Letter(s) from Rebecca Jenny to Roger (United Kingdom)

Letter 1

Thanks for your lovely email.
I am very happy i found you.Well its a pity we are far away from eachother but we can still start up with something good and if God wants it the way we both wish we could endup having children for eachother and be together for the rest of our life .....Myself I am looking for a responsible man like you who will not gilt me or deceive me like others did.

As we all know dating starts up somewhere and some ends up in a very good way while some dint but i pray we shall both end up in a very good way we will never forget. We shall be celebrating the day we met as this would let us love each other more and morest of our lives.

I have had many experiences with men of todays world many of which is a bad and bitter experience but i just have the feelings that you care for me and wouldn't want to make me cry and feel bad at any moment of my life.Well i just thought we could endup for good anyway,
But idont mind if you can pls tell me more about yourself,
nice to meet you
Thank You
Rebecca Jenny is my real name

Letter 2

Thanks for the mail My King Roger
I am very much glad to read your mail...You really make me feel so good..I couldnt belive there is true love again after all i have went thru Roger..You really sound good to me and i would love to give your my heart and soul...ONLY if i am not ganna get heart...when i read your mail i started crying becos i couldnt belive its....all i need is a man that i can give my heart and soul...I really need a commited relationship...I hate playing Games...I would love you forever more if that what you want Roger..I am the best to talk of true love...I really want to relocate as well....i want to leave the usa...Becos i lost my mum already...so i want to get married and start a new life with what she leave here for me in the state..I cant do this all alone that why i need a true love.....But i really need to asked you some honey...

1)If I got down on my knees and I pleaded with you, if I crossed a million oceans just to be with you, Would you ever let me down?

2)If I climbed the highest mountain just to hold you tight, if I said that I would love you every single night, Would you ever let me down?

3)If I swam the longest river just to call your name, if I said the way I feel for you would never change, Would you ever fool around?

Letter 3

Thanks for the mail my KING
How are you doing today i hope everything is okay with you well i just thought i should say hello to you..My love...to be honest with you..The best place to be in this world is by yourside..you are the best..you make me feel the way i never feel for a long time now..I just hope this is for real...becos i know We live far apart And have never met.Just to send each other mails and tell ourself how we both feel for one another...But Yet, I feel for you As I've not felt This love is so strong My heart may melt..I want to hold you To never let go
Be together forever And feel the love grow.I'm trying to show
The way that I feel Yet words can't describe
This love is so real...so my love..i am giving you everything now..I just hope you will never hurt me as you promise me

Honey...the only i like in my is someone honest with me..I hate lies.
And yes i would love to come and live with you that will be better honet...i love that too..But i have some problem to fixed before i can leave here..And i cant do this all alone...i am so scared not to loose what my mum gave to me before she passaway..and after i got all this fixed that will be the main reason why i really wanna leave here to be with forever and ever..and would love to be the mother of your kids aswell..I love you.....
I hope to hear from you soon
i am all yous honey..
please take a good care of yourself for me
bye for now my love
love you sweet kisses now

Letter 4

Gooday my King..
How are you doing today I hope everything is okay with you well i just thought i should i said hello to you..i am very much sad i never hear from you today..I was just wondering why..Or maybe you dont trust me..or you dont belive in what i told you about my mum...I just dont understand..If you dont wanna talk to me again i will understand..But i still care and love you so much..
bye for now
yours ever

Letter 5

Hello my king..
Thanks for the mail..its really nice to hear from you again...How are you doing I hope everything is okay with you well ..My love I understand what you mean and what you passing thru my love..I just want to make sure we dont loose each other becos you really seems to be a nice man to me..And that why i have been honest with you as well...You mean so much to me...I never thought i could meet a honest man like you..Remember i told you i was hurt so many times honey..And remember I told you all i am looking for is a man that i can give my heart and soul...now i am all yours there is nothing to be worried about my love..Now tell me how which one of this proparty do you want us to keep and which one do you want us to sell for us to get some money as well??...
My love all i need is to get the Document sign..and it will cost me 1650ero My love...and i am ganna need you fix number to send you the house and other stuff Document for you to get it keep for us...then we could plan to meet soon my love that my plan ,,we could be together forever..please dont forget honey i am ganna pay you back this money..becos i know you needed some money as well..we think of what to sell out of all those proparty for us to have some money as well....I love you..all i ever want is I really wish that you were near me, and when I needed help, you would appear and help me. I want to do the same for you too. However, knowing that you love me so much is enough and if I can be your wife and your children's Mother then this would make me proud for the next 50 or 60 years. Remember, you need to take care of ourself for 80 or 100 years lol and so you've got to take good care of yourself to do that you're the only one that I want.my only king
I love you and i hope to hear from you soon
yours ever rebecca

Letter 6

Godmorning my King...
How are you doing today I hope eveyrthing is kay with you well i just thought i should say hello to you my love..I was so sad i never hear from you for couple of days now...I just hope everything is okay with you my love..please i will need the name of the airprt close to you so that i can get the ticket booked also my love...please reply me if you have any doubt about me..
bye for now.
from you your baby gril rebecca