Letter(s) from Anastasia Tanchenko to Tal (Israel)

Letter 1

Hello Tal!
How your day? I hope that at you good day.
Excuse that I have not written to you at once. All week long I worked. Today saturday and at me day off. And only today I could check up my email. I am glad very much, you have answered my message.
And now I shall necessarily wait from you answer every day!
I applied a photo with letter. You liked my photo? I wait for your compliments.))
I hope in following letter you you will send me more than your photos.
I as well as any normal person want to build relations which will not be based only on external appeal. The person cannot be loved only for appeal and his appearance.
Did not think that so it will be difficult to write this letter. About itself it is possible to write much and for a long time. But it would be desirable that you have learned the most important.
In one letter it is difficult to describe itself completely. If you will ask to me questions that I shall know that most of all interests you.
It was difficult for me to dare to get acquainted through internet. Sometimes I do not have not enough resoluteness. But I am glad that nevertheless has found in myself boldness on this step.
I have many questions to you Tal. I very curious person. But I shall be kept from it in first letter. But I wait for questions from you. And with pleasure I shall answer them.



Letter 2

Hi Tal
On my person smile when has seen your answer has appeared and I with impatience began to read.
I am glad to that that you continue to answer my letters. And I already with impatience wait for that moment, whether when I can check up my email and look there is from you an answer.
It is pleasant for me to have with you not usual dialogue and I want to try more to write to you about my life and my character. I shall be pleased to communicate with you Tal.
I want more and more and to tell more about myself and the life that you could learn me.
I cheerful, kind, open, sympathetic girl. And I want to find person who can understand and appreciate me. I want, that we could divide all pleasures and afflictions in a life, all bad and good. In a word I search for simple human happiness.
First of all I look at soul of person. I estimate internal beauty of person. Would be silly to choose to itself second half on appearance, with the same success it is possible to hang up on a wall poster with the beautiful actor and to love him.))
Main thing for me that man which near to me would go on a life was beautiful internally and then relations will be high-grade and frank. Mutual understanding would be important that between us.
I like to leave for city for a wood on the nature where pure air, to do picnic. In me there is a need to have a rest from city noise and vanity. And I have dream to live in a country house where there will be a full calmness and silence.
But as I live in city, I like to spend free time with my friends. Sometimes we together go to cinema or simply we sit in cafe and talks on various themes of our life, we discuss problems and histories which have appeared at us. I like girlfriends, and we always each other help, when it is difficult for us. But I all the same feel lonely. And I very much want to have the family, loving husband on whom I can rely.
If my husband will be happy, I shall be happy twice more. I think, what our purposes coincide, and you want the same as I? I correctly argue? Probably it is destiny and then we shall require in each other. But if it not so, I think, that we can become good friends.
Now about more material things: I live in city Zelenodolsk, Russia.
I live in two room apartment with my parents.
My mum good kind woman. She works as school teacher and to teach russian language. My father also good person. It works as driver and his work takes away a lot of time.
My parents to allow to me very good education and happy childhood. And I am very grateful to them for it.
To me of 28 years. My birthday on July, 1 1980.
I when was not married and I have no children.
I very much like sports. In childhood I was engaged in gymnastics and dances, but at me have failed to achieve high result. But due to my occupations and interest to sports, I always in the good physical form.

You are not yet tired and have not got tired from reading my letter Tal?
Now I shall finish letter and I shall inform more about life next time. I hope, that you again will present me a smile your answer:)) And it will be very pleasant for me to learn about you as much as possible.
I send you one more my photo. I wish good mood.


