Scam letter(s) from Lisa Richards to Hans (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hi Dear, Thanks alot for getting back to me.I am really new on here and i will be glad to hear about you. I still live in the place I was born,Pittsburgh. Currently I am studying as Nursing Research Project in my Master's Degree Course in a country called Nigeria and the theme of my project here to noticed and take care with some observations on disease facing children in africa.This will hopefully change soon - I would like to relocate and have a new life as soon as i am through with my business here but this is a very long and complicated story. But still has lots of things to do.I was born in 1980. I'm 5.6 tall,Hair:Blonde,Eyes:Blue,Best Feature: Eyes,Body art: Pierced tommy(s), my favorite color is blue. Lets see how I would describe my personality. I'm very quiet in a group of people. I am a better listener than anything. And can sometimes get uncomfortable talking about myself. I am honest,nice,gentle,kind,smart,sociala ble,friendly,also intelligent and trustworthy,passion,wonderful lady,very open mind,well educated with a good sense of humour I am much better in a one-on-one conversation. I consider myself very considerate. I go out of my way to help others. I don't smoke. I rarely drink, but will have an occasional **** every now and then. I don't like loud clubs, but would much prefer just sitting a quiet cafe, having a pleasant chat. But my favorite thing to do is hold hands with a man as we stroll around town taking in the scenery. I like movies, concerts (i love just about all music), any kind of theater. I like most sports, although I am not a fanatic like some Girls. Almost forgot, I love animals, especially horses and dogs. I have a dog right now, that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Well I don't want to go on too much here. There is plenty more to tell you, I just don't want to do it in one night.
Well about my family background,I am from a mixed race,mother from the state and father from domburg Holland,but i was born and breed in the state.My both parents are no more living as i lost them to a fatal accident in about 8 yrs ago after coming back from an hunting trip,I m the only survivor of the accident.It's been a very rough childhood for me and i have been living all alone since then.

I have been into two serious relationship but the last one was terrible,the guy beats ,cheat on me,he smokes and when ever he gets drunks he beats me,not even those one s that pain s me,not until i found him making love with another lady.Since then i have been very carefull and i have been looking for a man who knows what he is seeking for in a relationship.I am looking for loving, caring, honest ,passion, hardworking, easy going, gentle, kind, smart, socialable, friendly, also intelligent trustworthy and a man who must ready to support his love in hardship.Also looking for a humble person who will amend my broken heart and the man that will love me for whom I am.
Like I said, thank you so much for the email. I hope I at least tickled your curiosity, because you have with me. I look forward to getting to know you better. Hope to chat with you real soon,I have attached three of my pictures to this email and i will be waiting for the samething from you as soon as you can. Lisa!!
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