Letter(s) from Marina to Allister (England)

Letter 1

Hello Allister! I am glad that you have answered me my message. When I have read your letter, at all have not believed the eyes. I heard much, that people get acquainted through the Internet, but never could think, that I can participate in it itself. I do not know that from it it to turn out, in fact I in the first communicate with the man on the Internet, but I hope for good friendship and attitudes. Thanks you huge, that you have allocated me from many girls, wishing to find to yourself the friend on correspondence. Likely at me a low self-estimation (as my girlfriend speaks) and I do not believe in myself, in the forces and in the appeal.

As you already know my name Marina. To me of 26 years. I live in the city of Volzhsk. My birthday on October, 18th. Volzhsk - not so big, but very beautiful city. Its population already approximately 500 thousand persons. And every day this city all becomes more beautiful and more beautiful. I am glad, that I have a possibility to live in such city. I was trained at Pedagogical State University of the city of Volzhsk. University in which I studied, to me have much given the information and good formation. It is very interesting to me to know about your city where do you live? You seem to me that the interesting person, and it is pleasant for me to write to you this letter. Tell why you in general search new acquaintances through the Internet? I have no house a computer, but I use services the Internet of cafe that we could write the friend from the friend to the letter every day.

I send you the photo and I ask you to send yours because I very much would like to introduce for myself the person with whom I shall have the further attitudes. I think it will be more correct. And you as think? On it I finish the letter and I shall look forward to hearing from you. Good-bye! Marina.

Letter 2

Hello my loved Allister!!! You my angel and a ray of light in my dark empire. Today to me it was sad all the day long, I thought of you about our meeting there in the COUNTRY with your relatives. Every day to me to become not on itself, to me it is bad without you and without your embraces. My heart is filled with pleasure and delight when I think of us. Yesterday at night I thought of us. We carry out with you the happiest minutes of a life. You give to me an ardent kiss. Tenderness of eyes, tender touch fingers, an easy touch lips. The sight full by something inexplicable and clear without words which speaks the greater, than damp lips can whisper. The words broken in impulses between breaths, the excited words about feelings. Tears, tears with happiness, that you beside, that I under your protection. Tears from small separations, loneliness when you are not present a beside and I do not hear your voice and I do not see your fine body. Sensation, that I all only yours, and only you know my small secrets, Only you feel, how I am shuddered with your kisses. Sweet groans, loud shouts, uncontrollable sounds. Damp curls of hair on a neck, trembling in the legs, the become frequent pulse. Your strong hands compressing my waist and not giving to coil from the overflowed wave of pleasure. Pride from what I with you beside, and you near to me. Anxiety to your health, day, work, your native, friends. The pain from what not all in a life can be eternal, but that happened, these instants will remember all life. All this : It also is love.

I day by day dream of our meeting. I think, that my dream to be carried out soon and I shall see you, as soon as possible. My lovely Allister, I very much hope that we soon shall meet, I of this desire live and I breathe. If she will be gone, I shall cease to breathe! I shall wait from you for a prompt reply. Millions embraces to you from me!!! For ever yours Marina!

Letter 3

Hello my beloved Allister! I am fantastic glad to receive from you the letter. I have lead today good day. At me since the morning good and cheerful mood. And at me good news. I hope that you too will be pleased with them. My lovely I today has learned from the girlfriend about agency of travel. Should me make all documents in very short term as I was explained by the girlfriend. My girlfriend about this agency has learned through the newspaper. My fine I has remembered the address of agency of travel, and tomorrow in the morning or during the lunchtime, I shall go travel agency and I learn all. Then I shall write to you, that to me have told in agency. OK? There is, it not so difficultly to make as she said, the main thing all to do correctly. I have holiday very much, very soon. I should descend simply to fill in some documents on work and then I can arrive to you. To an extreme measure to me so have told on work when I last time there was. I want to go down as soon as possible from a gangway of the plane at you at the airport. With you to embrace and kiss you as it is possible more gently and is more sweet. My lovely, you know the airport which to be not far from you? It can be necessary for me and such information tomorrow when I shall be in travel agency. I want to appear in your embraces and to not be separated from you when. I am ready to make such big step in my life how to arrive to you. I am confident that this step will change my and your life on always! Because we with you when we do not leave. I believe in you and in ours with you of the attitude. I want to know what at you now weather, how many degrees? What would I know that to me to take with myself, what things or can still that be still? Write to me, I very strongly miss on you! Kiss much! Good-bye, my charm!