Scam Letter(s) from Julia Gezerdeva to Steve (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello, my dear.

Thank you very much for your letters and wonderful video It was funny I was also glad to see pics of your area. It's really nice place!

How was your weekend? How are you doing? I guess you will get this letter when you get home tonight. How is xxxx My Hello to her :) I am glad that she has a fresh memory :) As for me, sometimes I forget.. but I am still in clear memory :))

Oh... my weekend was awful.. I didn't write you before because I had huge problem with my PC at work.. I got a lot viruses.. but I have anti-virus program..And my PC was down completely on Thursday. I called to a programmer and only today I have got it back.. But it was not all.. Last week was really horrible.. I told you before about my problems with heating and the running water.. And on Friday our chairman said all people who live in this house that the water will be on.. so, everybody has to be at home on Saturdays and Sundays. There are 7 front-porches.. everything was fine with the first 4 porches.. and last 4, including mine, had problems.. when they opened my system.. all was bunt out..... all pipes were crushed and damaged because of long winter and frozen water inside.. I was scared of it most of all.. The same problem was in the next doors.. I am so sad and depressed.. problems after problems.. soon my birthday.. what to do I don't know.. :( I have to fix it during two weeks.. my trip to Egypt will be denied.. I must be home and find the way to fix all my water system..

I am so sad..

I am sorry my dear.. I can't think about anything only it.. If I was alone it would be ok.. but I still need to care of Marik.. Ok, never mind.. I will try to resolve this problem myself..

So, of course I would like to meet you not for 4 days, but right now I have only 4 days I said before we will meet more in summer. I will have a vacation.. so you can stay here even one month or more.. We will see. My Dear, March is coming.. but you still didn't buy tickets.. I hope you will tell me this week. I do want to meet you, my dear.

I wish you have a good week there. My greetings to all your family!

Kisses and hugs, Julia.

P.S. you are asking about bra.. yes, it will be better to get push up.. And the colors are the same like on the site.

Letter 2

Hello my dear

Thank you very much for your letters! I am very glad to get it every day! Soon we will meet. Thank you very much for brining presents for me and Marik on holidays. I appreciate it a lot!

My dear, I'd like to thank you for your caring about Marik and me with renting 2 bedroom apartment. But , I won't need it because the water will be on on March and the weather will be warmer. I don't think that these 2 days will not help us, but in any case I appreciate your tries to help us. The winter is almost is over.. We relived it and we will be waiting for March. That's ok. My dear, I would like to talk to you about brining the present for us. May I ask you to bring one thing from your country?

I am sorry about asking this.. but before I have to explain you. I hope you heard what the waterboss is. I want to give you this link to understand what I am talking about.

I have one right now.. I guess it's frozen and broken after such winter, missing running water in pipes. I will be waiting for warm weather.. and I will need to change all pipes and waterboss too. I bought one here in Ukraine, but it costs too much.. it's about 2,000$.
My model is "Waterboss 900" and I will need the same again.

I don't know what to do.. I will need this one.. But it's too expensive for me to buy it again. I would like to ask you to make me a favor.. I saw that the same waterboss costs about 465$ in the US..If it is not so expensive for you to buy it there and bring it in Ukraine. It will be the best present on these holidays. Really I don't know what to do... The sanitary technician came and looked over.. he said that I need to change everything but when the water will be on.. if I do it right now I will just waste time and money again.

Why do I need this waterboss? Because the water is very bad and has yellow color. So, the iron level is very high (2,2) The normal is 0,08.. I don't lie you It's true. I just need male help. You are only one who understands me and I hope you will help me with it. If not, that's ok.. I understand. I know it's not good to ask you about it.. but I have no alternatives.. :( My dear, let me know if you can bring it or not. Thank you very much!

What are you going to do this weekend? What is the weather like there?
Here it's not cold, not warm. No snow.. Usually we had a lot snow in winter.. but climate is changed and now the weather is like the early spring, cloudy, cold.. But when you are alone the weather seems to you very ugly and you are depressed but when you have something what to do.. you don't notice the weather. If it is bad or good.. Like this weekend I am going to be a Godmother :) My friend will baptize her boy tomorrow. She invited me to become his Godmother. I was agree :)
Because by our tradition, if a woman baptizes first time she will be happy in future :)) And in your country?

My dear, right now I have to go because Friday is usually short day and I have to go to the store and buy some stuffs for tomorrow.

I will be waiting for your letter on Monday. I hope you will be thinking of me like I am thinking of you. I will get some pics and send you. I don't promise but I will try :)

Have a good weekend there.

Kisses.. Julia.

P.S. on this pic you can see this tatto.



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