Scam letter(s) from Olga to Ghulam (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Greetings my LOVE Ghulam!!! How you? What interesting occurs in your life? With me all is good, not including that that you are not present near to me. I very strongly hope, that we soon shall together. And two loving hearts soon will incorporate. I am full of hopes and I cannot wait that moment when I can embrace you and is strong kiss in your sweet lips. Today I to rise with very good mood, with hope, that my life will soon change. My love will change because of you!!!! I very much very much love you. I at all do not present, as though I lived further without you my love. You are very dear to me. You really my prince, my love, my hope for the future. I cannot pick up words at all to express my big love to you!!! I wait for yours with impatience of your letter. With huge love and kisses to you. Olga.
Letter 2
Hi my dear, Ghulam my the most favourite in the world the man! Lovely mine, how at you an affair? In hope, that at you all is good. At me all is normal, Weather in the street good, heats the sun the beams, such feeling as though you touch to me the palm, weather varies, as if mood of the person good bad all this so is interesting, the person and the nature should live a single whole. Loved mine, you very much get me the letters, I read them, and it seems to me, that I hear them really, here is how as if you stand beside and speak to me. With good mood went on walk, walked with dreams of you. Wandered on park, silence, sing birds, I very much like to listen to singing of birds, it is a pity only, that I do not understand language of birds, it is interesting to me about what they sing. Loved mine Ghulam, I constantly think, when there will come a meeting with you, I very much would like to be with you, I cannot hold everything, that has collected at me in soul, I want to share with you all love, pleasure. Yes it is banal sounds but how to write differently if heart transfers in a brain only one word I like from him occur such as loved, road, gentle, tender. It happens me terribly, that all this fine during one moment can disappear, but you know lovely I do not believe, that the destiny so can simply raise bridges of our ardent feelings. And I so would like, that all this was eternal. Know, loved I am ready yours to be eternal. Lovely I, my love to you, she burns in me and burns all me from within. I simply do not know how to describe all that I so faithfully store. Here is how I love you loved. Also I ask only one, to help to meet to me you. Even on one milliard share, let me a few on to live you. Loved mine Ghulam, I very strongly wait with you a meeting, now my life which I is ready to give to your hands belongs to you, take me to itself. I loved mine madly love you you madly good and kind person, lovely mine I want to arrive to you I want to be with you, lovely mine you can help me with my trip. I love you, I transfer you the tender kiss, your love, Olga.
Letter 3
Greetings my careful, loved Ghulam. I'm fine, it is good me, when at you all is good. How your affairs?, How your precious health? I hope, that you feel well. Loved I, now when at me is you, I feel the beloved, it is good when you love. I love you, native. Such present and deep love, that to me even becomes sometimes terrible, that I can lose you. I love you as love a years dawn in hot days - with his cool dew, a smell of field colors, with bright beams of new day. Lovely mine Ghulam, it is necessary to me to close eyes as I see that lovely on light, sights, efficiency which I adore. I present all this, and on my lips there is a smile. I madly would like to protect you and to help you. Always. I love you Simply I like. For something. Simply because you such what is. My love to you is boundless. Such there is time in a life, I know it for certain. I shall be always such that did not happen, I always shall be with you soul and heart. I shall belong to you completely. My love to you - a little bit the God. Loved I, sometimes seems to me, that if my love to you, in all the volume, will take off from me, she will create all - the sky, the ground, plants, animals, people - all world. I would embrace you and never released. Your I. So is and so will be. With the best regards, with the big love, I wait for our meeting. A huge kiss, yours Olga.