Letter 3

Hi my friend Tal
I waited for your answer. How your affairs and how you feel yourself?
I want to admit, that began to think of you much. Today I also thought of you and tried to present that you do and than are engaged.
And after that I at once have decided to write letter. It is interesting to me to know all that you do. Write as frequently you you think of me?
If you want, you can write dreams!! I think, that we should dream. Dream is important thing, and I believe, that on dreams it is possible to learn person. And I want to know about you more.
You think, what I big dreamer?:) I like to dream. Now I dream to hear your voice and to speak by with you to phone.
I want to call to you and I should learn when you will have free time that we could talk. On what phone number I can call?
It is very interesting to me to know, what you think of me? Share with me your reflections. Me it is far up to your ideal of woman??
I know that ideal people do not happen. And I have lacks. For example I very much like chocolate. But for maintenance of a figure it is impossible for me a lot of chocolate. But I can frequently allow to buy to myself chocolate. And an internal voice I speak myself, that it will help me to suspect better to work. Ridiculously)).
Likely at me still it is a lot of lacks. I think important to be able to see in myself lacks and to try to struggle with them.
While I do not see at you serious lacks. I can safely tell that you are very close to my IDEAL!!!
I hope, that at you now all is good also you read my letter with pleasure without superfluous problems.
And I not simply hope, and I wish you all most good and best and I shall always allow such wishes. Because it is important for me, that at you all was normal.
I want to learn, you visit church? If yes, what: catholic or christian? At us in Russia majority of people of christian belief. At me also christian belief. Near to my city there is a village where I live grandfather and grandmother. And in this village there is a small church which I very much love. I try to come frequently to grandmother with grandfather. And each time when I arrive necessarily I go to this church. I do not like to go to church in city because there always it is a lot of people. And in village all is very quiet.
In city I like to visit cinema, theatres. But I visit cinema on much more often. Also I like to take a walk in park of culture with girlfriends.
When I have free time, I go to fitness center. In summer I do jog in mornings, and in winter sometimes I go to pool to float.
I very much like to dance. I like beach volleyball and big tennis, but in it I have not enough practice and experience. In winter to me like to skate, I enjoy!
I creative and romantic person. To me to like to look on TV news and various comic transfers.
Tal than you are going to be engaged tonight?
At you it is a lot of friends? I think in human life necessarily there should be friends. I have some very good girlfriends and we very devoted each other.
I very much like to give gifts to close people. For me it was always more pleasant to give gifts than to receive. Because when I see a smile and happiness in opinion of close person on soul it becomes very joyful. It can to you will seem strange but when at me bad mood, best way to improve it it to buy a gift to girlfriend or parents. And when I see their pleasure that automatically and on my person there is a smile!!
Therefore my Tal, I want to know that does you happy? I want that I always had opportunity to give to you only happiness and calmness.
Please give me chance to make it!!! Give me chance again to feel like simply beloved.
I shall wait for your letter and I promise that I shall think of you all time. I wish all kind.


Letter 4

Hello my friend Tal
I am happy to write to you again. And now at me good mood. Because there is an opportunity to read your letter and to write answer.
Many thanks my Tal, your letters to allow to me a smile!))
When I see your answer I am glad to that we have found each other and already we start to understand more each other. You to me are very nice to communicate pleasantly also to me with you.
But I already start to think that it would be certainly better to have real dialogue. If we could be together and talk for a long time.
Yes, I understand that without a meeting to write each other was not what sense. All same we in future should think of a meeting.
It is very strange, we never saw each other, but you to become person with which I is ready to share most secret ideas.
To admit fairly, earlier I did not trust that through internet it is possible to learn person close. And to trust him.
I feel that I believe you much more than to many my friends whom I know many years in a real life.
I want to write to you more about my daily life. My work begins in 9.00 mornings, and comes to an end in 18.00-20.00 evenings. I also have dinner from 13.00-14.00 till . If it is a lot of work, I work on saturday. If I all have time for 5 days I do not work on saturday, and at me 2 days off.
In working days I to rise at 7 o'clock to have time to make all. I drink tea, very much I like tea. And constantly I experiment different grades and tastes of tea. I do not love coffee but when strongly I want to sleep I drink coffee.
In days off I always try to sleep. And usually I try to sleep till 11 mornings that forces next week have sufficed me. I like to lay in morning in a bed and to know, that to me where it is not necessary to go. But it is very boring to me to do it in loneliness.
I always enjoy work. I also think, that person should go for work with pleasure because in that case he will do work as it is required. I work as manager, and a plenty of time I communicate with clients. But except for it at me it is a lot of duties.
When I come home I try to be in time cooking a supper or a dinner next day. I good cook)). Also I shall be glad, if I will have opportunity to prove to you it! I have sometimes time to watch TV. Very much I like to watch TV at night if show good film.
Last night I watched TV and thought. I thought as sadly to be one. Really it happens me very alone.
Frequently I reflect as it would be fine to have favourite person as it will be fine to spend time together. To watch TV to evenings, having embraced on a sofa. To do each other massage. Or to walk on park. Any action is much more interesting if beside favourite person.
At me in dreams is to create happy family where there will be a mutual understanding and love. To me to like to create a domestic cosiness, cooking a tasty meal.
I want to do it for whom that. I very much would like to give to you all my care and tenderness. For me main thing that close person could feel like happy. Then my happiness will be in some times more.
Tal, I would like to give you a smile every day. Would like to give to you all my tenderness and it is warm.
And I hope that there will be a chance to carry out all my desires in a reality. I want to develop our relations and I hope more than for friendship.
I want to ask, whether there is at me what that chances? What at you to me of feeling?
OK, I too hurry events? Such I curious person)).
On it I shall finish letter and I wish you all best and kind. You good person and I am proud, that have found you. Kiss you.

