Letter(s) from Margarita Muradyan to Marouani (Germany)

Letter 1

Hi, my sweet Mourad!
May I call you my sweet? it sounds so nice... I like all those tender pet-names, and when I feel sympathy to the person, I like to display my affection. as soon as I can display my affection to you only in words I want to tell you as many tender things as i will manage to compose! is it ok?
By the way, I had a serious talk with my Mum about you. And I told her that we are communicating with you through the Internet. At first she was very surprised because she can't imagine how it is possible to communicate through the computer. She can hardly imagine what the Internet is and how it works. oh, my Mum is so kind, but she is so naive and she is the person of older generation and it is difficult for her to belive that the world has changed so much! and that there are so many unknown events and electronics! but somehow I managed to persuade her that I am not joking and I showed her some of your letters (only a small part of the 1st one, don't worry, she didn't read it, my Mum never read the letters which are addressed not to her) She asked where you are from and how old you are and where you work and if you are a good man. In a word, all the sorts of questions Mothers always asks!
so, I think you passed the test!
and only after I talked with Mum, a sudden thought occurred me... I asked myself: "probably I should have asked YOU..." probably you don't want me to talk about you with my Mum... probably for you I am just an Internet toy... I know that nowadays the Internet is full of bad people who are cheating each other. and all of a sudden you can realize that the person you are writing to is not that you think of him... I am so much afraid that this is going on with me... But I taking away this thought, because my heart is prompting me that I am wrong, that you are the man, that I have always wanted to meet. and that your intentions about me are absolutely pure... I hope I am right? please, tell me that I am... this is the last doubt that I have about you, all the rest is absolutely clear for me, darling... oh, I don't know what to do with my heart because it seems to think only of you every day... My God, this is incredible, that we are more than 1000000000 km apart from each other and we are connected somehow in our minds... if someone told me a month ago that I would be losing my head because of it, I would never belive! but it is going on with ME!!! and I have always considered myself being not that light-minded!
but things happen, as the English proverb says, right? :)
ok, on this idea I will finish the letter, and as usual will wait your quick reply.
Hope that you will like the picture that I am sending you this time!
get acquainted to my Mum, because she know you and you should know her as well! ;)
bye bye,
Your Margarita