Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Khanova to Wim (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Good day my dear Wim. Thank you for your attention to me, Wim. I can not imagine life without me some words that you write to me. I am very happy that you have appeared in my life. It 'really nice that you think of me. I think you soo too much. I read your letters and try to imagine your face to make me a word that you write to me. This sentiment and very interesting. I did not see her man, but I worry and I am excited every time I opened and when I read your new letter. Unfortunately I do not have the chance to re-read your letters now, otherwise I would always very gs very good mood. I have a lot of work today and I have already had time to visit in various boundaries of the city and at work. If you could imagine how strongly I want to talk to you in person. I have a girl of the school, with whom we have so far communicate. His name and Anastasya. He received the diploma psychologist and I really like rummage in my soul with his help. I saw her today, and this morning we talked about you, Wim. I said what I think of you and how I have become strongly attached to you. I have said that with his enthusiasm I read your letters. Anastasya speaks like a miracle, because he understood that you and become really dear to me, even if we all fail to see in any other man. I am very surprised this circumstance the same. Anastasya talks, but that many problems disappear letters that take place at the usual dialogue. In letters can be more romantic and less binding. We can be similar to ourselves, without masks. Usually very difficult man shows the sentiments of dialogue and man. The complication of dialogue can be promoted by gestures, any complex of soul and much more. And with the help of letters we can open up to each other more kept secrets, dreams and ideas. And I very much love to talk with you. I would like to know, to know your secrets, your ideas, your dreams. I would like to see you in person. I would like to have the opportunity to tell something similar to "I know all the cracks,
I sing your - my songs "are words from song Zemfira Ramazanova. Am very tired of being alone and want to be with you as it seems to me.
Opss! I run forward. Wim I fear losing our attitudes very much, because I think of you too. I can only hope that he feels
Even. Well I have to go to work.
I give you a kiss on the cheek
And wait for the answer soon, I hope.
Sincerely your Zhenya . Kiss for you.
P.S. My telephone line is spoiled! When I shall receive new. I shall give you at once my telephone number! My address;
City; Cheboksary
Street; Prospect Lenina
House; 22
Apartments ; 89
Letter 2
Hello sweet Wim,
I want to tell you " Hello dear Wim! " Today is perfect day, because I have very iridescent, cheerful and romantic mood, because I have checked up my mail and again has found there your letter! Should tell that I strongly have become attached to you. I very long thought what to write to you in this letter, because I each day try to understand what to occur to me, since we have got acquainted I all time think of you. I began to look at the world by other eyes. Do you remember I spoke you about the girlfriend Anastasya? I again spoke with her. She always very well helps me, when I should understand myself. And our last conversation has brought to me a lot of pleasures. We again spoke about you and I remember that I have come to a conclusion that I'm in love! After some questions I have understood that my heart was filled by love and tenderness, which force me to wake up happy, to look at the people in other more multi-coloured kind. At work my colleagues speak that I became prettier and that the smile does not descend from mine face. Many colleagues asked I whether have fallen in love. But now I precisely know that on mine face by the large letters is written that I love! I do not know how you will apprehend my feelings to you and I very much am afraid, that you do not feel same as I. Well I have told you this. I very long time could not decide to tell to you. And I'm happy that I have fallen in love at last!
Probably in the future I shall be yours wife. But I think that to us early to speak about wedding. Because we know each other insufficiently. But I so would like to be with you together. I am tired from loneliness and now my search is completed. I very much hope that you feel also. I with huge excitation and excitement wait for your next letter, I hope that it will make me by happier else. To the most charming angel from Zhenya!
P.S. Mine Last name: Sheveleva
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