With tenderness, yours Anastasia

Letter 5

Privet my Tal
I am pleased, that we continue to write each other. I very much want, that between us there were true relations. Because each your letter for me now happiness. I do not have not enough dialogue with you.
I shall necessarily call to you in near future. And you can learn as well I to speak in english. I studied english at school. I do not know other languages.
I became happy in this life. And my happiness consists that I have found you my Tal!! At me when there was no such happy mood:)
I notice last time, that my life vary and I am changed. My parents have noticed, that in me that that has changed. Also have told, that I for a long time did not have such good mood.
Except for my parents, constantly good mood and a smile on person have noticed on work, that now at me. I can tell, that all this due to you. At me such feeling, that I fly to heavens with happiness. Your letters and you are necessary for me only.
I want to admit, that I am already afraid to lose you. You for me become to relatives man. I feel, that I know you all life. When I see that you have written to me and I can read your letter I with pleasure and good mood write to you answer.
Last time I thought of ours with you relations much. I began to become attached strongly to you Tal.
I think that you will write to me and that itself I shall write. I guess that you now do and that with you today happened. I feel to you that that. This first feeling of love can? I do not want to frighten you, but I write that wants to write my heart.
I talked about you to mum. And she has asked, feeling of love is valid at me and whether I want to be with you? I have described what you, and she has told, that you good person. She all the same worry for me. But parents should worry and preserve children. And I understand her completely. Mum wishs me only good luck and goods.
But I trust you completely, and I do not think, that you could make to me poorly.
I shall finish letter and I shall wait for your answer with impatience. We become even closer with each letter. It to like me, because between us good relations:)
I wish fine day and good mood you Tal. Now only you always in my heart.
I kiss you gently and embrace.

Yours Anastasia

Letter 6

Hello my dear Tal
I am happy to see your letter and with the big pleasure for myself I write to you the answer. I read your letter and began to understand, that you unique the man in my life which can understand me and which can always support in difficult situations.
The internet of cafe? Why you think, what I write to you from cafe? I write to you from a house.
I when was not in other country. What country has more liked you?
Excuse, that I for a long time did not write to you. On friday in the evening after work I at once have left for village to the grandmother and have arrived only today. And the very first that I began to do - to write to you the letter. Because I know that you wait my answer. I all these days dreamed, when I can write to you. And now I feel really happy!!
Today I have re-read all letters which we have written each other. I to keep all letters. I think it will be very interesting to read again in some years them ))
I have written to you some serious letters, but already I feel that between us that that appears. Because I frequently to catch myself on that that I think of you. And these ideas like me.
As well as any woman, I dream to have my own family. In which there will be a fair, reliable, careful husband, and I shall always love and care of him.
Also I can tell, that I am happy, because have met you. Now day when I have written to you, the happiest day in my life!!
I know, that any relations are under construction on trust and understanding. Any relations without these qualities cannot exist and them difficultly name relatives. But I think, that between us already there is a understanding and trust. And we begin that that we feel to each other. Personally at me it occurs, and I am very glad to this.
At me a condition oppress very fine that we write each other. I cannot transfer the condition words completely. But it would be fine to embrace and kiss you. To be with you beside and to enjoy it. And I cannot stop the ideas.
I all time think of you and I dream of us with you. When I lie down to sleep and when I rise in the morning. When I go for work and when I come back home. And constantly I wait for the moment when at me the opportunity will be at a computer and to write to you.
I shall hope that this small letter will allow to you a smile and good mood my Tal.
I finish the letter and I wish you all most best. I shall wait your answer with the big impatience. I kiss you gently and I embrace.
Care of itself my love Tal.
On always yours Anastasia