P.S I Loved mine on you madly miss I want to arrive to you but I do not have money to my trip to you, lovely mine tell to me you can help me with money for my trip? Lovely mine I madly love you you at me the most favourite person
Letter 4

Hi, my lovely, kind, gentle and strong Ghulam. At me all is normal. Weather in the street very good, about + 25 degrees of heat, very warmly. Today did long walk, went through park up to the river, it approximately I went 1 hour of 20 minutes, but I have not noticed as have passed time, and that distance which I have passed, I went in dreams, in fine dreams of you. Has reached the river, has looked, my god how many is a lot of people on a beach, today to many people bathed. I looked in a distance, people float by boats, I look at one in love pair, they are floating slowly, look against each other, and about something happy persons speak, and at them, I am glad for them. I would like to be floating with you on the river of love. Loved mine how at you today has passed day? I hope, that you are happy. Loved Ghulam, I am happy already that you are. And your reciprocity it is very important for me. Thanks for that you have opened to me, that such love and happiness, that has learned me to fly, dream, love and even to live … Thanks, lovely, native my, unique. I so want to tell to you my ideas any more much do not find a place to write, it is necessary for them more open space, freedom. All the same we shall finish this conversation, but only for a while, let it will proceed only in the **** form, let even in some years, but I should be typed boldness and tell to you it aloud. I only want to repeat once again, let next time I shall be repeated already aloud. Remember, that I shall always love you and to wait. Everyone has silent harbour, let me to become yours. I love you. I with impatience wait for our meeting. With tenderness, with true love, a kiss, your loved, Olga.
Letter 5
Greetings my loved Ghulam. To me all your words which you send me are very pleasant, I feel in them your love, warmly, care. How pass at you the days off, all at you is good? I'm fine, you the same I wish. Day yesterday has passed not appreciablly, last night weather has again deteriorated, there was a strong rain, and has then calmed down, and today the sky cloudy. But I read your letter, and weather at me in soul becomes clear, I feel your warm breath from which it is pleasant for me. I without you have become as the child without mum: I say your name - and I pay, I say again - and again I pay. And all time for some reason I grieve and I dream of our wedding, about that we have got married. Loved mine, you only know, that I remain with you, and my heart prays and it hurt about both of us. Dear mine Ghulam, we shall not be in separation, all of us time shall be together!.. In yesterday night on Friday I very for a long time fell asleep. I then very for a long time prayed, and through dream said our sacred - called to help us. Loved I, in my dreams would be desirable me that we with you a life was, as a cover, as the space protected from evil, where we - one; our love both the general dreams, and tenderness, and hope against each other. You for me silently pray, well? And I for you shall pray further. That only it was good you. " I Loved mine with impatience wait for our meeting I shall hope that she soon will take place, I with impatience shall wait for your letter. A kiss, your love, Olga.
Letter 6
Greetings my loved Ghulam. Has received your message. I'm fine, mood fine, you of me as always Are glad. What you do today, all at you is good? As strongly I wait for ours with you of a meeting, simply there are no my forces, I many words of love want to tell to you sitting next you, I very strongly want to be your wife. Loved mine Ghulam, I Want you to see, both to hear, and to touch, I Want your tenderness, both weakness and severity, I Want you strongly, godlessly, it is disturbing, and you know why I you so strongly I like? Because on another at me it is impossible! I should love you, I am happy to have you, you in my heart, your love is strong, that I feel her in your letters. And soon we with you shall together, I believe in ours with you a meeting, I believe you because I love you! The destiny is thanked by me much, many times, that we has acquainted with you, that already with you a meeting not far off. With expectation to you my to loved. Strong, gentle, invigorating kiss, your love, Olga
Letter 7
