Letter(s) from Diana Duncan to S. V. (Australia)

Letter 1

Hi Honey
How are you doing today?How is your work(job) and things in general?Hope all is going on well.Hope you did enjoy reading about me,it's nice hearing back from you.I seem looking forward to a partner to be with for the rest of my life.I'm yet to find someone on the online dating network.It all seems like i'm not so lucky on the online dating thing.So tell me more about yourself,you sound like a fun loving person whom i would love to be with.Pls tell me more about yourself,did you met anyone yet on the online dating network?Pls tell me ok,i would wanna know about you and your experience ok.Be sincere and honest with me ok so things can work out fine.I would wanna get to know more about what you are interested in.Bye for now,take care and have a nice time.Awaiting your reply.

Letter 2

Its nice to hear back from you and taking time to read all you had in there to let me know more about you.... I really enjoyed reading through your email. It's really nice to hear from you and to know that u really find me attractive and wanting.I would Love to tell you a a whole lots about myself ... I am Diana Duncan ,29 yrs old.and 5;'7''ft, 130lbhs.single lady seeking for the right person to share my life with.. I don't believe in age barriers though.. age is just a number,I believe what matters most is what we can hold for each other in our heart, once love exists in our heart....I am emotional and passionate, open and kind, very serious about life. I have great sense of humor and I adore smiling.I am a good hostess, kind and communicable person, with good sense of humor, but have serious attitude to life, very vulnerable, also I am reliable, responsible and careful. I do not use make up, I always prefer natural beauty. I like sun, the sea and the beach. In the future I would like to have 2 children (a boy and a girl).
I am looking for a man that can wipe my tears away, a man that I can lean on , someone that will be there for me and treat me with so much ,love , respect and care.. Someone that will be my future husband, I am not in here for games, I also do believe this is what you want. I understand how you feel but I will be very happy if you can give me try in this cos I will surely come to you and start a new life and If you can get me out I have a Big suprise for you and I will surely keep my word to you, I need a man like you and I know you might have heard alots about this, but please safe my life and soul so my body can be in your hand and I can be home soon with you once I get myself sorted.
I am from a Ukrainian background. My father was born and brought up in Ukraine.. My Parent's is from New York in Bronx, United states,I lost my dad when I was just barely 5 years old.. I and my elder brother and mom relocated to the states when we were having some difficulties with my fathers family shortly after his death..I lost my mom 6years ago and had to live with my grandparents.. who died an unfortunate death in the Hurricane Katrina event that happened in 2005. Presently I live alone and have no family of my own and no relatives...I joined the online activities in search for someone to be a friend with and definitely with more knowledge of each other and finding some interest in each other too?grow into a serious relationship and from there marriage.Just that my heart is on fire at the moment.

Letter 3

I find it diifucult to fall in love again.Can you imagine kind of bullshit I end up in.. Have been stranded over 4 weeks and some few days now in hell western part of africa by a ass guy from Nigeria who blow dust on my eyes. I cried all day here .I m orpahn.I lost both parent. My only brother I depend on he's is into drugs life been adicted to it, he doesnt care about me, Sometime in life i feel like committing sucide cos my heart has been burned. I really need a trustworthy guy.....Who can be considerate with me..please i really need your help out of here.
I have always wanted to meet someone like you with so much care and respect for woman feelings....Right now I am stucked in Africa due to some probelm.Well it all happened like this..I met a guy called Segun in Florida West Palm Beach and he's from Nigeria in Africa, he came for a degree in Florida when i met him and fell in love with him and when he returned to his country he asked me to come and see him and know his Relativies .So i gathered some money and got myself a round trip ticket,when I got down To Nigeria he turned out to be a robber he stole my money and jewelries before I wake up in the next day.
Now the hotel am staying siezed my return ticket and all my document cos i dont have money to pay up the hotel bill that's why i'm stranded here.And now i'm oweing the Hotel $450 I will be very happy and grateful if you can help me with the hotel bill so that i can get back all my belonging and return and come back to the states .Please kindly help me out of here..I'm not just looking for financial support only,I'm looking for something meaningful and lasting and I believe this is what your looking for, don't hesitate to help me with the hotel bill, so I can leave here and come back to the states and we can meet eachother. I would love to meet you as soon as I got The Bill Paid ,I will be very much happy to hear back from you if you can give me a chance to help me out of here and i promise you will never Regret helping me .I know it not easy to send money to someone you haven,t met but i want to assure you i,m for real and i will never hurt you even though i havent meet you in person,I really need your help out to get through this mess and I'm so inconvinence in africa.i can't wait to see you and have my life been with you..I need you in my life and I want to hold you until death do us apart.You have been everything have been thinking off.Sweety i can't wait to hold you and have life with you...I really need your help out and save my soul from this mess..I promise you that you won't regret of helping me and having me in your heart.If you don't believe me.Don't help me with your money bcoz i need man of trust.I do not care about Your money.I do not care about wealth.Bcoz am not after Your Money.But if you believe me and have faith in me and hoping there's purpose of both of us to found each other on here.I will be happy and be the most happiest woman to have you and make your life turn around and give you love and show you how much loving and caring person i am.I really need your help out.How can I tell you what I'm feeling when sometimes, I don't even understand myself? I wish things were perfectly wonderful between us, But we're going to have to work at it to make them that way. I do believe we have so much to build on.What words can describe the sweetest, most beautiful part of my life? You are my certainty, my comfort and hope, without you I would be lost. I know we have our ups and downs but if you'll let me, in the rest of the time we have.Sweety let me know when you are helping me.I know times have been rough and things have been said but I hope deep down you know how much you truly mean to me. It's hard not having you around and things in my life have been stressful and I've taken my bad days out on you, but please know that you mean the world to me and I love you with every beat of my heart. I squeeze my bear at night wishing you were there to hold me and kiss me goodnight. Please have faith in us that we can make it through anything, together forever and always..Sweety don't have the believe that you are helping me bcoz you wanna make love to me.Help me out bcoz you believe,trust and and also love me.I hope to hear from you real soon..thinking about you.Have a Great day.Cheers

Letter 4

I have reported the case to the american embassy here in nigeria,and they have promised to give me back a new american passport.But The problem now at hand is that,am unable to pay for the hotel bills,for that,the manager seized my return air ticket to fly back to the states,loggages and my personal belongings and he has been on my neck to pay him his hotel bills because of that, would not allow me go out of the premises even for a second. please try to help me out of here , i know money is not easy to get and i know that you work hard for your money , so tell me what ar you doing right now , i am really so lonely and luck up here in the hotel room , i promise that if you help me out you are not going to regreat it all i need right now is $450 to get out of here . honey please try your prosible best to get me out of here .you dont know what i am going through over here , i am really so lonely , and i harldy eat over here honey , please try to understand what i am going through .i will be hoping to hear from you soon

diana duncan

Letter 5

Hello honey
honey , right now my late dad friend just send me a mail and he told me that he will be able to help me out of here but right now he is out of the state , and i dont know if you can help me cash out the cheque , it will be in your name honey , right now my late dad friend dose not have cash on him that why , so tell me ill you be able to cash the money out for me ,if yes honey i will be needing this information from you ,

your full name
your home address
your zip code
your state ,
your city .
your phone number

honey ones you send me this information the cheque will be send to you and ones you get the cheque honey , you go and cash it . but you will have to deposite the cheque ? and ones it clear honey , you send the money through western union , so that i can pay my bills and get out of here , i will be hoping to hear from you soon and i am doing this out of trust .i trust you that why i am doing this , i really need you and i belive in love and i know that we both love each other , i will be hoping to hear from you soon
diana duncan