Scam letter(s) from Alevtina Krylova to Victor (Mexico)

Letter 1
Hello Victor!!!!!! I am glad that I can to learn you better. I badly understand in the internet but I hope that have correctly attached a photo and you receive it. I hope that you will respond sincerely on my questions. I as shall respond on yours. Victor you very interesting to me and I want to learn much about you. I do not want to hasten with our acquaintance. I search for serious relations, instead of game. I hope that you will not play with me. I love sincerity and the truth. Only sincerity and love can create present mutual understanding and make the man and the woman happy. I so think. Are you, Victor?
My name is Alya. To me of 27 years and I am lonely. I was never married. I shall tell about myself more. I live in city Sernur, in Russian Federation.
Population of our city 20000 person. I work at school, teacher. I studied English in college. I well talk but at me a problem with grammar. But I hope that you understand me. I live together with mother in one house. I have grandmother who lives in a village. I make morning exercises, I like to run in morning.
At me have all, but I not have love. I feel myself alone. There is no man with who I can be happy. And I have decided to meet the love in Internet.
You have liked me very much and I believe in that that at us the big future. When I shall be sure in it I think that we shall meet. Victor, I would want that you have answered my questions. What you search in the woman? What characteristics and what requirements at you to women? I like to you? I shall wait for your letter. I hope that you will answer soon and I shall receive your answers. I wait...... Your new girlfriend Alya.
Letter 2
Salut, c'est etrange, mais je n'ai pas recu votre lettre aujourd'hui, je comptais que je recevrai cela, mais vous ne m'avez pas ecrit. Pourquoi ? J'ai offense
De vous que cela ? Ou je ne vous ai pas plu ? Vous ne voulez pas communiquer avec moi ? J'attends votre reponse, j'espere que vous me repondrez bientot.
Vos Alya
Letter 3
Good evening, or morning? Victor!!!!!!! Victor I am glad to receive your letter. You know a difference in time between us? I think that it big. I am glad that I am interesting to you and that you respond on my letter. I am glad that we can to learn one another better. At me it is a lot of questions to you but I shall not ask all at once because you can not have enough time to answer them. I with pleasure shall answer all your questions and if you that that interests that ask.
About my work. The trade of the tutor always remains in a shadow, a trade of teachers from the big letter - teachers. And meanwhile tutors are not simply teachers. They should be both physicians, and actors, both artists, and composers, both poets, and the god knows whom else. In fact business to which they have devoted all life education of children. Education of children - demands not only knowledge, but also talent. And consequently it is very important, that work of tutors, their contribution to business of development of young persons, the future members of our society, received a due estimation. I began a nurse, but I knew that it not mine and I have understood. I shall tell as it was. I wrote down everything, that saw and heard, in the not the big notebook, and through a floor of year have approached to the head: “ I have a pedagogical education and, I think, there is a calling to bring up children”. Director has told: “ it is Good, let's try ”. Very much to like me our director, very clever woman, and about it speak good a life of things much. Well here my records also were useful.
About a week me training, a week later I began to teach independently. Now I am engaged in the general development of children from a year up to three. Certainly, there is a program of development, the plan of employment, but I done not held down with rigid frameworks of plans. There is an open space for creativity. It happens, we with children are closed and simply we forget about mums! And somehow before a lesson I have turned away to take a toy, I turn - before me 3 small kids, which on one and a half year sit. They came, have found the places, have sat down and waited for me!:) From adults sometimes such to not wait. It is pleasant to see,when at your pupils all turns out! We had a girl whom mum has given birth before term. The girl lagged behind in development. Went, keeping one hand for mum.
We have agreed, that we shall do some steps without a hand. As I was happy, when have seen mum sitting on a sofa, and a daughter facing to a mirror - she is cunning!
In it there is also my merit! I LOVE the LIFE AND I CONCERN TO ALL WITH FEELING of the DEBT, And the BIG CARE. In fact once to me all this experience useful-at education of children. I very much love children. Children it is flowers of a life. When you look in their pure kind eyes on a soul it becomes easier. I like to look at that as they cheerfully play. Very much it is healthy to listen that they speak. Especially I like to look at the small child when he sleeps. It is simply wonderful. It as a small angel. It would be desirable to sit down simply and easier to look at him. On it a small floret of a life. I want the children in the future.
As well as any woman I want the family. I want children. I want wonderful family. I wish to do a cosiness in the house. I wish to bring up the children.
I wish to create a home and as the woman to keep it and to protect. For me the main thing family. Career on work it is good, but if becomes Question between family and work, my choice family. I want that with me respected and appreciated. Loved such what I is. And when there is a love. Then all will be good.
Love it very much greater force. Force which can change and rescue the world. If people love each other they can make all of that will want. You agree with me?
When I receive your letters, on mine the face a bright and kind smile. I want that you wrote big letters. I wish to learn you even better. I wish to learn about your childhood. About your dreams, desires. Tell your purposes on the future. What do you wish to achieve? Some men not validly concern to women.
Especially when when the man it is *****. Such person does awful acts. Do not give to itself of the report in the actions. The woman for such person means nothing. For such person nothing means the small child. Even if his this child. He can strike the woman or beat. There are even sober men do not respect with women. Speak bad words. I do not want to speak on this theme. To me it very much is not pleasant...