Hi my LOVE Ghulam!!!!! How your life? What is your trade? I'm fine. With my mum also all is good. I was very glad to receive from you the letter. It very much was pleasant to me.Today I had very good mood because I have woken up with feeling of love to you. I have woken up with understanding of that in other end The world there are you my love Ghulam. There is that person who really loves me. I am very happy, that you with me, that your love always in my heart. I think of you and about us, during that moment when we at last shall be together. In the evening I had a supper with mum. For a supper we together with mum blinded pel'meni and have prepared Salad from cucumbers, tomatoes, an onions and fennel. It has appeared is very tasty. It is very a pity to me that one more my day has passed without you, without that with whom I am am connected with attitudes. I very much want that we were together. My darling Ghulam you think of me? I every day think only of you, I fall asleep with an idea on you and I wake up with understanding of that that you are not present with me beside. And consequently I become a little sad. But I trust that you wish to be a number and I again start to be pleased lives. I very strongly love!!!! I look forward to your letter. Love and kisses. Your Olga
Letter 8
Hi my dear Ghulam!!! How your life? I feel happy when I read your letter. Why I have not found to myself the favourite person in Russia? I hope to you It is interesting to hear my answer. My history - classical history of the deceived love. "she" loved "it{him}", and "He" spoke, that loves "her", But he loved other woman. It seemed to me that we are fine, but I as well as many was mistaken, he Secretly met my best girlfriend!!! Earlier I thought that it only a plot for films and histories of love, and did not trust in it. But I was mistaken It has happened to me of more month back. I have been heart-broken. I every day cried and was completely disappointed in men. But now with me Everything is all right. I think, that I became cleverer. Until recently I saw only to the TV that there is an acquaintance through the Internet. I saw happy faces of people found each other. And I have thought that too I can be happy. But I also did not expect that itself I can become happy. And I have found you. You the most interesting and remarkable person whom I did not meet earlier. It would be desirable to hear your history (if exists). As you have solved To get acquainted through the Internet? On this I finish my letter. I shall wait for your following letter. So long! Your Olga
Letter 9
Hello my tenderness Ghulam. Day at me has passed well, in the street is cloudy and is wet, from time to time it is raining, but in my soul the sun, on the present, as in the heat of summer shines. Now at me good mood, also I write to you my love with the great pleasure, I want to transfer you the emotions of love filling me. Your words of me please, road you would want that I was at you, to me many thanks is pleasant to hear it from you. But you are right road that it is necessary to learn more. Dear mine Ghulam, ask me about what want to learn, I with the great pleasure shall answer you. My soul is overflown with voices birds of love. My heart now does not submit to nobody's decrees, but I wish it to subordinate, and will give it completely to you my house of love to be there, where your love, my loved. Your city there where happy people live, and in streets run many children, I like children's laughter. Your city is beautiful beried in verdure, colors and reservoirs? I very much would like to see white light and to learn pleasure of love. My heart wishes to make the house similar to paradise of multi-coloured stones where the garden with set of colors of a rainbow will be planted. In that garden fountains will rustle, start singing set of birds where will ripen delightful fruits of love. And our life in a green valley was such happy, that nobody has wanted to come back back. For my house there, where your love. Your love, Olga.
Letter 10
Hello road Ghulam. Many thanks for your answer. At me all is normal. Yes the life happens is severe, but I have not got used to release a hand, and in this life I shall live, in it not all so is bad, there is a music and she is written with people, and she helps much not only me, and I listen to different music all depends on mood. Ghulam, I try to find the love so to me in one day the girlfriend has advised to look on the Internet, I for a long time was not solved, but nevertheless have decided, for a long time I looked and have stopped on you, I think all it will turn out. Dear Ghulam, you tell to me about the family, it will be interesting to me to learn. I on myself the romantic person, believe in love at first sight, but nevertheless I concern to this seriously and I do not love a deceit, from it me simply shakes, it seems to me when people tell lies, a life they live in empty. I do not know why conduct I by a life seriously, can it is simple to it I value, she is given once and it is necessary to live her adequately that there were children and loved the brothers, sisters, respected parents and loved a life. Yours faithfully to you, Olga!!!!!!!

