Scam Letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Ferry (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

Hello Ferry!!!
I am happy to hear from you again. It is pleasant for me, that you answer me.
I want, that our relations increased each time. I seriously care about finding you and your habits.
To me it would be desirable to find out about all: than you like to be engaged every day at leisure and how you spend time?
What do you like? Also what you do not like??? What your favourite places?
How you usually spend time when to you is boring?
If you have questions for me, ask me. I shall sincerely answer questions!
Only so we shall be better to find out each other.
Please send me of more photo of you. I very much want to see your photos and to look your appearance.
To me it would be desirable that my letters also brought to you a smile and good mood!
I hope, that my English is clear for you!!! My English is clear for you?
I learned English at school and at university and till now I practise at home.
Now I have practice in the letter more, my knowledge are increased in English quickly!!!
It would be much better, if we could meet and speak with each other. But we are far apart, it even is romantic!!!
You so do not think? I love romanticism! I very romantic. I would like to know about your culture, about your life and about another much.
I never was abroad. I only travelled within of Russia, and never saw other countries.
Well, I would like to tell to you more about me and about my life. I hope, what it will be interesting for you to find out about it?
I work the seller. I sell clothes. If you were my buyer, I would offer you only the best clothes!
What your like fashion? Probably there is something especial of clothes which you dress only in especial day?
I most of all like to dress stylish and convenient clothes. Also I well distinguish quality of a material of clothes!
I live in the beautiful city! Probably it is interesting for you to find out in what part of Russia to be Yoshkar-Ola.
Geographical coordinates of the city of Ioshkar Ola: breadth 56°38'N a longitude 47°52'E
Distance up to Moscow - 862 km. Also I am very curious to find out about your city where to be? Your city very big?
Probably I shall find your city on a map and I shall know, the place where lives my new friend.
I am very happy, that I have with you acquaintance. Also very much I hope for the big relations.
I met the man before, but I was not married and I have no children. Now I seriously treat marriage.
I regret that have spent so much time not with correct for me the man!
Now I live one in an apartment. Unfortunately I have no phone in an apartment.
Possible I shall type your phone number once and I shall speak with you!
And it will be a surprise for you!!! I hope, what you adore surprises?
I hope, what I have not disappointed you?
I hope much, that you will answer me and will write the letter.
Please write about everything, that you would like to share with me!
Unfortunately I cannot write to you tomorrow as I will have day a birth.
But I shall be very glad to accept from you congratulations and wishes by this day.
Plans concerning my birthday any are not present.
We simply gather with mum and the grandmother to sit and have a drink tea with a pie.
As it will not be sad that you near to us.
I sincerely hope to receive from you the letter!
Yours Elena.

Letter 2

Hello my dear Ferry!
I was so glad to find your meaningfull letter into my mail box today as.
Thanks for congratulations. For beautiful words which have touched my soul.
My day has passed a birth simply superb. My day has passed a birth not as I planned in loneliness. Remember I to you wrote that anybody I shall not call on a visit and what only mum will come?
All was perfect on the contrary.
My girlfriend Natasha has taken care of that that to me it was not boring.
Now I to you shall tell all from the very beginning.
After work I as have usually come home and waited mum.
Suddenly I hear a bell at a door, I hardly have slightly opened a door, I see roses.
I all over again was afraid to open a door, but have then decided that the extraneous person will not come with colors. Has decided to open.
And when has opened on a threshold of an entrance there were all my girlfriends.
When Natasha has learned that I am not going to call anybody and that I would not like anybody to see, she has decided to make my mood better.
Thus she instead of me has invited my girlfriends. We quickly all have together collected a table. Who went to shop, someone prepared I peep. All have been occupied with something.
When the feast was ready girlfriends of a mansion have lifted glasses and have made a toast.
And this toast said so " we drink for your happiness with Ferry ". They have told that specially came to congratulate me and to cheer me up.
During all evening of the girlfriend only also were interested in you, asked on our attitudes and even to me have envied.
Natasha has arranged to me this surprise because of that that thought probably this my last day a birth with girlfriends. She speaks that the following my day a birth will be abroad. And I have thought of desire that really the following my day the birth was with the favourite person.
I do not want you to frighten of these words, but I shall hope very much that our attitudes will develop in more than simply friendship.
I shall hope only for the best feelings because to me now 30 years and are time to think of private life.
Forgive if I something not so has told, But to me it is simple on soul now well.
On it I shall stop to write the letter and I shall hope for a fast reply from you.
Your Elena.

