Scam letter(s) from Natalia Poby to Pete (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello, faraway stranger,
Thank you for your attention.... and for your message. It was pleasant surprise to get the letter from you. Thank you. It is really difficult through thousand of profiles in Internet to choose right one.... Telling the truth, from your profile you seem to me person who knows who he want with serious intention, I really hope I am right :) You know, the main features I look and I appreciate in man is honesty, kindness and fidelity. And I'm glad that you and me have opportunity now to get to know each other better... When Fate gives you a chance, it must be used.... because second time you may not have it... do you agree with that?
Well, you must be want to know more about me. My name is Nataly, I'm 24, my birthday is on 26 of March. I'm the only child in family, now I live with my the very east of Ukraine, in Lygansk.
As for my family, we have wonderful family, we are very close.... but I feel necessity to have my own family, I need someone to share my tenderness with.... to take care of....
to make dinners for, to have a cup a cup of coffee with...
In my country, I tried serious relationship... and it made me hurt...
I was betrayed... I do not like to remind that story at present, but may be one day I will tell you.... It was so difficult for me to go through that moments of life.... and may be that is why I decided to try Internet dating.... I have lots of love to share...
but I still didn't meet HIM.... who knows what Internet has prepared for me....
Tell me, what do you think about your future family?
Do you need it? How do you imagine it?
I'm still student, I study Economy, I will finish it in a year. But also I have work, it is not big salary, but at list something. I work as a manager in sailing company.
I study some English, I like it very much!!!
I like nature... I like children.... I like to listen to Madonna, Sting, Scorpions.... I like to read books....
Dear, tell me please more about you? What is your full name?
where do you work, if it is not secret :) What are you looking in Internet? How do you imagine our future relationship?
Are you looking for long correspondence or you need meeting?
I'm really glad to talk to you, I feel so good .... thank you for that :)
I wait for your response impatiently.... Nataly
Letter 2
Thank you for your cordial letter.......and for your attention....
You know, that the only word that comes now into my mind now? It is....amazing!!!! Internet is amazing thing!!
Don't you agree?? You never knows what can happen to you...
For example, I didn't know week ago that I can meet you :)
But I'm glad to read your letter now and to write you reply!
It is very unusual ... we are two different people, from two different countries, with two different cultures, we never met, we never communicate before but we are talking now like two old friends ....and who knows what is waiting for us tomorrow...
may be even unbelievable and indescribable happy future is ready for you and me....together.... who knows...
May be such words are too much for the second letter but I want to tell you that I have very serious intentions, and I do not want to play Internet games...
writing long letters for years...
I think the best way for people to discover each other is meeting?
Do you agree? What do you think about meeting?
I want to have my own family, I want to have someone to whom I can give all my love I have.
I decided to try Internet, because most of men of my age are not ready to commitment, they are looking just for fun. And I liked you first of all because from your letter and profile you seem to be person who knows what he is looking for. I hope I am not wrong....
Please, tell me are you looking for serious relationship???
Are you honest person??? Serious???
You now, I think only letters can not give us real possibility to discover each other.... Yes, it gives a lot... our correspondence, but if you are also looking for serious relationship, then meeting will be the best way for us to discover each other. I want to prove you that I'm honest girl and I'm very serious about relationship, I'm tired of games, silly promises, and meaningless words....
and I'm ready even to risk and to travel,to find out whether we are real couple.... whether we are made for each other....
Or you can come to my country, or we can meet in any place you prefer.
But of course, first of all, I have to be sure in your serious intention...
What if we are given chance.... and what if this meeting in Internet is not just occasion.... do you believe in simple occasions? I think everything is destined to happen....
I have to finish, as my time is almost over, I write from Internet club, as I do not have computer at home. I usually come hear in morning, or in lunch break to write you.
I really do not know why I responded you, but it was like a lightning in my heart...something warm and tender and I thought,may be this is my fate and I
should try?
.....your always...
Letter 3
Honey, here is my mobile number for you: + 38 063 216 23 05
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