Letter 7

Hello my gentle Tal
How your mood? How you feel yourself? At me all OK. Mood at me very good because for me big pleasure to see your answer.
I have internet of a house, but speed of this internet very small ((
I want to thank you that you could calm my heart. I do not know as but what that in the image you could change my life in the best side. Due to you I feel happy and cheerful.
I am overflown now with many feelings to you, and I cannot stop them. I can not prevent to win my heart. I waited for the moment when I will have opportunity to write to you these words. To try through these words to express all that I now feel to you my dear Tal.
Today mum has told to me pleasant words which I want to transfer now to you. My mum thanks you that you to give me a smile and good vital mood. And I also want to tell to you thanks for happiness which you to allow to me!
I when was not in other country. And it is very pleasant for me to know, that you invite me to yourself. I with pleasure would travel to you. But while I do not have opportunity because I know, that cost of travel to other country very big. And now I cannot allow myself of it. We shall see in the future, what at us it to turn out, ok?
Tonight after work I visited my best girlfriend. Her name Olga. We try to meet more often that we had opportunity to state all problems and to discuss news. At her absolutely other life, than at me. She has husband and the child, to which 3 years. We with her discuss different themes. At her in a life it is a lot of problems which she likes to state me because completely trusts. But today that I spoke all, all have been connected only to you. And all ideas were only with you. I could think only that I shall soon write to you.
Olga has told, that has noticed as I began to look better. She has told, that at me unusual shine in eyes has appeared. I want to tell thanks you for my shine in eyes because it has appeared due to our acquaintance.
I very much want to create family. Therefore for me our relations are very important. Because I all life dreamed to find such person whom I can love all heart. And I sincerely hope that this person you.
Olga has told to me, that I have a lot of boldness that I trust you. But I think, that you good and kind. Also that I should not be courageous and that you can trust completely. You really fine for me the man. And I completely trust you my Tal.
On it I shall be finish my letter. I wish you all kindest.
I send you a photo with mum.
I shall wait for your answer. I kiss you gently and I embrace.
Always yours, Anastasia

Letter 8

Hello my lovely Tal
Today I tried to call to you. But could leave only the voice message. You could hear my voice? I shall try to call to you once again because very much I want to hear your voice. And also for us it is important to discuss a question of a meeting by phone.
Now I write the letter and is glad to see your answer. I compare each your letter with a plenty of happiness!!
Our letters connect us and to allow a lot of pleasure. I now feel in myself good mood because I can write to you. Also I shall try now to transfer you my mood)). Because I know, that my letters do you also happy.
I learned provisional cost of tickets on the Internet. And I really do not have such sum of money. Tickets to cost it is more than 500 euros. I can do all necessary documents, it not a problem. Since September, 20 for citizens of russia it will not be necessary to do the visa. And I will need to do only the passport for travel abroad and the insurance. Also it will be necessary to receive the document from work. But I would like to discuss this question by phone.
Now my life becomes as one big holiday. And in this holiday the most precious gift - you my lovely and gentle Tal! I think of you every minute and I wish to divide with you every minute the life.
Every new day I have aspiration to learn each other better. And I am ready on any difficulties of a life, the main thing to be with you.
I search for happiness and love, and I want to be near to you. I feel in the heart that I can be happy only with you. And I trust the heart.
I wrote to you, that I like to dream. Sometimes I dream what we would do in the evening if could be together? I would like to do a romantic supper. That our evening has been filled with love and tenderness. And for this purpose I cooking most my best dish.
You are able cooking? I am well able cook. I know many various dishes with meat, with a potato. I know many different original salads, I am able cooking pies. All always speak me, that I was good cooking. But I and itself know, that at me always all is tasty:). My mum has learned me to be the good cook. I hope, that in the future I will have opportunity to surprise you.
Every day we cooking a dinner and a supper to eat next day. We try to observe turn that who that from us had free evening from kitchen with mum. But it is pleasant to the daddy when cooking I ))
Today on kitchen there was I. And with impatience waited, when I can be exempted to write to you.
Right at the beginning I wanted, that this letter to give to you good mood and is a lot of smiles. I tried and hope, that now you smile and will write to me the answer at once.
I shall strongly miss!! Kiss you my Tal. Yours Anastasia
Hi my dear Tal
Is glad to see your letter. At once I want to tell, that strongly missed on you! I searched during long time of such person as you, cautious and understanding. And I think, that our letters accept unusual sense.
I shall necessarily try to call to you once again. Because I very much want to know your opinion on our meeting.
I when was not in other country and did not think that when I shall go. But now for me the main thing to be with you in a reality. And if for this purpose it is necessary to go to you I am ready on it.
Now at me very romantic mood. And I think, that when you will read the letter you can feel my mood.
Unfortunately while we not together, but my soul to aspire to you. To aspire to a meeting with my sun! My petals and leaves are heated up in beams of love, and I love you my sun! I want to be in your hands, to base on your shoulder, to embrace and kiss you my Tal.
I dream, that we built own world that we together created happy family and a cosiness. That who could not prevent us. When I think of it my heart starts to knock strongly. If you could touch me and feel as my heart you could understand me completely is beaten. But while between us the huge distance, and to us is necessary to hope, that we can overcome this distance.
I am glad to that we have an opportunity to divide our emotions and ideas, we can think of our meeting and a joint life to learn each other more.
I miss you very much. And now I can help myself only to that I have an opportunity to write the letter.
Already with impatience I wait for the moment when again I can see your answer. Your letters now for me the biggest happiness!!
I send you simultaneously passionate and gentle kiss.