Letter 3

Hello my dear Ferry!!!
How your mood? How you spent days? I was very good!
Today the most significant day for me because I see your letter.
It is very bad, that I have no an opportunity to go in Internet-club so frequently, as though I would like it most of all! Now my life is filled with sense!
I feel, that my life is filled with new feelings.
I begin to think of you and my ideas only are connected with you.
You completely change my life and I am sure that in the future of us waits even more happiness.
Probably I begin to speak too early about it, but I am sure in our future.
I so am happy, that I have an opportunity to correspond with you, due to you in me there are dreams...
I hope, that you understand me! I think now all that between us was understanding and trust were kept.
Because trust this main thing in relations!!!
Now I sit behind the computer and my ideas are lost, because I do not know, that I still can write to you! When I see your letters, I would like to write to you more.
Well! I shall start to write to you more about my interests. I like to listen to music!
I adore various music, but all depends on my mood.
Sometimes I would like to listen to cheerful music and when to me sadly I listen music harmonies and balance.
Also I love national songs! I like to read books, basically novels!
I adore love novels. Usually I read before going to bed.
I support myself in the ideal form, therefore I am engaged in aerobics each day.
When I wake up, I make gymnastics. Also I like to go on a nature and to sate my easy with pure air.
I am fond of to run to mornings, but sometimes I can wake up late and I don't have time for to run.
I think, that it happens with many people.
I adore all seasons: summer, winter, spring an autumn!
For me all seasons very much like, because in each season I like to observe a nature!
In the winter to me to like to look snow and when all is covered by white snow; in the spring I enjoy supervision of thawing of snow when all starts to come to life, plants start to come to life; an autumn I love falling leaves, a cool wind; in the summer I adore to go on a beach, I like to receive a solar bath!
What you most of all adore also what your most beloved season of year?
I am sure, that after my description, you can represent my private world more.
I have higher education, I have finished university. My speciality - the professional ecologist!
My speciality has given me professional nature protection and the social - arts education opening a way to maintenance of steady development of a civilization and ecological literacy; this knowledge promoted formation of new outlook and a way of life, the person necessary for mutual relation and a nature.
I wanted to work my speciality, but it is difficult to find work in this sphere of employment!!!
I a lot of time tried to find work of the ecologist.
But my searches did not give results if only to move in other city. But I did not want to move in other place!
I am not afraid of difficulties and I always overcame any difficulties am independent.
I have not got used to sit without an affair!!! Some weeks I could not find suitable work for me.
I went to the different enterprises, took consultation...
In a result I have decided to work in the public market the seller.
It is good work and earnings suffices me to live.
This work to like me, I can not tell that such work not for me!
I enough intelligent, my main vital principles:
kindness, honesty, tenderness, love and respect for any person.
I do not love a deceit and I do not love people which deceive!
I do not love roughness in people and arrogance!
I think such people are deprived by love to environmental people and in them there is no compassion to poor people...
Well!!! I think, that it will be enough about me...
Please write to me your ideas and more about you!!!
I enjoy each time when I receive your letters.
Write to me as in you there will be an opportunity to write.
Yours faithfully yours Elena.

Letter 4

Hello my desired friend Ferry.
How you have carried out these days?
What new has taken place in your life?
As perfectly, that I now can read the letter from you and answer you.
Today at me very good mood, I had good day.
I have hastened in Internet-club with hope, that you have answered already my letter.
I would like to tell, how I thought of you. Tell me fairly you thought of me!?!
You at all do not imagine as you inspire me. But I hope, that you now also feel!
Today since the morning at me it is a lot of ideas, that I would like to discuss with you.
Between us of distance and it can not influence dialogue between me at all and you.
I now would like to send to you all heat of my heart, my heart so is pleased even more often recently.
I represented us on close distance to each other, and I would like to tell to you it!
I would like to give care and feelings to you to talk to you during day...
To share all event in life. I can and I want to give it to the favourite person.
Because we think of it from time to time. And it is very sad, that us not have all of it! You agree with me?
But it is our life and it is ours destiny. I want that our life has changed in the near future!
I hope, that you also wish to change your life in the future.
To me to not like, that each evening I am lonely. When in an apartment it is empty and it is lonely...
To me frequently comes in an apartment my girlfriend and we speak hours.
She tells to me about her life and I present, as she is happy!
At her the big relations and her love such fine. Her stories caused in me desire to have the same feelings.
Love and the relation the most fine feeling. I very sensitive and lifes joyful.
I would like to tell you gratitude! Let's speak about feelings more!
It would be pleasant for me to read about your feelings!
To me worry questions which I want to ask you! Whether I have interest for you?
My dreams coincide with yours? Whether it is valid you are ready to have with me relations?
Please answer my questions sincerely!
If you are serious in your intention to have the relation with me, write to me about it.
But if you only have any other intentions and even if do not want to continue to write to me,
That also write to me about it. I hope, that I am not mistaken!!!
I would like to tell to you more about me. My birthday 1978-21-08.
I like to prepare for a meal, I have the big abilities.
So it would be desirable, that you could estimate my skills of the cook.
My loved a dish which I adore to prepare for special day are salads, a canape and dishes which prepare in a cold kind.
I early began to prepare, I would like to prepare for something independently.
I saw, how my mum was prepared for food for us and she always made it with pleasure.
Therefore always dishes were tasty and very appetizing.
Now I am prepare for food and I invest my feelings in a meal which I prepare.
I think, that on it depends much!!! You prepare for dishes?
You have independently learned to prepare, you like to prepare?
I think, that it is necessary to make each business with soul! You agree?
I like to visit exhibitions in museums and I necessarily go there when I have an opportunity.
Also I like to go in club or a disco, I am usual do not dance there.
Because I like to enjoy dialogue behind a table.
I spoke you, that I occasionally drink alcoholic drinks. But I drink only easy drinks.
To me like a wine, I love a red wine from a grapes.
You like to go in night clubs?
Well, I hope that I have not much written this time!
You not against I write you long letters?
I hope, that I have not tired you.
I want to say goodbye on today to you.
I hope, that your day was well!!!
I send to you my congratulations.
I wait for your letter,

