Letter(s) from Polina Dubrovina to Aaron (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Aaron!
I am glad that you could to forgive me! It is very good that you understand me in this situation. I never knew that my former guy uses my photos that men have sent to it of money, he did not speak me it but when I have learnt it I has told to it that it has stopped it to do differently I will leave from it, he did not want i?ar?auaou it and I have thrown it.
My love Aaron certainly I will send you a copy of my passport when I will receive it, and you can see that I do not deceive you and that I am real. Certainly I will give you the address. The hospital name in which I work is "the City polyclinic ?1".
Here my address:
The Russian Federation
City: Cheboksary
The address: street of 50 years of October, the house 24, apartment 2.
On it I will finish the letter. Sincerely yours Anna!

Letter 2

Hello my dear man Aaron!

It was the error that I to you have not told at once all. But now I should to you tell all. Earlier to you I had a guy, and he was engaged in that that received money from the western men, it long hid from me it. And when I have learnt about it, I have told to it or you throw this business or I throw you. He did not wish to stop to be engaged in this business, and I have thrown it. Then he long ran for me met me at an entrance, spoke that all will be fast well and that many money will be fast at it, it already saved a part of money on the bank account. But I have told to it that we never will be together. Every day he tried to stop me and to force to talk to me, but I did not have any desire to talk to it as it is not present and now, it is opposite to me. And when once again it has seized me by a hand and has told that I will be with it, I have shouted that I will not be with you and that I am going to find the good man abroad, but he has told that it will be never. It and its children well understand computers and the Internet. My love Aaron, you remember when we only started to communicate with you, I have written you the letter on that that at me the electronic box has been broken, and I have asked to write you on another e-mail. You remember it? It my former guy has tried. In his hands there were all my photos, and he has sent mine in the Internet with my name, speaking about that that I the cheat and only wish to receive money from men.
It is very a pity to me that I have not told to you all it earlier, it was my error. To me now so it is bad on a shower, at me as though a lump in a throat. I hope that you can forgive me.
Soon I will receive the passport and I will send you a copy! I really do not have phone how you cannot understand it? Unless I would not give you the phone number? I very strongly wish to hear your voice! I asked the manager about webcam and he has told that it is not present at it in the cafe Internet.
Sincerely yours Anna!

Letter 3

Hi my lovely man my kitten Aaron!!! I only have received your letter and was happy to read each your wordand those feelings love which you test to me the letter have beenimpregnated these feelings. At me the smile has appeared and I simplywas happy I was so happy as the person that again your letter broughtto me so a lot of happiness and love.My dear Aaron, I too live without you painfully, I wish to meet youand to be with you nearby, to embrace you and to kiss. That time whenwe will be with you together there will be the happiest time forlight. To me it is very pleasant that you would like to teach medriving lessons on the car, I promise that I will be the capablepupil. That photo very much was pleasant to me, you nice and who withyou costs nearby in this photo? Yesterday I came into bank and havelearnt a few information about Western Union. The manager of bank hastold to me that it will be simple to use this system. But that I couldreceive your money, I need to know your full name and your fulladdress. You will send me the information in the following letter?Here the information in which you require to send me money: my name:Anna, my surname: Sepeeva, my country: Russia, my city: Cheboksary.When you will send me money? And you wish to send what sum?I only wanted to speak with you as far as much at me now dreams aboutyou I dream before sleeping every day I I dream of you dream of uswhen we with you together both all this is so real also to me it seemsthat it happens ever I only I wait for this moment when we shall beready to this it is very responsible moment that we could solve withyou that we do and as far as is serious I only wait and dream of you Iwait ours with you a meeting start up can be she will not soon but theperson this such creation at which is simple at even very small ideathat all this happen it dreams as it occurs and that we shall do all.I was literally yesterday has lain both only was going to sleep andonly I could not fall asleep thought of you thought about ours withyou of the relation thought of ours with you of feeling. And I havesimply presented as we with you houses simply we sit on a sofa weembrace also you allow to me the big passionate kiss and I only totickle your ear and I whisper to you as I love you much as I happy tobe with you. Then there was still a dream as we only have woken upmorning you kissed me and went on work and then I only prepared to eatcleaned the house erased linen and you have made all on a facilitiesthen has come with work all tired and I only have shown about you careI cleaned for you have put to you to eat has kissed passionately andwe with you stirred that did you all over again then that I did. Andthen we only with you went in a bedroom and there started to make lovethen I fell asleep at you on a breast and all this ideas about you andall dreams of us brought so a lot of heat in my soul and it became sogood me from that that I love you and that I only want to be with youand that nobody is necessary for me that you are necessary for me onlythat is necessary to me only you. I shall wait for you how many youwill tell I shall never throw you and that or did not happen promiseme that if you will find other woman or you will cease to love me thatonly will tell to me about it and I understand you and I forgivealways I forgive people. So it is much easier to live so now we onlywith you shall wait for this moment and I love you know this my heartdevoted to you and do not worry we shall be together and you can feelmy soul it is necessary only is strong to want and it is necessary togrow fond strongly only of it and then we can be together. Well Iwhile I finish this letter and if you have any questions either whator offers speak me well I shall wait a lot of for your answer and Ishall wait for your letter when you will write to me and speak with mesoon I only wait and I believe. Yours and only yours and I hope to love you always Anna!!!!