Letter(s) from Oreouwla Williams to Kevin (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Sweetguy,
I'm sorry for the delay in responding to your mail. i so much enjoyed the little chat with we had,but the reason why i left so early was because,i had to go back to work and i was in night duty.anyway,i'm free right now so i decided to write you this mail..I'm really glad to come on here and find your mail waiting for me.i so much appreciate your effort to write me these long mail and I felt touched when i read it.

i live in Bays water,East London,UK..it's really cool and lovely down here but the cost of living is too high.the last time i was there in NC, was about 2 months ago,and it was for my aunt's burial...She was a humanitarian and also a Registered Nurse,she ran an orphanage in Benin Republic in western African....ever heard of it???Anyway,that was what she did before she died of cancer of the lungs,and before she died,she told my mum not to let her dream die,that Mum should try and keep the Orphanage going,it was her wish to help the less privelleged and the needy....she was of the opinion that you dont have to have so much before you can touch lives...She got into it during a war in that region,it was on CNN that people where dying in their mass,children and women where homeless and starving to death,she decided to use her little connection to help lives and even till on her dying bed,it gave her so much joy to be able to affect lives positively.

So mum has been talking about going there to see what she could contribute,not necessarily money,but her time...And she mandated that I go with her,I guess that is very much against my wish..but I have vowed never to argue against my mum to,I dont know may be i should tell you this she is a cancer survivor,and I saw her went through alot of pains....so i cant stand her getting worried,though if i could tell her i wasn't going,i would have love to tell her that right away when she was suggesting the idea.....I was raised to respect my mum and never go against them,and that has greatly affected even my personal relationship with people and also my idea of a relationship.

Really,when I saw the photos of those people,they truelly need help and attention,women and children are homeless and dying of starvation...it is really pathetic,that was when i finally agreed to go with mum. I am so sorry for the inconvenience this might cause this newly found love of ours.I am not sure of what i will meet there...I am sure if there is an internet connection there,or if i can even make an international call from there.but what i know is that I wont stop missing even our little communiucation....believe me,i will greatly understand if you are so disappointed and have to look for somebody else,i can only apologize for the inconvenience this might cause you,i really hope you will understand and bear with me....I will get in touch with you,i dont even know how long i will be gone,but what i know is that i will be gone by sunday these week,i hope to hear from you soon,atleast let me know your stands and what you feel about this. And,I must admit,there are alot of interesting things about you.And i am also enjoying it that as the coomunication proceeds,we are getting to know more things about eachother...That i must say is the true essence of communication.And also for me,getting to know more about eachother is a never ending encounter as the moment you stop to know new things about people either in friendship or courtship,boredoms sets in..i think the awareness that there is always something new to be expected creates a sort of suspense that keeps a relationship alive......It is a good thing you said about yourself,that means,you would really know how to treat a woman and make her feel special...I like your area of specialization aswell and you are doing a great job..you have great goals with a great sense of humor,dont let anything stop you from whom you are,i am very sure,the reward is waiting for you at front because those people you helped out today, mihgt not realise it at these moment but in time comes,they would become a great person in their life and remember whom made them achieve their dreams...,i'm so much glad we both trade in the same area of work..and dont forget the reason why we are doing this which is to make the World a better place,and the youth today are the leaders of tomorrow and that was a quality that makes me even want to get along more with this.I love to accept people the way they are,and not try to make people bend just to suite my interest..that would be egoistic,and for me,even supiriority is a complex. i have had numerous childhood struggles and I am quite a bit of a loner,so i spend my time reading inspirational and motivational materials alot,the best and my favorite book which also happens to be the best seller of all times is the Bible,its like a manual that i guide my life through.

I have a plicy when i was growing up...i went for confession at the church,after i first had sex with my boyfriend of 4 years,that was about eight years ago now....after confessing to the Reverend father...he told me something which remains that still remains very fresh in my memory even till today.....he told me that...........I should pray to God to give me the courage to change things that i can,and the serenrity to accept things that i cant change,and finally also the wisdom to know the difference...That is something that have been working for me greatly.At this junture,i must tell you that i am a very prayerful girl,and would also like to know if you are...and if you are not,i will like to ask you to try the prayer power and see the miracles that it works in ones life...i hope i have not bored you along the line...i attached some pictures with this mail,i hope you like them?May the peace of the Lord be with you,and your household...bye for now great guy.And have a great weekend.