Letter 5

Hello my fine Ferry!
I might not wait the moment begin to write to you the letter.
All this time I was filled with work completely. I almost have no a free time.
But I constantly think of you, my ideas are filled with you...
So it is pleasant, that we all become closer each other with each our letters.
To me it is better each time when I come in Internet-club to look your letter!!!
You bring to me happiness your letters. My soul is pleased, each time reading your letter.
I wanted to tell you as you became dear for me. I am excited only with you one!
That if I shall come in Internet-club and I shall not see your letter.
But my heart prompts me, that you wrote to me already and wait for my answer already...
I know, that in our life have much put: work, the house, purchase of products and many other things.
Today I have decided to write to you about my day! As I spend my days since the morning and as I finish day.
Basically my time is filled with work, because basic time I at work.
Well, I shall begin from the moment of when I wake up. I wake up very much early at 6:30.
To me is habitual to wake up in such time because in due course you get used to certain time.
But sometimes I wake up much later, it depends if I late lie down to sleep.
Usually I at once go in bathing to make personal hygiene. Then I to run to street.
I leave from a house near 8:00, sometimes later. I use public transport to reach work.
But sometimes I prefer to pass to street and to think of you!!! It is pleasant for me to think and imagine about us.
It is necessary for me to be at work by 9:00, but I come little bit earlier!
Then I meet my colleagues to work and my working day begins.
Time passes quickly and time of dinner comes. Usually I eat on a place of my workplace.
Usually in dinner we converse, something tells everyone or simply we have fun, If somebody will tell something ridiculous. I love jokes, I like to laugh at a good joke.
But sometimes I want to tell about my feelings. I would like to tell, how I am happy.
The majority of colleagues at work know, that I have happiness! Because they see all: my smile or when I think of you.
One woman has told me, that all is in my opinion appreciablly. As though in the open book!!!
I might not assume, that my feeling to you is appreciable to associates.
I did not speak anybody about my relations, I try to hold it as fiduciary.
It may seem to you, that it is slightly silly! But I somehow am afraid to lose you now.
The majority of people may speak about feelings and hold it open.
But I am afraid, that all may exchange and consequently I try to hold feelings in me!
I speak you about my feelings that occurs in my heart. I like to share all this with you.
You are not indifferent for me, I value you. Because you have changed my life now.
Due to you my days are filled with pleasant ideas, I want to thank you.
I try to think less to not distract from work. But it is higher than mine me!!!
I should speak all this to you! It is sure, that in you there are certain ideas also!
Well, I still have not finished to speak you about my day! After work I change clothes!
Then I go home, I finish work at 17:30. When I reach to the house.
I shall make cleaning in an apartment and I shall make supper. At this time I think of you!
I have ideas about you, try to present that you think at this moment.
You know, all my words proceed from my heart. And I write all this only to you!
I have time to read the book or to look TV after supper. But when I think of you, I usually include music and begin to think and dream of us.
Recently at me dream connected with us was, we were together.
Around there was nobody, only we were and kept for hands.
You spoke me something, but unfortunately I have disassembled only it-"ELENA! YOU AM DEAR FOR ME "...
It is possible, what you see similar dream? I think, that this dream will proceed!
I regret, that only dream may connect us. I want to see you and that my dream was a reality.
You may tell to me about what you dream? What you think of us?
I hope, that your ideas are connected to me!
It is time to me to go!!! I want to wish you good days!
Especially I would like, that you have seen fine dream about us!
I adore you and I value our relations.
Yours Elena.

