared in relations. These were little scandals and I understood that this is just a family life and in future everything can be changed. In one year we married. It was a very good wedding and my parents were very happy that at last I could build a family. We went to our work together, but we didn't meet often at work because we had different duties and sometimes we even went home separately from each other because one of us had to stay late at work. But in one year our relations got worse and worse every time. I began to notice that I was not the only woman for him. He also met with other women. My friends told me about it, but for me these words were nothing, because I loved Igor very much. Once a girl-trainee came to our firm, she was only 21, she didn't graduate from University yet and she had training in our firm. But in one week she was dismissed from the firm, because our director learnt that she had *** with Igor at the workplace. The director of our firm is my friend; he even was in our wedding and spoke very good toasts, so he was very surprised. When I was told the whole truth I was in shock. I picked up my things and moved to my parents, I couldn't talk with him for about 3 days, I couldn't take myself into my hands. But anyway I could find some powers in me to meet with my husband. We have spoken about 3 hours and I couldn't get a clear answer why he has done it and I took a decision to be separated. Of course it was very painful, but even now I understand that a divorce was the only right decision. In some time Igor went back to Moscow again to the head-office. Our director wanted to inform general management of the firm about this case with him, but I asked that nobody talked about it. Actually I don't want to cause harm to Igor and I don't want him to spoil his life. That's why this case didn't go beyond borders of our office. Now it's already very late and I have to end this mail. I hope that you understand my feelings, because your words are very important to me now. You are my good friend and it's pleasant for me to know your opinion about me.
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