Scam letter(s) from Natalia Kuzyuberdina to Robert (USA)

Letter 1
Dear Robert! I am glad you have answered me back:-) You are a nice man and I will love to get to know you! So that is why I will be looking forward to receiving your longer one to be able to get to know you better and to hear more about your life;-) So as you are interested in me I will try to tell you more of me. I told you that I ahve an elder sister and she has a child, she has a boy who is 8 o'clock. In fact we live together and I often help her with everything! and she helps me as well! I have friends, but of course, there is only one real friend. her name is Tanya and in fact I am sending you my pictures with her. She works at the radio as well. You know she is the one that I may count on. I have already explained you what my work consists on, so today I am sending you many pictures from work. My team is really good and they all like me a lot. I am like activist there and they usually chose me as the representative from our station:-) and I am very proud of that. There are many values in life for me and I do want to meet the man with the common ones! I mean family relationships and respect are very important to me. the ideal of my own family is my parents surely, but of course, I hope I will manage to build even the better one. despite I am quite young I ahve already experienced some things in my life and not so good ones unfortunately, but I will tell you about it later. Also I have many dreams as any person and I may say that I am an ambitious person, but there is one thing that unfortunately I didn't manage to do. The fact is I don't know and don't speak English((( so as you see I am using translation services to translate my letters and also they provide me with the Internet access as I don't have it at home. Of course, I have to pay for these services, but that is very convenient to me and I may communicate with you freely! I am ready to tell you everything about me, but it is kind of impossible to do it at once, so i hope you have enough patience;-) if you have any questions i will be pleased to answer them, so don't worry! I need to go now as it is quite late, but I wish you a nice day and sweet dreams.. hope to hear from you tomorrow. kisses to you,
Letter 2
My dear Robert, I am very pleased to received your letter today and I would like to thank you for this. Thank you really much for letting me know about all things of your life and thanks for your nice words. You are very kind to me and i do appreciate this. You know that i am here for serious relationships and we both met each other for this aim. Our communication is really exciting and I do like it learning you better because you seem to be not like all the men! You already know what experience I had and surely it was very difficult for me to start a new life, but I did that step and now I am with you. I really thought I could have that new and happy life with you because I like you:-) and i think these feelings are common for us. I would even say that I have fallen in love with you, but i think we should be careful with such words... I really feel very good with you and I would be happy you to become the part of my life! You know about my dreams, but you know it is like you have become my dream and I would love to make it come true.... We both could never thought about writing letters, but now I feel like it is so good and it really helped us to get to know each other and even develop all this... But to be honest I am upset because I understand that I won't be able to afford paying for the translation any more. I feel very uncomfortable that it happened this way because I feel guilty now:-( I really don't want to stop our communication and I wish I could be with you..... I don't want to say good-bye but I need to close my letter. I am sorry if i made something wrong, but you will always be in my heart!!! with love,
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