Letter 11
Hello the dear friend Ghulam! I am grateful to you, that write to me. I'm fine and I am glad, that you answer my letters. Dear Ghulam, I want to tell to you about the employment, that you would have the greater representation about me. I love sports, I am pleasant like on a wood, there such fresh air, from it I receive pleasure. Still it is pleasant to me can seem to you strange, the boxing not simply to look as two men beat each other, it seems to me that there there is that that ancient. I as like gymnastics, tennis, in general I love mobile sports. I like to go to theatre, cinema, but at me it is rare when it turns out to go to these institutions. I like to spend time on kitchen, that be to prepare, a furnace, I like sweet especially to me ice-cream with different syrups is pleasant. Abroad I not to time was not, but I dream about travel. I love children more than, I think children it is pleasure given by the GOD to people, but not all this understand, many are afraid to go on such important course, to have children it is the big responsibility and how you consider? Dear Ghulam, I shall try to ask some questions interesting me, I hope they will not be complex. Your attitude to a life? You prefer what kind of rest? Whether you overlook about work at leisure? As far as your character is strong? How at you with sense of humour? You can send me your photos, I shall be grateful.
Up to fast, I wait with not patience of your answer. Olga!!!!!!!
Letter 12
Hello Ghulam. Dear my friend, I am grateful to you, that you have written on my message. I shall tell to you a little about myself. To me of 28 years, was born in Russia in 1980, on August, 28. My city refers to Kazan. It is small city, But very beautiful and me here very much it is pleasant to live. I work as the seller in Shop. In marriage not to time did not leave. You want to learn why I search for the destiny in the other city, instead of at myself, I can not find the destiny in the homeland, a lot of jobless, drinking alcohol and living one day, And I search to myself loving holding on hands for the family, strong the man. For me it is necessary the man for serious attitudes, Not simply for entertainments. I do not use alcohol, drugs, I do not smoke. If you wish to get acquainted further, write. Be so kind as to write about itself. Where do you live?, what hobby at you?, What your outlooks on life in the future?, seriously you concern to a marriage?, There were at you ideas about creation of family?, as well as what you think of the Russian women? I hope, that you will be in earnest to my questions. I wait from you for the answer. Olga P.S Dear my Friend I would be glad if you have written to me on my new e-mail I wait with impatience of your letter
Letter 13
Hello my true Ghulam! I'm fine, but with you it would be better. Weather at us in kazan + 20, not so it is hot, what weather at you. Dear mine Ghulam, I want you to see with a sincere smile, and instead of it I look in a mirror and I see in the eyes as the grief has stiffened. I want only you one to love and be a number, not it is impossible, I can be with you. I want, that me would throw in heat from your gentle hands, tender lips that you looked only in my party, I achieved sincerely and romantically my love, and pairs in clouds with happiness. To me will be it is pleasant, when your hair in the disorder, sometimes even rise, and I shall iron them. I dream of tender kisses from which would break a head. I want to fall asleep and rise only in your strong, but during too time gentle and favourite hands. My heart is torn to pieces and blood, filled with inexplicable force and this force to me is given with love to you lovely. I like shine in your eyes, it seems such mysterious and full of desires! And already likely it is not important for me, that all this dreams. Give, my sweet, I have some on to dream!!! I want to understand, about what your ideas. Can to you too it very bad also something does not suffice. So call me, to rise from a severe reality. And I give you one huge heat and love!!! I loved mine madly love you you very beautiful and kind person I want to be with you as soon as possible, I am already tired from loneliness and I want to be near to you, lovely mine please send to me your photo, lovely mine tell to me precisely that you think concerning my trip to you, I with impatience shall wait from you for the letter. I like whole your loved Olga
Letter 14
Hello lovely Ghulam. At once I speak you thanks for your love, for fine words of love. At me all is normal, not including one, this that that I not with you. Dear if we could meet and be one, speak, like to make each other but as I see it difficultly to us. Dear mine and you not that cannot make, but it can be made, but only with your help, I do not know likely to you it difficultly? Dear I wish you, my body burns from desire to you. I ask myself, I am necessary for you whether or not? You my sweet, divine, favourite person, and do not suffice me of you such only thing. I loved mine madly love you and I want to be with you as soon as possible, I want to be with you beside, lovely mine if you knew as strongly I you I like and I want to be with you, lovely mine I with impatience shall wait from you for the letter. Whole it is strong, your love, Olga!!!!!!!
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