Letter 6

Hello Ferry. I am constant about you I think. It is interesting to me that you now do, at me are not present such Information, I start to recollect your letters. You write so, that at Me heart is compressed. Such letters always at me in a head. Me Especially pleases when you mention a theme of the daily life. I I understand that you not always have opportunity to write a masterpiece to this Prevents (weariness on work, small troubles on work, Lack of dialogue with the favourite person, lack of pure air and Opportunities to leave from day time problems), but I when read your letters All daily affairs leave on the second plan. I am glad that have met Such person as you. Which understands me and for which it is possible To describe the life with hope sometime to lean against your shoulder and To appear in your embraces. Yes I really think that we could meet in a reality, but it will show us time. For now we are compelled to write each other letters by e-mail. Though very much it would be interesting to receive from you the letter by mail. Probably such letter goes for a long time? Sometimes I think about our relations and I hope that we not play in game with you I hope that we create our happy future now. And I hope that you write me only the truth. Cause I promise that I will never deceive you. I hate, when someone deceive me. And I think that we are serious in this. I feel sincerity in your letters. My soul tell me that you are the fair person. I didn't want to repeat a mistake of the past. I just want to have a happy future and I hope that you want this too. I wait for a prince on a white horse. I hope that you are this prince. I know that we can't meet with you right now so I just wait this moment that will be in the future. We must learn much more about each other before we will meet with you. Sorry I think that this is bad idea to speak with you about lie, so please let's speak about something another. Do you love your work? I think, that if somebody doesn't love his work, he is unfortunate. How you think? I think that all must to do only things that they like. Any way, do you have many friends? I think that it is necessary to have many friends. Cause how I think our life will be much more better if we will have many friends. WHat I can tell you else? Do you have a big dream? I have and I think that may be in the future I tell you about it. Please write me more about you. Cause it is very interestingly for me to know your outlooks on life. What principles you have? I want to know all about you! I wait your next letter. Yours Elena.

Letter 7

Hello my fine Ferry!
This letter to me is to be started especially!
Today probably one of fine days in me!!!
How there were your days? What was interesting?
I hope, that your life have much more changed.
I want to tell you so much today because this day I have understood as you am necessary for me.
All that occured in me earlier, was not such as now! I thought of our relations much...
Now I with confidence can speak you, that my life has changed and filled by new feelings.
I feel need to speak about all to you. Because you very much like me!!!
My heart began to beat twice more! Earlier I tried to understand, that in me occur.
I tried to understand everything, but now I understand that these feelings are connected with you.
My dear Ferry, I have the big feelings to you!!! I do not know, whether it is possible to name it love.
Because such feelings at me for the first time. Earlier I did not understand, that such love.
I liked, but my love was not full!!! Now I understand, that such the present love!
I shall be to name you now my loved and fine?
Many times when I might not fall asleep, I thought of you. I dreamed of us much.
When I have woken up my ideas were connected to you. I have understood as you am necessary for me.
My feelings very light and fine. My soul sings also all my intimate impacts are stronger, than earlier.
I can not believe, as I have exchanged. I notice that now, I reflect on you much more.
I dream all more recently and begin to plan about the future.
Earlier I was very sad and on me seldom there was a smile. There was no mood!!!
You began for me to the most dear now! The way which was, time that I lived in loneliness-
Now remained behind. Now my life began in a new fashion.
Feelings for you Ferry, my heat which in me. I want to give all this to you!!!
This letter with all my feelings to you and only for you...
When I dreamed and represented us, I saw that we are very happy.
Our feelings are each other full and in us the big love. I want my dream to carry out!!!
I do not want to lose feeling, which in me now. I want to admit my feelings to you.
In the childhood I dreamed, that I shall be love in prince. The majority of girls dreams of prince.
But feelings and real love which occur in us the most fine that may occur in life!
I now precisely know, that you my prince! Such feelings I wanted to test to the man which means for me much.
It is pleasant for me to speak, that it the man are you Ferry!!!
I do not know, how my recognition to you will affect you? What you will tell to me in the letter?
But I promised to be with you fair!!! I have now need to embrace you...
I would like to look at your person much and to see happiness if I spoke you directly.
I hope, that can understand all my feelings in this letter...
You my prince Ferry! I want that we were lucky enough also love now.
I adore you and want to transfer my long kiss in this letter.
I with impatience shall wait your letter, yours Elena.

