Letter(s) from Julia Polomkina to Rene (Ireland)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Rene!
Many thanks for your letter, I was very glad to receive it as always.

Thanks that has answered my questions, it was very interesting for learning about these things.

Some months ago I took the loan for operation of my uncle, he has a problem with his a foot, he have damaged a foot 2 years ago in a knee joint, the knee cup was displaced aside and has given the complication, now each 3 months my uncle there passes inspection to clinic and watches a condition of the foot. 3 months ago he has transferred operation which cost the big money, we had no so much money, therefore we have been compelled to take the loan in bank, term
of last repayment of a debt for this purpose now approaches. I have no money to pay for it.

It is necessary to pay 500 euros, in 5 days I should give money to bank. I do not know, where I can find this money, I tried to borrow this money at the girlfriends close, but all of them have the families, thus they could not gain me.

My dear, it to eat very awkwardly, but I do not know, that I can make, therefore I address to you for the help if you have possibility to help me to cope with this problem I will be very grateful to you. If you have no possibility, that all right, I will understand it.

I hope that all well with you.

I will look forward your letter.