Letter(s) from Sanya David to Kari (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hello Dear Kari,

My name is Sanya David,i was born in the year 1980 which means am 28 yrs old this very yr. I am a model and i am here in africa nigeria for a modeling competitions which will be over soon,i am mixed,my mum is from india while my dad is from england,i live in the state ,georgia statesboro.And i live alone in the state ,ever since i lost my parent. I dont know if u care to meet me in person.I am single since i found out my ex doesnt have any feelings for me thats he just out there playing games around he doesnt even know that this life is too short for games and that what goes arround will surely comes arround ....Now,iam looking for a new love,relationship (Mr Right) thats the reason you saw my profile on the dating site it was exactly this site that my friend met her husband and thank God they are now happily married.But the kind of man am looking for must be very well responsible,honest,caring,lovely,open minded.As for the type of companion I desire. It is rather simple. Race, ethnicity,not religious or religious believe and physical appearance in general is not problem. My interest is in a good personality and sense of humor for I need someone to lift my spirits. I generally prefer men in any range bcos i believe age its just a number, but am open to any depending upon them i will love to share the intimate side of myself with someone willing to do the same. I hope to find a man that I could possibly have a new life and beginning with when i get back.Am still single Still searching for a man who will make me happy till the end of my life and the man i can spend the rest of my life with.Hope to hear from you soon.


Letter 2

Hello Dear Kari,

Its my very good pleasure to know you and to also know quite so much about you from the little you have said about yourself.i will like to know much more about you.Well i want u to know that i am very new to this internet dating issue ,and i am not here for joke nore for playing games.i am here looking for Mr Right some one who will take very good care of me for the rest of my life ,such as caring ,honest,kind ,loyal,happy and open minded .u are the first and last person i am meeting on this internet.i will like u to take ur profile away from the dating site and let start a new life.I will like to ask u some questions below,and i hope to get your true honesty in the answers :
what do u like in a lady ?

are u a player or for real?

what is ur best sport?

what is ur best sport club?

what do u do for living?

tell me more about urself ?

whats your favorite vacation spot?

whats your favorite color?

do you believe in prolonging youth or aging gracefully?

whats your favorite scent?

how many hours a day do you work?

do you like the beach?

do you prefer warm or cooler weather?

do you like formal dress or casual wear?

whats your best attribute?

Do you ride a bike?

Do u drive cars?

What type of car?

Do you do Yoga?

Do like movies?

Do you like fire places?

Do you like to soak in a hot tub?

Do you have house plants?

What color of roses do you like?

Whats your bad experience in meeting a lady on the Internet.?

Hope to hear back from you soonest.


Letter 3

Hello Dear Kari,

How are you and work,hope all is well with you ? Its my very great pleasure to hear back from you. it really made my days with the lovely email you sent to me and i like the way you answered my questions. I like the honesty with which you told about yourself and i think i like you. I am glad to know that you are nice and you sound it too, I like the way you talked about yourself, and i think you are very interesting too. I am beginning to look forward to meeting and knowing you, so that i can get to learn more about you.

For me,i love arts, everything about arts. I love music as well. i like going to beaches in my Bikini, and sun bathing. I love going to movies, musical concerts and sometime go out for my dinner and i love window shopping. I also love cooking and reading in my leisure times, and most times, i just close my eyes and listen to music, while i reminisce.

And yes, i am also for real, because i dont have time for playing games around, as i think its very awwful when someone hurt another's feelings. After i was hurt, i told myself that i would learn never to hurt or be hurt by any body again, and thats why i am hoping to find a man who appreciates a lady's true, deep feelings, and would make me feel loved, always.

Well, relationship can mean two things: 1) it can mean that we have a connection, which i think exists between two hearts that understand eachother, and merges together. 2) relationship could also mean to be romantically and sexually involved and i think that we could discuss and get to learn more abouit eachother when we get to that level. So, i think at this point, given the amount of time we have e-mail one another, we definitely have a friendship forming based on some external and internal similarities that are developing into a relationship that i hope will bring us a little closer with good intentions, and the potential exists for the relationship to evolve into something more significant.
I've been in several rapports where I was not fully appreciated. At a stage where i thought that my relation was going to end with happily ever after, i was hurt and it really did hurt. I'd like to meet someone who recognizes the little things I do for him and knows how to be appreciative. For instance, if I were to make breakfast in bed or draw a bath for my man,he could thank me by giving me a hug or a kiss. Or perhaps sending me a card or roses for no particular occasion just to tell me 'thank you.' I'm very appreciative of what people do for me and I reward them in my own little ways. To me, they are the little things that mean a great deal to me.
What does it really mean to be affectionate? I love a man who can display his affections, and does not have to conscious of where or how it is to be shown. I like a man who can express his feelings for me anytime and anywhere without having to be shy. And a person who knows how to be affectionate and romantic is a big plus. I love romance.
This may be an odd one, but I've learned that there are many men out there that are set in their ways. They have one way of doing things and are never open to suggestions or advices. Stubborn men are a major turn off for me, because i appreciate being able to share ideas with my man, and getting through dire times together. I like a man who is open to ideas, thoughts, and basically open minded. I think being receptive and this brings about sensitivity as well. A man who is ignorant, mean, and just plain insensitive is difficult to get along with.

I could say that I'm not afraid to display my emotions. I like saying exactly what is in my mind and that includes my feelings, too. I'd like someone who is sensitive and caring. If I'm sad, I'd like for him to be able to comfort me and cheer me up. He doesn't has to do much, but just knowing that he's there solacing me is more than good enough.
Have you ever had someone not stand up for you? I was deeply hurt when someone i once dated wouldn't not stand up for me, even after he told me he loved me. I would never allow someone to hurt my boyfriend or my husband, as i would always stand up for him. One thing i will always do for my man is to protect him.
I would like to meet someone who will be protective of me.
I had never been married, and i hope to get married soonest, and take of my man like he is my world. I dont have any kids of my own right now, and i am hoping to someday make a plan for that with my man. I love being with kids and want kids; at least 1 boy or 1 girl ,i dont know if thats what you like or want ?I like listening to R&B, slows, country, and blues, and sometimes, depending on the occasion, Rap.
Well,i cant wait to hear from you soonest.
I will look forward to your mail.


Letter 4

Goteborg, 416 75


goteborg,415 05



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Letter 5

Hello My Dearest Lovely Sweetheart,

Sweetheart, i want to seek something from you, and i dont know if you can do it for me. I am sorry if you dont like the fact that i am asking this from you. It is just that i felt that i could count on you at this period. All is that i was notified about my internet bills and my hotel bills which is too much here and they told me that i have only 2 days to clear up the bills or else they will disconnect me from internet and i wont be able to browse or check my email again. The bill is 570pounds,i dont know if you can help me out with it to be able to clear the bills, and save myself some embarrassments. I dont have much cash with me right now just because of my lost wallet last week. I am deeply sorry if you are offended that i am asking you this, and if you lend me this money,i promise you that i will pay you back, soon as my work is over.Thanks for your love and care. I love you. yours baby, Love u