Good bay

Yours Anastasia

Letter 9

My lovely Tal
Each your letter to allow high temperature in my heart. I dream of that day when I should not wait your answer. Because we can be together in a reality. I very much want to meet you and with impatience I wait for this happy moment in our life my Tal.
I also felt the big excitement when we spoke by with you to phone. But I have received big pleasure from our conversation. Was very happy to hear your voice.
I am even more happy to that we plan a meeting. I spoke today with director. I can take holiday for 3 weeks since october, 20. For you there will be convenient time if our meeting will be on october, 20? Till this time I can have time to do all documents and to buy tickets. I shall have time to be prepared for our meeting completely.
I asked friends and familiar how you can send me of money. Almost all to speak, that there is a good firm western union. You know that this such? I have learned, and I think that it is reliable system.
I beforehand want to tell to you thanks for your help. If you can send 500 euros I can arrive to you. After reception of your money I shall buy tickets and to inform you the information that you could meet me at the airport. Ok?
You agree to use western union? Or you know other way? I shall wait your opinion.
Today in our city quiet weather. In such weather my mood to become in itself quiet and happy. But now I always have mood because I have opportunity to write to you and to feel you my heart. You the best man because I am sure, that you will allow to me only happiness!!
I dreamed that we were together. And we have decided to lead one day on the nature or in a wood. And we have decided to go in a wood because weather was solar and warm. We were all the day long together on picnic. On heart it was very quiet. And we felt many happiness and fun. It was the fine dream.
It is very a pity, that I cannot express all ideas in the letter. At me in soul romantic mood, and you can understand completely it when there will be our meeting. When I think of you I always become happy! And it is wonderful.
I cannot live without your letters any more. Also I can not live without you. I have big desire to embrace and kiss you. I have feeling, that I searched for you all life. You my lovely and gentle Tal!!
I want, that we had future. And any more I do not want to lose you. I am afraid to lose you because you are necessary for me only.
We need to connect our life so prompts me my heart. It speaks, that it will be good us together. And I trust the heart, I believe that we can give each other the true happiness!!
At the end of the letter I want to thank you. To thank what to allow care and attention which I very much did not have long time. Thanks!!
I wish you all most best. Care of itself.

With love, yours Anastasia

Letter 10

Hello my Tal
Has just come from work. The very first that I have decided to do, write to you the letter.
I am very glad to that you can help to pay to me for tickets. Because I can arrive to you. I can think only of you. And I shall count days up to our meeting.
Today I specially went to office western union to ask rules of their work. All have in detail explained to me. They to me have told as correctly to write in english my full name and the address. And now I shall write to you my information:
Tanchenko Anastasiya
Russia Zelenodolsk
Sovetskaya str, 45-19, 422000
To me have told, that I also should know your full name and the address. Therefore I too wait from you this information, ok.
If you can send 600 euros I shall be very grateful to you. And if with me will remain money when I shall arrive to you I shall return money, ok?
I very much want to eat. I shall go therefore on kitchen. Also today I need to be in time cooking a dinner and a supper for tomorrow.
I shall necessarily write to you today before dream.
I shall strongly miss!!
Yours Anastasia

Letter 11

Hello my Tal
Has just come from work. The very first that I have decided to do, write to you the letter.
I am very glad to that you can help to pay to me for tickets. Because I can arrive to you. I can think only of you. And I shall count days up to our meeting.
Today I specially went to office western union to ask rules of their work. All have in detail explained to me. They to me have told as correctly to write in english my full name and the address. And now I shall write to you my information:
Tanchenko Anastasiya
Russia Zelenodolsk
Sovetskaya str, 45-19, 422000
To me have told, that I also should know your full name and the address. Therefore I too wait from you this information, ok.
If you can send 600 euros I shall be very grateful to you. And if with me will remain money when I shall arrive to you I shall return money, ok?
I very much want to eat. I shall go therefore on kitchen. Also today I need to be in time cooking a dinner and a supper for tomorrow.
I shall necessarily write to you today before dream.
I shall strongly miss!!
Yours Anastasia