Scam letter(s) from Polina Dubrovina to Tim (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello the man unfamiliar to me! I understand that you now are surprised that to you this letter has come. But I ask you simply spend 5 minutes of your time and read it. At first I wished to be presented. My name is Anna me of 27 years I live in Russia in the Cheboksary of I not married. And I was never married. I have finished school and arrived in medical college finished it and went to work in hospital but only me never I carried could find to myself the man and me so it would be desirable it. And I looked as that in the evening the TV and saw that there spoke that in Russia 30 000 000 women which live without men and that there are such marriage agencies in which it is possible to address and in such agency to you can pick up the man. I went to one of such agency and addressed to them with the request that they could find for me the man they spoke to me that this service paid and that I should pay about 1000 roubles. At first I thought that it expensively for me but have then thought and solved that money for me it not important that I want happiness want love I want the relation and I want a happy family what for to me money without a thing it and I gave this one thousand roubles. And they suggested me to get acquainted with the man from other country. I have solved why and was not present if I could not find the man from Russia such destiny can at me and I should search the man from another of the countries. And they gave me yours e-mail the address and spoke that you search to yourself the woman. I have written down yours e-mail and have gone to the cafe Internet to send you the letter. Unfortunately I do not presume to myself the house computer, it dear for me. I have come to the Internet of cafe and have asked to learn to use me the Internet and to write you the letter. The manager has helped me to understand in all and with its help now you read my letter. I have written you it with hope that you will answer me. Also I have put a photo to this letter, and you can estimate my appearance. At once I wish to tell to you that I would like to find serious relations and to create a family, I do not wish to play game and I do not want that with me played games. I would like to have a happy and loving family. Now I will wait for your letter. The lonely woman from Russia Anna! Here mine e-mail the address I would be very glad if you have answered my letter
Letter 2
Hello my dear Tim! I again and again receive your letter Tim. And your letters charge me special energy. I feel deep attachment to you and your letters.
Still any time back, I could not and think, that you Tim will begin for me so is important. And I really hope, that I for you also am very important. I very much like to communicate with you, and each your letter has filled me with harmony by a life. If still one month ago I did not feel similar paints of a life now when I so am familiar with you Tim, I am glad and enjoy a life. I never thought, that similar love, yes Tim, the love can be even under letters. I did not trust in it, but now when I made the analysis of the acts, the actions. I have understood Tim, that I " LOVE YOU Tim ". I do not know, how it is possible to explain it, but now I want to hear nothing any explanations. I want to receive your letters, And I know, that you Tim, also think and know, that it is love. It is very important for me, I already spoke, to like and be loved, but you Tim you force me to love you. And I cannot go against it, I cannot go against the feelings and consequently I go on a meeting to the feelings, on a meeting to you Tim.
When in the last letters we spoke about each other, it was only any acquaintance and I tried to understand you as the person Tim. But now I understand, that I searched for you. And it is not important for me how old are you, and to me not important with whom you were before, and it is not important, whether you have children, I love you such what you is Tim, and from you more it is necessary nothing to me except for your love. I really appreciate our relations and is very cautious to not damage any your feelings Tim. I hope, that you understand completely and all sense of this letter, because for me Tim this very important letter. And I hope, that you understand it completely. Because in this letter I have enclosed the soul, love and trust that you have understood my fair and feelings are open and now I only want to tell to you, that which I to you test all those feelings to belong only to you Tim. It as music which flow whence from space and I cannot explain to you it Tim, but I know one precisely, that I love you Tim. You have enabled me to love and I thank you for it. Not all people in the world can love, but I know, that you also test to me the same great feeling Tim. Thanks for your attention Tim which you have given for me, for me is very important, that you read this letter and have understood all its sense. I shall say goodbye to you up to tomorrow Tim my love to write to you again. I wait for your letter tomorrow Tim. With love from your girl Anna! P.S. Sometimes on days off I do small jog, and you can photos of that on what it sees similar. You have liked a photo?
Letter 3
Hi my love Tim. How you? Is madly glad to receive your letter. These are good news about that that you have sent money but that I could receive them to me it is necessary to know exact quantity of money which you have sent. How many money you have sent? I hope that all will pass well, and I can receive money without problems. I have already started to collect necessary documents for my visa. I have forgotten to say absolutely to you, that my passport for travel abroad will be soon ready, I have already given all documents and to me have started to do it. And when it is ready to me it will be necessary will pay money that to me have given out my passport in hands. Then when I will receive the passport I will give money and documents to tour agency that they did my visa.
My love Tim I very much would not like to meet you, to embrace you, to kiss. Now I very much worry concerning ours with you of a meeting, I cannot present at all as I will worry when we will meet you at the airport. But not looking on any excitement it will be the happiest day in my life.
If all goes well, and I will receive the visa we can already meet you in 2 or 3 weeks. My dear Tim I hope that to a smog to remain with you on weigh term of 6 months, and then we could think about wedding.
On it I will finish the letter. I love you and I miss on you my kitten Tim!
Letter 4

Hi my dear love Tim! How you my darling? I am very glad to receive your letter.
At once I wish to tell to you about money, today or tomorrow I will go to office MoneyGram and to try to receive money. I hope that all will pass well and I can receive money.
Also I very strongly want that the embassy has approved my visa and I could receive it and fly to you to your country my lovely prince Tim.
I have such big love to give to you. I wish to care of you. I very much do not have you in my life. When I come home, to me it becomes very sad and boring without you, I cannot simply present as I will be happy when we will meet you my love Tim. You very much and very much dear for me in my life.
My kitten Tim, now I need to go back for work as I wrote you the letter at that time when we had a dinner. I love you and I wish to be for ever with you. Sincerely your future wife Anna!
Letter 5
Hello my love Tim! How you my darling?
Probably you are very tired with office moving, and because of it could not write me the letter.
I have not so good news to you. Today when I have received the passport, I have decided to come into tour agency. They have already received the answer from embassy, in it has been told that invite me to interview in embassy of 15 numbers. I should have at myself the air ticket in two parties from Russia in your country, and in 6 months back from your country to Russia. Then the manager has asked me when I will buy the air ticket, I have answered that I will not buy the air ticket from them in agency and have told that you will buy the air ticket from the country. The manager has told that it is impossible, at first I have not understood. But then me have shown the contract in which it has been told that if the client addresses for the help in visa reception in their tour agency that this client undertakes to buy the air ticket from them in tour agency. And then when I have read it I have seen my signature. It was my error that I have not read the contract. My dear man Tim now if I will not buy the air ticket from them in tour agency that on me will bring an action also I should pay twice more costs of the air ticket, and still I cannot take off from the country while I will not sob out it the full sum.
We with you do not have other choice except how to buy the air ticket from them in tour agency. I asked air ticket cost in two parties, the manager has found the cheapest air ticket, its cost 2200Euro, this cost includes journey to Moscow, food. My love Tim I need to buy the air ticket to 14 numbers as I will already leave to Moscow 14 numbers. I hope that you will understand me in this situation and can send money as soon as possible. Already remains to very few time when we with you can embrace each other, walk together on a beach and spend much in common time.
I love you. Sincerely yours Anna!
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