Scam letter(s) from Elena Hopina to Gene (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Gene:)
Once again you make me very happy with your letter. I was very happy to read more about you, to learn your life!!You know, it is so horrible to be alone, it is horrible, to come home and know that you are not waited by the dearest person. Yes, it is better for me, because I live with my parents and I am not alone. But in my hear, my soul is lonely. And now, when I start corresponding with you, I feel myself better. Every day I am waiting your letter.
I feel how the door to our life is opening. Slowly, but confident! As you understand from my letters I am very serious about the future, and I want it to be with right person. Yes, it is very difficult to find this special man. But, I feel that I am on the right way, and you?
Thank you for the photos, I like them very much!
I don't think it is a good idea to send something through the post office. I can give you my address it is not a problem for me. But our post delivery is horrible, I even don't receive the letters from my friend and she lives in Ukraine. I worry as I don't want you to spend the extra money and I don't want to sit and worry about this . I also don't want you to worry about this too.
Oh dear it will be great to communicate over the phone. But I don't have it. It was stolen and now I try to save some money for it.
We don't have a land line phone at home. It is very expensive to put the new line and in our district there is no any line!!!
Well, about my work:)I work as a secretary at the school. My working day starts at 9.00 o'clock. But I get up every day at 6.00 a.m. I just make the usual morning procedure and then of course I have the breakfast. Usually we have breakfast and supper with all family, it is our tradition. Even at the evening we are waiting for the last member of our family and only then we have supper. But dinner we have at work:)) So, I don't know, but I think it is a simple thing to have breakfast together, but it helps to stay friendly family. It is very difficult to gather and talk, everyone has its affairs. But around the table we can see our family together:))Well, my work, I like it. I think that each work is very important and each person takes its place in this world. And without one person, who will lost his work it would be difficult!!! But now, I go to the courses, which I will finish in one month. I take the courses of the accountant. And the big role my mother plays too. She helps me to understand everything. Then I will take the better work also at the firm when my mother work. Yes, the courses also take the time but I think that now I can allow this, but then when I have the family, my own family, I won't be able to spend a lot of time on myself.
Oh, I have also one dream. This dream connects with our future:)I adore nature and I dream about the big travel. I don't say that I want this right now or in some years. I believe that we should make our dreams true that is why we have them. Don't you agree?
My dream: I want to see the world. I know that it is impossible to see the whole world in one time, but I will be very happy to see that little part of it. I have never been abroad and I read a lot about other countries and other cultures and I so much want to see everything by my own eyes!
What do you think??
Well, again I should put the full stop. I have written a lot and I hope it won't bore you. I hope you like my letter. I wish you the best day, and waiting impatiently your letter.
Kisses, Katya.
Letter 2
Hello my dear Gene!
Thank you for the letter and for the photos, I like them very much!
I will try to look for the way to talk to you, ok?
I must talk about the vacations wiht my director and perhaps I will be able to take some weeks for the vacations, but I am not sure.
My dearest Gene, I worry about one thing. I don't know if you know this or not. I use the help of the translator to write you the letters. I don't know English enough to write myself. I come here and receive your letter. I give it to translate and then I write you my answer. It is translated into English for you. I believe that relations should be based on trust and I decided to share this problem with you as I feel very very close to you. I hope it won't stop you from writing to me.
Dear, I believe and I feel that I can be honest with you and I am. I try to tell you everything what I feel and want I want. I believe that we should try to make efforts to tell as much as we can.
It will help us in the future. Now, we have only this way to communicate and I am happy even with this as with each letter I feel so close to you. Thank you for this.
It is so difficult to be lonely, to wake up in the cold and lonely bed, to meet sun in the morning alone. It is so depressed. I want to have the happy morning and to be close to that person who really loves me as much as I love him. I want to wake up with morning kisses and cuddling, to take shower together and to have the delicious breakfast!
I believe that we can make this and I believe that it is in our hands.
I share my thought and dreams with my mother. I told her about us. I needed to share my happiness with someone. My mother is my best friend and I was so happy to share my happiness with her. She was very happy to learn about you and that our correspondence makes me so happy. But now it is difficult to say something for sure. But she asked me to send you Hello:)))
I feel that you are that person I can rely on. I believe that you won't leave me in difficult moment and it makes me strong and it gives me a lot of strength. I will make everything to give you all what I have in my heart in my soul and you just need to except this if you think that you can be with me.
Kisses, Katya.
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