Letter(s) from Anna to Tor-Ivar (Norway)

Letter 1

Hello Tor Ivar!!
I am very glad that my wild nature attracted you! I guess we can continue our acquaintance and see if we suit each other:) I'd like our correspondence will be kind of reciting, better questions-answers from both sides:) so please always feel free to ask me anything you want to know about me:) I am new here and not very sure what you'd like to hear from me in the first letter:) I'll just follow my heart and say that it's a very new way of talking for me and very exciting at once! I am a very active lady and love to try new things. Who knows maybe these lines will change all my life! I am a very creative lady and that's why I thought out myself such a funny name, but to say the truth it perfectly suit me:) as I mentioned earlier I study in Pedagogical university, I am hunger to studying and can not wait to become professional and to work in my field, it's soon actually:) I have been trying some work now - writing reviews to books and some articles to little newspapers. I am just in love with books so to me this work is rather enjoyment:) what about you? do you like what you deal with every day?:)) it's so tiring to do work which you hate I guess:) the second my passion is sport - I love to keep myself in very good shape! I often go to the pool and like yoga:) it calms me down greatly:0 are you fond of such things like yoga? meditation maybe?...:) the third my passion is theatre! here we have a volunteering organization where every one can try his own talent:0 this is very great! I can boast with one play I took part it, it was English play " Funny Money"! I enjoyed it very much! it's easier to behave yourself free, to explode your emotions, when you exporting the play gets even new colors, but unfortunately in life everything is much more complicated:( theatre is the place where I have a rest no matter watching or playing. I enjoy different exhibitions, sometimes I attend them by desire, sometimes by my work, great when it is mixed:)) what kind of places you like to attend? what kind of rest do you prefer? I have a dream to see many cultures and countries, but unfortunately it hasn't come true yet:(( maybe your country will be the first foreign place which I see, who knows;) and to intrigue you a little I left the explanation of the nick "feline" for last:)I am a very hot woman! I want to find a man who will be not shy -first! very sexual! who will support all my crazy fantasies! I have never had such a man in my life but want to find him because i am so full of passion, desire that I can't stay alone any more... there must be such a man who will love me... Dear, if we suit I want you love me day and night... everywhere... without break! I like you, but we have to wait a little bit,get know each other...so tell me - are some of my features close to you would you like to have such a wild woman next to you? I'd like to get your photos, dear and to hear more about you. Tell something which would let me know what kind of person you are. Tastes, likes in woman...Hope not too many questions at once:) hope you are such type of man who will never betray a woman... your sexy kitten kisses you very passionately today and looking forward to hearing from you!!!

Letter 2

Hi Tor-Ivar!!
I couldn't wait even 1 day and want to answer your letter now:))) and first of all to comment your photo:)) I WANT TO BE THAT SAUSAGE:))) very delicious photo:) I feel hunger in my belly.... :)))) sure, I don't mind to try a ride on snowmobile and to be your winter Princess:))))I see that my nature doesn't seem crazy for you:)) well, probably it's because you are the same:))) My ex man thought that i am crazy. Firstly because of sex. All my intentions to try something new, to play with him a little caused the phrases - do you want to eat me?? please stop, not so fast...But i am feline! and I like games...I am sorry for such frankness but we couldn't go further than missionary position and he could live without sex week, two weeks. Then I supposed maybe he had another woman?.. or maybe I wasn't interesting to him...? I am a very hot woman, my loving feelings are expressing not only in saying "I love you" 15 times a day, gentle kissing and walking hand in hand ( although this is also wonderful:) All my eyes are sexily seductive, my body wants to be touched by my man...I am expressing my love with mind and body and my man should feel that..my passion exploding might happen anywhere and it's sad when a man is shy or doesn't want to express his feelings for me... maybe he doesn't have them..? then we just go different paths... With my ex we split. If we go like this I'd lose interest to a man at all! it's horrible when you loose your nature, your ideal, your desire and I always stay who I am. And I am here:) without any drop of regret and full of desire starting new relationship:)happy to meet you here really:) What about your experience?...I wish we could be both open to each other:) I feel that I can find in you maturity, the sense of taste, lots of creativity:) God:) it's not so easy to invite me to such open conversations but it's so easy with you:) I'm excited to hear that my appearance makes you hot! Think well and tell me what is the first thing you pay attention when you see a woman for the first time?:)) sorry for testing you, just it says a lot about person and I'm curious about what you think:)) so! don't laugh only, ok? 1)manicure:))2) length of skirt:) or type of cloth:)) 3) breasts/hips:) 4)hair 5) gaze...smile...voice... Honey,pleeeease!! don't answer "everything"!! there should be something which is the closest to you:) also I have a warning! if we are together you will almost have no time for sleeping!! only when I sleep, it's just a little, I'm making you sure:)your feline is really wild - you will feel that, I promise:) baby, there're things which I don't accept: it's cheating and lie. We must give a vow to each other... I do. And you..?Baby, there is something I need to tell you before we go on: unfortunately my English talking and writing skills are absolutely none. I have found a very convenient way out to use the services of translation bureau for translation our correspondence. We have only one person who has access to our letters so you mustn't be worried of confidential our correspondence. For this little time while we talk I have got known more about their order of work and I appreciate it. Of course I don't want it lasts forever and we always talk like that so if we decide to be a couple please be sure that I am ready to start studying foreign language for us and our future. I hope we could come over this little detail at this early stage and continue talking. Now I pay for translation of our letters and photos by myself and hope to be able to cover the fees by myself from now on but if I can't will you split with me?.. please answer sincerely, I will understand in any case, just I need to know if our link is cut depending on my financial situation... On this asking note I want to close my letter. Please baby think very well before answering to me, this is very important,ok? your feline lady has one fear and I guess I can let you into a secret... I am afraid to fall in love with wrong person, to give him all myself but who can leave me any time....I hope your answer will be "yes" to our union because I want to try our luck with you:)) I am waiting for your reply with a great impatience and today I am also sending you another photos - hope you like them as previous ones and you will read in my eyes that huge wave of passion which I feel toward you... Waiting for your reply. Many sweet kisses from your wild kitten....MEOW-MEOW!