As I already spoke I live with mum and I do not have brother or the sister. I the only child in my family. The father at me is not present... He has left from us when I was very small. I remember him not much. Sober he was the good person but when he will drink... I do not wish to recollect the past. But I wish to tell to you about my family it is as much as possible. My mum very strong person. She has brought up me one. The grandmother certainly helped.
The grandfather has died. I remember him, strong and beautiful the man... Why my father was not such?... Even in an old age he could bend horseshoes.
He was very strong, but very good. He has never struck the grandmother. When I lived in village, he drove me in a wood behind mushrooms and berries. Made to me toys of a tree. Certainly sometimes happened that he will drink after work. But when he came home he sorry about the grandmother and went to bed.
I remember he drive me in the car. It was the big old lorry. On road to village we have stopped on a meadow. All meadow was in flowers. Them was much.
And he has told to me go run about the grand daughter among flowers and collect to the grandmother a bouquet of flowers. But then the grandfather has died... My mum very good person. I wish to be similar to her. To be strong and independent.
Victor I shall tell more about myself. My growth of 172 centimeters or 5'7. Weight of 54 kgs (120 lbs). Volume of a body 95-63-97. It in centimeters.
I do not know as to tell in your units of measure. I want I shall meet person with which is happy all stayed life. It is very difficult to go on this life to one. Correctly, Victor better when you go with whom that and you feel his love, passion, kisses. Support. You agree with me, Victor I like to make massage, I like cooking, is simple adore to make various dishes. To this I was learned by my grandmother. Her name is Evgeniya. To her 74 years but she very vigorous.
I like to make photos. Basically my girlfriend helps me to make them. I travelled only once to of Greece. You know where it? There it was very good.
I love water. Lakes, the rivers. I adore when the cool wind caress legs, the body and blows in me. You like to float? You fished? I tried once but at me have failed anything to catch. Victor, I want to learn still as I hope that you will answer and these questions sincerely and is serious. I like to joke and I have sense of humor. But I think that that that sometimes is necessary to make seriously. What for you the main thing in life? Work? Love? Beloved?
Entertainments? Rest? Rest with the beloved? I shall be happy when I shall be together with the beloved and when I can make his happy. And you? I wait for your answer. Very much I wait......... Alya
Letter 4

Salut mon ami Victor!
Je suis ravie a mos message Victor. Je suis ravie quand je les recois et je sourris. Je suis contente que vous connais et chaque foi je sache plus de vous. Je voudrais vous savoir plus.
The last two books I read are called,"The Metaphysics of Rumi" & "A Princely Impostor" and others,including my books. I have a long list of books to read.
I also love camping (most beloved hobby),meditating,yoga and exercises,listening to music, dining out and visiting cafes during weekend mornings,watching movies,solving puzzles and math problems,reading from my wide personal collection of books.[The most striking features of my apartment are lines of shelves with books,sunny,airy with lots of windows and an uncluttered open space].I believe one should not take life too seriously. So enjoying life and making others laugh are part of my life patterns. I love writer Mark Tvena at him very interesting books.
At least, I can already tell about one picture now, it is Maria Kravchenko's film, is a debut, the director of workshop of Sergey Miroshnichenko, the picture refers to " Collectors of shadows ". It is a confession of the young woman, the director tells about itself, and it extremely in general is dangerous, to put itself in the center of a narration. She tells that she, not having drops of the Chechen blood, was born in Terrible, the vein in the Chechen Republic, has left therefrom and today it is impossible to return to the country of the childhood not because the childhood was terminated, that is why that the countries
are not present, the city is not present. And in parallel a narration of the young guy, the Chechen which sings songs, which too has left somewhere else before the beginning of the second Chechen war. A picture surprising. She is certainly disproportionate in parts, yes, in it is any flavouring failures, but it is the present confession. That is it is cinema from the first person. I very much like to prepare and in the free time I try to give kitchen, I like to cook different I food it can be and Russian, European as also others. Still I like to spend this time with sports I like to skate, on skis, on a bicycle.
I like to listen to music, but I listen not to all music most of all I prefer to listen to classical music, it just fine it calms the person helps to forget about what that problems, also I listen to world music to me various executors are pleasant many, but only not all songs and turns out so I listen only to that music which I all over again I choose from all presented.
Victor, je veus parler de ma famille. J'habite avec ma mere. Elle s'appelle Zoya. Elle a 53 ans et elle travaille toute sa vie a la fabrique. Ma mere est la meilleure. Elle m'aide toujour et me donne de bonnes conseilles. Je lui ai dit de vous et elle est ravie qu'on a fait connaissance. Quand elle a appris de vous ella dit: Maintenant je comprends pourquoi tu sourris plus souvent. Ma grandmere a 74 ans et elle habite au village. Parfois je la visite dans les weekends. Si je ne vous ecrit pas dans les weekends ne vous inquietez pas. Je travaille 6 jours par semaine, sauf dimanche. Victor, je veux etre avec un homme qui me donne de la tendresse. L'Amour, la tendresse et la passion avec lesquels on rencontre une nouvelle journee, et on se delecte de notre amour. Je reve d'aimer et d'etre aimee. Voule-vous la meme chose? J'aime bien recevoire vos lettres. Victor, je m'ennuie deja sans votre message, ou est-il? J'espere qu'il vient tres vite votre Alya
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