Letter 8

Hello Ferry.
Your photos mean a lot to me. I can look at them whenever I get lonely and dream of one day kissing and making love to you. You are a very special person, and very important to me!
I am glad receive this letter from you. I want to tell you that I like to read your letters very much. I read, and read and read your messages, and everytime it puts a smile on my face... you are such a real person with very, very honest soul and very good principles...
When I received your letter, my mood was improved. My dear, what you make with my heart? Every day I feel new feelings to you and this feelings much more that was be at the last time. I never saw you in a real, but I have this fine feelings any way. And it is surprise for me. I know you not enough time, but I belive to my heart. I like tenderness and caress. I didn't love the rough attitude. I like, when someone make his attention for me. And I love when someone present a flowers. By the way I think that the most beautiful gift for a woman it is flowers. I think that the main thing for the woman attention and care, instead of a gift. Many Russian women marry with a rich people which they didn't love. They marry marry not with man but with his money. When they create a family with rich man, they have very rich life. But these women very soon understand that they unfortunate because they do not love their husband, only their money. I can't be like their cause I think that the most important things in the life, it is be happy and makeing happy someone else. I think that money bring only angrily to mankind, but sometime without money it is impossible to live. I want to find persons whom I really love, and it is not important for me,is he rich man or not. My dear, I can speak with you, about my feelings on my heart. I feel that you are the person to whom I can tell many things, that I can't tell to my good friends. It is surprise me very much, cause I know you very small time, but for this time I had an impression, that I know you for a long time. When I receive the letter from you, it is very good on my soul and warm in my heart. I want to read your letters every days. Any way I think that I must stop writing about my feelings and tell you about something else. In the childhood my mother told me that i must learn cause only then I can find a good work. Then I studied at the university at the ecological faculty. In our country education is not appreciated. Many people, who have a hight education, have very bad work. They have very small money because in our country it is very difficult and hard to find a really good work. In your country people to appreciate education? I know, that for example your goverment invite our scientists cause they think that in Russia we have very good education but how I and told you before it is very hard to find a good work here. Tell me, what opinion your people have about our country? What they think? Cause sometimes I think that foreigners think that here in Russia we have a bears who walking at the streets, then that all Russian man called Ivan and that our food is pancakes and that we all drink alot of vodka, but sometimes it is true ;-) no in the true we not like this, and may be you want to tell me that this is not true, but please belive me that we are here and we see what other people thinking about our country. And I want to tell you that this is not true. Any way I want that you know that I am very happy to have the conversation with you. And I hope that at the one day we will meet with you in the real. I hope that it will be soon.

Letter 9

Hello my lovely Ferry!
I am glad to see you so again. How was your day? Did you think about me? It is the best part of my day, I mean when I read your letter, I am so happy, I know that it is sound very silly but it is true. I read your letters so many times. And I am glad when I can read your new letter today. And I am very happy that we find each other and that we can speak with you. So you want to know more about me? I think that it is very hard to speak about me, cause I didn't know what I must tell you but any way I will try to tell you all that how I think you want to know. Be the way I like when you ask direct questions cause it is more easy for me to answer on it, then if I will create information that to tell you about me. I want to have kids, I think that I want two or maybe more, but it must be only with the right person. I hope that this will be you and that you want to have this kids too, but if you didn't want to have a lot of kids, I think that it is not a big problem for us. Be the way I want to ask you what kind of sports do you like? What do you like to play? What do you like to watch on TV? Do you watch TV a lot? Any way today I went with my girlfriends to the cafe. We frequently go with my girlfriends to the different cafe. The we talk on various themes. I have a lot of friends and girlfriends and I think that this is good. But if you want to know I think that it will be very hard for me to lost it here and arrive to you ( cause I hope that we will be together in the future). I am impatient, and I would like to see you right now and speak with you face to face, but I understand and accept that we must wait sometime and learn more about each other. I want that you know, I will NEVER lie to you, and that I will NEVER deceive you, And I wait the same from you. I want that you will be honest and true with me and with my intentions. I want to make something between you and me I think that you can call it a happy love story. If you are nice and honest and good with me, I will be the same to you but at 1000 times more. I know that you are true with me and I hope that you will be true with me at the future too. I know that you are but I just want to tell it again. Cause I didn't want to mistake again. I feel that you are good man so please don't show me that I mistake at you. I hope that you think about me cause I think about you all times. So please write me back as soon as you will can, you know it is very hard for me to stay here and to know that all that I can do now it is just be here and wait your next letter. I hope that you will understand my feelings and that you will answer me soon. Take care my dear friend.
I kiss and I embrace you!!!
Your love Elena.



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