Letter(s) from Natalia Burlakova to Gustaverson (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend !!!!!
Today I had very difficult and difficult day on work, therefore
That I had many affairs. I am very tired, But despite it, I all
Has checked up mail because to me the letter should come
From the girlfriend which to be with the husband on the sea, but which I
And has not received. And when I already was going to leave that I have noticed there one more
The letter. And it was from you. And it has surprised me that you have written to me.
I do not know how to begin acquaintance and that about myself to tell. But I think, that
We can learn about the friend the friend more, and ours dialogue will be pleasant. For the present
We are not familiar, but I think, that we are connected already by one, that we wish to find the
Second half. I would like, that you would send more than the photos, and in a current
I would want our correspondence that you answered my questions sincere. I love
Sincerity and the truth, what
It would not be.
Your new acquaintance Natalya

Letter 2

Hello !!!!!!
your letter again does me happy. You are able to make, so
That I would smile. I forget at once about all.
How day today? Successfully? I hope what yes. I would like to learn
About your family. What can you tell to me? At you it is a lot of
Relatives? To my mum now 59 years and her name
Marina. My father call Victor. To it now 60 years. I very much also am very glad that
My parents have met with the friend the friend because I see as they love the friend
The friend till this moment not looking at that that they already so much years together.
As I have a grandmother which call Zoya. I often lived earlier with the grandmother
And it much to that has learnt me. why you have decided to search for the love in
The Internet? I, for example, tried to find the man in the city earlier
Or in other, but it has turned out nothing. I have not met anybody here and have decided to learn
About you it is more. I wish to meet such who would understand me. Who can
To support me and to whom I will be important. For me relation of people
To each other that between them there would be an understanding.
I simply wish to enjoy love, passion, tenderness, I wish to see happiness
The beloved. And I will make all for the sake of it. And you???? I not
To love quarrels. I think, that all can be solved easy. How you think?
I send today you a photo, on which I at itself in Russia.
Here it is very beautiful.
I think that your day will be successful. I hope, that I will receive the answer
Soon. The truth? You will write to me at once as will receive my letter?

Letter 3

Forgive, that I cannot answer your letter today. My colleague
Was ill, and I should replace it in hospital. I am not in time now
To answer your letter. I hope, that you will not be offended. I will be
To answer your letter tomorrow and I will send you the photo.
forgive, I, the truth, should run.
I hope, that you understand me.
I loved earlier, but he has betrayed me and has thrown.
My pictures are done by my girlfriend Elena
Sincerely, Natalya

Letter 4

Hello My Dear Man !!!!!!!!!
my surname Burlakova. I am very glad that you want to me that be to send.
But I wish to tell to you that it is not necessary.
Because I have not got used to receive gifts.
I think that it will be better if you give me your gifts when I will arrive to you.
You agree with me?
I hope, that you understand all and is not offended on me. At me
Such work and I should go to hospital and help people. I
I hope, that you are not offended on me for it. I am very tired today. I not
Slept almost one and a half day. I all night long worked also day too. And now I in
The cafe Internet.
when I on work I think of you. I am happy, that have met
You, and I wish more and to learn more you. I wish to be with you
To thicket. I the first time meet such person as you, and you to me very much
You like. When I worked at night, I have fallen asleep and had a dream. In it a dream, I
Was on seacoast and sunbathed. I laid on a back and read, what that
. you would help me if I have asked to help you to me? I think that
Yes. I have woken up and did not know than have ended, but I think, that I can
To see continuation of this dream.
By the way my girlfriend and
Mum asked to transfer you the greetings and congratulations. I hope that
You, receive them together with my air kiss, which I
I send to you.
I hope, that they warm yours
Heart, and you forgive me.
I MISS......
Yours Natalya

Letter 5

Hello my dear!!
I am glad very much that you have answered my letter.How are you doing? I hope that all well.My dear I trust you and I llamas to you my address.
My address:City Zelenodolsk The country RussiaStreet Soviet 43-65
Natalya Burlakova.
My dear, my family not against that I have visited you. They send you regards.
I want I will tell to you that I to arrive to you as soon as I can.
I wish to tell to you that I have no visa and the passport to arrival to you.
And I do not know where to me to take money for arrival to you.
I hope that you will help me.
I have learnt cost of the visa and the passport makes 895 dollars and the air ticket costs 1500 dollars.
My dear I hope that you can help me that I could arrive to you and to be with you nearby.
My dear the visa and the passport will be done to me by 7 days.
After I can receive all documents I can arrive to you.
I love you and I hope that you can help me.
I will wait for your fast reply.
Your loving Natalya.