Letter(s) from Margarita Muradyan to Allister (England)

Letter 1

Hi, my new friend!
Frankly speaking I feel a bit confused, because I have never written to a man through the Internet and I even don't know what to start with... Well, I will start from the very beginning. My name is Margarita and I live in Kazan. this is a very nice place especially in summer and there are a lot of good people here. I was born on the 1st of January, 1980, I am 28 years old, and I think that this is a very nice age to start a new life! I work in a hospital, and I am a children doctor by profession. I love children and this is very pleasant to deal with them. My work is rather interesting, but it is not easy because very often I am responsible for a kid's life and this is hard to be responsible for such a serious thing! But I am in my place and I think that I would never change my work even if I was offered a million dollars! And what is about you? Tell me what you are and what are your ambitions in life!
I live together with my Mother, my Father died.
He was crossing the street at the crisscross but unfortunately the driver was drunk and he didn't notice my Dad... and it so happened that I lost my wonderful Dad, whom I loved immensely... it was a hard time for me and Mum but we were together and overcame everything. Right after finishing school I entered the medical University and after graduating from it ( I am not bragging, but I am proud to tell you that I graduated with honors!) I was offered a vacancy in our Hospital. I agreed without thinking it over, because I thought that this is my vocation and I was not mistaken, because I have never felt pity about my choice ever since.
Not much changed from that time, but one day I realized that I am tired of life here, tired of being alone and tired of the same faces. And one day when I was going home after a day in the hospital I decided to visit an internet cafe which I pass every day on my way to work.
I have heard about internet dating services much, I know that internet is popular nowadays and my friends often tell me about there experience in the virtual reality. I was shown some well-known dating sites and having received the most necessary instructions I decided to have a try. And here I am writing you my first letter! I don't know what it will lead me to, but at the moment I feel very interested in you! Please, write me more about yourself and don't forget to send me your photo! I will look forward to your answer and will come here tomorrow again!
with my best regards,

Letter 2

Hi, Allister!
Allister, I don't want to start this letter because I really think that this is all just my imagination, but... But something makes me write this to you... You know, Allister, I have found out one thing that may seem unpleasant for you because it concerns us. I have found on one of the internet sites and I also heard from my friends that very often men from your country cheat on Russian women. They write lovely and kind letters, just the same as we do and then they invite a woman to come to their country and when she comes they start to treat her as a slave.
I don't want to tell that this is you but, honey, I read a lot about it and now I am afraid that you want to do the same with me... oh, I don't know what to think, because I know you not very long, but I already like you so much and I am so so much afraid to get disappointed about you...
oh, I feel so awful now... please tell me that this is all my imagination and that you are looking for love, for a normal woman like me and not for a slave.... You can't be that... though who knows, I am not sure in anything now, I know that one can't trust anyone but oneself, but oh my God, how much I want to trust you!!!!! I feel so much at a loss that it seems to me that all I do in life is a mistake.
what to do?
Allister, please please please tell me that I am wrong!!! I am longing for it... and please to calm me down send me the copy of your passport (or id, I don't know how it is called) and the copy of your driver's license, if you have such. ok?
oh, I will finish now, because if I go on I am afraid I will write something that I shouldn't.
please answer me as soon as possible, because without you I am like a lost bird...
ok, bye for now,

Letter 3

Hi, my sweet man!
Well... what can I say? I really hope that you are not lying to me and that you are looking for the same as I do! Ok, I will throw away all the doubts and I will never touch upon this again, darling. Your word is enough for me. I trust you on the whole.
Honey, do you know that you are the best man in the world? The women in your country must be blind or absolutely silly to let you search for love in the internet!!!! Every time I see the letter from you, I think "why do we understand each other so well?" How can it be that two people from different sides of the earth have found each other? This is incredible, but my heart is singing and I thank God every day for the perfect chance that he gave me to be with you and to share life with you. Let it be only the life in the internet but I am sure that the day come and we will see each other in real life! Do you think it is possible? Yes, I appreciate the great communication power of the internet, that brings people together but I can't but confess that it doesn't fulfill the function of the real communication. And even though I feel that the internet helps us very much, this is not enough... Please, tell me your ideas on this matter, ok?
Honey, I want to tell you that I am incredibly grateful to you for the happy moments in my life! you even can't imagine how much you mean for me... for me this is not just letters... in my letters I open my soul, I am giving you a part of my heart and I hope that it is safe with you... I have never been so much open with any man in my life.... I lost the faith in them, but you, you alone made all my ideas go to ruin... and now I again realize that the world is full of happiness, full of wonderful moments, simple things which you do not appreciate when you are gloomy and unsatisfied... oh, I am incredibly happy now and all this is because of you! How can it be possible, honey????!
And by the way, returning to the matter I want to ask you for your home address. I want to send you a letter with my photo for you to keep it everywhere and also a small photo of my village. And when you receive the letter you simply tell me what I wrote and I will completely trust you! And in this letter I attached the photos of my passport for you to know everything about me. I think this is very reasonable, right?
and also my postal address, it is
my address is
Russia, 420127 (zip or postal code)
Maksimova street,2a
user's box 124
(Muradyan Margarita)
Oh, again the manager said that the time is off... :( oh, and I was going to tell you so much in this letter, but unfortunately I am limited and I can't spend at the computer as much time as I want...
This is the greatest disadvantage of those internet cafes. You pay them incredible money, but still you can't write as much as you want... This is sad, but I have nothing to do but to wish you to have a nice day and to send you my passionate kiss which I hope to get back in return from your side in the next letter, which I am waiting for immensely!
I am thinking of you all the time,
bye bye for now,

Letter 4

Hi, my love,
Your letter stirred me up very much and touched my heart!!! I love you and I know you are my destiny. Why are we so far apart from each other? Why? Honey, I want to be with you and to be happy. I will never be happy without you, Allister.
I know we have to fight for our happiness. Please, honey, write me the name of the international airport, which is close to you. I will find out if I can afford to come to you. I think it is high time for us to see each other face to face, what do you think?
I am so excited. I feel like doing and undertaking something but I do not know what. You lack me all the time. I need you like any human-being needs air to breathe!!!
I hope to hear from you soon.
I have never been in love! It is such a great feeling!!! If only we were together at the moment!...
kiss you,
Your Margarita with love