Letter 3

My sweet Tor-Ivar!!!
Thank you for your exciting message!!!! there are no any borders between us!! Sweet, I am absolutely sure you know how to satisfy a your crazy feline! the most exciting place where I made love???? I have many dreams and seems found a great man who i can realize them all with! i told you about my crazy ex! We couldn't use even bed variant normally! God, how happy I am that can remember it as my terrible past!! Tor-Ivar,when I dreamed about my special man I always tried to imagine - how can it be: will we fall in love?... when we come to sex life will we try everything and get tired from each other?? I didn't know! Now talking to you... you and me are burning with such a huge flame on passion... i desire you more and more... It's difficult for me to imagine being next to you seeing you and staying for several hours without sex!! I guess that we will get more and more from it and each time will be even more desirable than previous one... I am happy to hear that you heart is free for me... mine is already taken by you already:))) and this is your choice what will you do with it!!... I couldn't imagine that being in love is so amazing!!!! ...I still can not stop looking at your pics... my belly is tickling.....it wants to be touched by you....I want to make pleasant surprises for you, just feel happy happiness of laying in your arms and sleeping hearing your breathing. God, I am so excited that almost forgot to give a compliments to your boat:) I can see that it's strong enough to stand our passionate games:))))) for our boat trip we won't take any cloth:))))I bet everything I am saying now is a mess!.. I am just falling in love with you baby!!! and I want to be with you....And if you want the same - may I consider us as a couple?? I really hope so.. I'm sure these days you were thinking of me more than about just a woman... hope I have become closer to you, just as close as you have become to me... I thank you deeply for your understanding and for staying with me in any time....I will be waiting for your letter tomorrow. baby, I couldn't wait to please you with my pictures and here they are:)) I hope you will be having lots of hot dreams about us tonight... i will have.... it goes one more pleasant sleepless night without you but with my sweetest and hottest dreams about you my sexy boy! your photos will lay on my naked chest........Many sweetest kisses from you wild kitten:)

Letter 4

My sweet and dear Tor-Ivar,
your words have changed all my life!!..... this is all real and never ever before I was so sure in my decision.I know that you are the only one right man for me!
I am so much in love! but to my huge sad I have no fees to refresh my translation account.
The bureau which I use gives a great help for me as far as I am helped with PC services too, I have no my own PC and Internet access. But unfortunately I can not afford it any more...
I hate that the money solves so much in this cruel world..... and I hate to say good bye...
please find a way out and save us.....I love you.....
forever yours,

Letter 5

Dear Tor-Ivar,

we are the translation bureau which provides the services for Miss Ann.
Unfortunately her account has expired and she can not afford to refresh it.
Miss Ann doesn't want to loose the contact with you. If you want to keep in touch with her we can suggest you to help her with the covering her translation account.


- We always check identity of all ladies who wish to be our customers.

- We never allow women to ask money for medical treatments for relatives or pets!

- We always decline the translations with proposals to send the money for air tickets!

All the money will be spent only for translations and in the end of every translation period you will receive a financial report of all your correspondence with the lady so you could check it yourself.

If you are interested please let us know and we will inform you about our prices,order of work and way of payment. For this price we provide computer services ( printing/scanning all your letters and photos) and translation letters into English -Russian, receiving your mails and sending Ann's mails to you. Our prices and services are more than reasonable. You pay for the quality and efficiency. We guarantee you full confidential, timeliness and high quality of translation.Our translators are high qualified specialists with big working experience. The access to your correspondence has only one translator who supports your constant correspondence. We will be glad to assistant you in your relations and waiting for your answer. For any questions please write to
argus_translation@ukr.net . We will be glad to provide you our services. Thank you for the response.

Manager of "Argus Translation"
Olesya Kiryuhina