Scam letter(s) from Inga Z. to Marco (Italy)

Letter 1

Hello Marco,
It's very nice that my profile has attracted your attention. I think we really have a chance to start a good communication. I would like to leave the same good impression for you with my first letter either, as I think that you are an interesting man and it would be good to have communication with you. I must say frankly, that except my attractive appearance I have a good, open mind and kind heart. I am interested to meet a man for serious relations, so I hope that your intentions are the same. I think at first I should tell you about my personality and my life, for you to know me better. As you know I am 24 years old, my birthday is on March 19, 1981. I as born and grown up in Latvia. After graduating the school I work as a lawyer. This is official work of mine. I also study at the university at the fourth course of the law department. I am learning Italian now, I like to learn this language, but I don't know i rather well yet. But I hope to learn it well enough. I am single, I wasn't maried and have no childen. I think that marriage is a very important step and I want to do it once and forever. My parens are married during a long time, and I was brough up in strickt family values. I think that's all for now. I am looking forward to your reply and I really hope that our communication will continue. With hope to hear you soon again, Inga.
Letter 2

Hello Dear Marco,
I am very glad to get your interesting letter. I think that we both are competable person and we have many common features. I am sure that our communication with bring us both much pleasure. You've told me much about yourself, I think this is my turn now. My Family is small, it consists of me and my parents. I live with them in 3-room flat. I love children and I like spending much time together with them. I think I will be a good parent, as they love me much also and adore staying with me. I also Love animals, but I have no them at home. For entertaining I have my friends whom with we like to make barbecue, go to the cinema, that is very popular here now or visit cafe for coffe and icecream. In fact, I almost don't use alcohol drinks, it's very rarely, only for special occasion I may have a glass of wine. And how do you treat this? There are many young people here who get into alcohol, and I have no respect to such people. I like fashion, as every modern girl. I always look after it and do my best always look well. I consider myself to be a rather intellectual person, as I like to get to know all new, communicate with interesting people and I also don't like waste the time. I think that I am in an age when I must take a serious step: create my own family and born children, while I am young and strong. I am sure that if I find a man of my dream, my perfect match I will certainly live with him where he lives, I want to leave my country and stay with my future husband. Here in Latvia women are usually brought up in a rule that woman always must follow her man, I will do the same. I think that's all for now. I like you very much and I want to hear you soon again. I hope our ocmmunication brings you joy either. I send my best wishes, Inga.
Letter 3

Hello Dear Marco,
Only today I have found possibility to come to write you. Sorry for my delay with letters. I really wish i could write you more often. I would be very happy. I really want continue our relations and i think e have a chance for future. I hope that you are really decent, noble and serious man who wants to have a young and beautiful woman, with desire for creating a strong stable family. I would like to come and see you in Italy, because I want to see you and I also adore your country, you culture, people living there and the language!!! I do understand that you may not understand me, but I don’t have enough money to pay for the tickets and visa to Italy. What do you think about this? Please, tell me frankly and don't get offence at me. This is our life here, and the conditions of it that make me ask you for help. And also I would like to be sure that you really care of our relations and you really have SERIOUS INTENTIONS towards me. Please, be frank and honest. OK? I'll understand every your answer. Sorry please for raising this subject now. This is very painful for me, and very unpleasant. I can't do anything with it. And I hope for your honest reply and understanding. I have a big interest towards you and I want continue our communication. I don't want loose you as we have a wonderful chance for our future. I think I will find the way for us to speak on the phone if you wish, I want to hear your voice... Sincerely, Inga
Letter 4

Hello Dearest Marco,
Sorry but only today I have a posibility to write you. I know you worried much but I could do nothing. Thank you for your undersanding about my situation here. I don't even know how to express you my feelings now. I am sorry I made you wait for my reply. And i hope you still wsih to communicate with me. You asked me how can you help me, I woudl be greatly thankful if you helped me to pay for the tickets. I know you want me to send you photos more often, but frankly speaking I have no even photo camera, and as you understand I can't buy it. Professional photos cost much. But with your help I would be very glad to take the photos for you and write you often. You can send me the money using Western Union system. You need to know this information: Inga Z, Western Union, Riga, Latvia. And when you send the money, they will say the code of the transfer, and you'll email it to me. So I will get them. It woudl be good if you sent 1000$ USD, that I think will be enough for me to come and visit you during a month. Sorry now I can't write you more, as you understand why. My session is over, today I had the last day and my work will start on next Monday. So now I have much free time. I will be happy to answer all your questions, when I get you reply, ok? I hope that you are still waiting for me there. I hug you.. Sincerely,
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