Scam letter(s) from Victoria Bershak to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Michel!How are you? Not much new,rather cold outside I wish I had some one to cuddle up with to. Nice to hear from you also. First of all I must tell you the truth, because as I wrote you in the previous letter, I have heard about lots of false in the Internet, that is why I decided to be honest with you. I have a great interest to you,I want to share my dreams with you, but you should do this first. Will you tell me of your dreams that you have about us? It would make me happy to hear what you dream about. It would give me a better understanding about our relations. The most important things, in a woman's life, is that one special man, the love he gives and the children created by their love. It is great that in your country nurses get a big salary, here it is not so, they have the smallest salary.
And all this things I want to do with you, because I have these feelings in my heart to you. I think I have fallen in love with you, dear, and I want us to be together for the rest of our lives. Do you accept my affection for you? I'm asking you to be mine. If you do accept my proposal, then let me know.
And I promise you we'll start an exciting relationship together. You won't only be man, but more than that. Let us develop a deep, enduring relationship. Perhaps Fate will decree, you are the man to rescue me from loneliness. Perhaps, I am the woman to give you my heart. Your Viktoriya
Letter 2
Hello Michael,

I miss you and have thought about you very much. I'm missing you so much that you've been on my mind all day and night. I awoke hurriedly this morning when the alarm went off, rolled over quickly to hold you back, and you weren't there - oh! My heart fell to pieces here!
Another day, only to anticipate your next visit (I mean the night in my dreams). It seems it's what I live for today, yesterday and tomorrow. It's great that you accepted me with all my hardships and problems, I mean you will never regret about this fact, I will give all my love, all my tenderness and feminity to you if we are o'k. I will be the woman who will have the honor to win your heart and your love I will prove myself worthy of you. Here are my answers:
1) I don't have my own computer. I am using a translating agency.
2) I do not speak English, I have to turn to the translation company, because for now I still do not know foreign language. I am sorry about it, but I need to tell you this beforehand, so that you could trust me. Of course if we are o'k I will start learning English I promise. I have never thought that I would be in need with the studying English language. Only now when I met you I realized this. I know that this can be a problem and you can leave me because of this, but I hope that everything will be fine.
3)I liked you because you are so tender and sensitive.
Dear I know, you are very attractive, kind, tender, careful person. I do not want to hurry up, I want everything being careful and serious. I know that it can take time to build our strong union but I am sure we will get over all of them. I want to have children, I have never been married.
I have seen Gladiator, I like that movie.
You are my perfect match you are a man who will accept me with all my wishes, love, little whims, merits and demerits. I know I shall accept you as who you are. That is my promise. I hope you believe in destiny as I do, as hopefully we shall forget about loneliness together. I wish you a good day, my dear, and will wait for your answer. Hope for hearing from you soon,
Letter 3
Dear Sir, We are a translation agency, that is helping your lady Viktoriya Bershak to read your letters. We translate letters from English to Russian so that you lady could understand what you are writing to her and vice versa. Now we are suggesting for you to pay for the translation of the letters and in that way continuing the correspondence with your lady. Please let us know whether you want to get acquainted with the price list of our services. Here is our contact information: Address: Dnepropetrovsk city, Naberegnaya street, 97 d Ukraine 49000 Phone number:
+3 8 098 386 15 65
(056) 239-85-18 License number: 368954 E-mail address: Respectfully,
"Dnepr LTD"
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