Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Patrusheva to Charles (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Charles! I am grateful to you, that you have answered me my announcement.
I did not know, whether that you will answer me really my announcement. But
I the truth am very glad, that you have written me also me now, I write to you
The letter. I do not know, it speaks or writes in letters in the first
Acquaintance, but I will try to tell about me directly, and I will place
The letter a photo. I hope, that my photos as you. I will begin
The letter from it I was born in the city of Yoshkar-Ola. This city is in
The Russian Federation. It is very beautiful city, I was born also dews
In it. I do not know, whether that you have heard about this city really, but
You can look at it on the Internet. My name Nadezhda.
On April, 13th 1980 I was born. Now to me of 28 years.
My growth of 170 sm and weight of 63 kg!. I the third child in a family. I have
Two more sisters. My mum and the daddy, and working over factory and
There were good experts of business. Now they are not present, but I
Often recollect them. From the childhood just as all
Children I have gone to a kindergarten, are possibly the happiest time, when
There are no cares, and parents love you and give you tenderness and
Care. I was the disobedient child - thus mum spoke me, I at all do not do
Remember it, but it was pleasant to listen for me to histories of mine
Mum. After a kindergarten in 1986 I has gone to school, in the first
Class. It is the most remembering moment in each first-grader.
The first call calls, and all start to study. I have studied 10 years in
School. After school I operated at institute on management of a speciality
From the state organisations as has appeared then this speciality now to
Nobody is necessary. After end of institute I have gone to work
In the organisation of a building the manager. To me bearing with work
And I work now. I have two elder sisters, both of them married, they
Is more more senior than I. One my sister names Maria, other Anna. They
Have children, they are my nephews. I love nephews, and I dream
Once to have same children as they. Now I live one in one room
Apartment. Sometimes it happens me unfortunately, but I try to be occupied in
Hobby. I very much like to borrow with sports meets, we sometimes with
Girlfriends go to sports meets of halls which will be occupied in aerobics, but on it
Not always there is time. It is a lot of time now, but it is probable
Work borrows from each person so. I very much am pleasant like cinema,
Especially to look it at cinema. I sometimes go to cinema to look
Interesting film. Tell, something about itself. Tell about a city,
About your work, about your life also are not confused to ask me, in
More we learn the fact about the friend the friend, we can is better
Get acquainted with you.
Write to me please. Nadezhda.
Letter 2
Hi Charles! It is pleasant for me, that you answered my letter. I understand, that my English language wishes to be better, I shall try to be corrected. I ask an apology for my English language. I think, that your letters help me to correct the mistakes of the English language. I am still poorly familiar with work on the Internet, but this invention of the person starts to like me. I understand, probably the Internet at you for a long time and you does not surprise it, and at us it while a new thing. It is pleasant to me, that we with you can write letters each other and they come so quickly, allowing us to write. I now cannot present myself as earlier people used simple mail and wrote letters each other. It borrowed a lot of time and forces. You know I for a long time with anybody did not talk on souls and I now would like to talk to you. You know, to me so bothered to be closed in the small world. In my life occurs nothing. All is monotonous. Work the house, the house work. It would be desirable any changes and therefore I dared to write on a site of acquaintances and to get acquainted with you Charles. It is interesting to me to learn as people live in other country that do , than live. I do not want to tell, that at me all is bad. At me good girlfriends, good work, beautiful city in which I live, but all this starts to bother me. I start to understand and look at the world in the course of time on another. I start to understand, that it is not necessary in empty to spend time, the life. I start to understand, that it is necessary to build the small world, the family. It seems to me, that it comes in the course of time. There comes at everyone such stage in life to make the own world. Tell to me please about the ideas in this occasion? I shall tell to you about myself and about the life. I wrote to you, that I live one in the apartment. My senior sisters already married and live the life. I lived with mum, but now was not present my mum also I live one. At me my cat lives with me. I very much love him. I come from work, and he meets me and starts to caress and be rubed about me, wants that I stroked him, know as warmly to sleep with him. I lie down to sleep, and he gets to me into legs , to lie down and purrs. This fluffy sphere of me understands and likes. In my life it turned out so, that I one, at me was not present my second half. I gave a lot of time to study and work and not enough time gave private life. At me simply did not remain to time for private life. Is not present certainly, I walked with girlfriends, went on discos, and I had admirers, but it is all was not serious. I not had men on which I could rely and make the family. I understand, that it can seem to you strange, that such beautiful girl and one. You simply do not know men at us, one is necessary to them only - ***. Love for one night - that is necessary for them. There is no I not against ***, I only for. Simply I do not present *** without love. They I do not think of feelings and the present love, they do not think of the future. I want, that in my life there was a present love, now the present love is shown frequently at cinema. But I the romantic person also believe in the present love and I sometimes would like, that at me all was beautiful as at cinema. I think, that you too sometimes have such ideas. Write to me about the love about the desires, I want to learn you better. Now I have not enough time to continue to write to you, but I shall wait for your letter to answer you. Nadezhda.
Letter 3
Hello Charles which I have woken today early, I wished to check up my mail and at once
Found your letter. It is very pleasant for me, that you
The responsible person and the answer on my letters. I very much appreciate
It. I wish to tell to you, that I appreciate sincerity and the truth
In people. If to me, something is not pleasant, I at once I, and will be
Tell it to the person, instead of I will force to wait for it.
Charles give with you, we already agree, with you adult people, we
Wish to find love and therefore both of us to which address
The Internet and the found friend the friend, I wish to tell to you, that we should
Study each other as it probably is better and if to you or me,
Something is not pleasant, at once about it we write. Well. It
Idle time for honesty between us, that we were fair with you. I and you,
We are not going to play game, in us not that age that it is vain to waste time. You
With me agree? You know in me is are not present
Difficulty to read your letters, in you good English language. Gratitude
You for this purpose. I understand, that it is better to study each other, to
Meet and look each other in the person, but in our situation now it is not present
Possible nevertheless and therefore I wish to study you better
Through your letters which you to me write. I wish to look yours
Photos, please. Certainly, I will try to tell to you about me directly as
Very much as far as possible, you do not fluctuate, ask, it to you to tell about
Independently, I will write with the great pleasure, I like to write to you
From the letter. Never simply I have written letters through the Internet
Earlier, it is pleasant to me. I will tell to you about
Girlfriends and about a hobby. I have girlfriends, with which we
Friends since the childhood. We always help each other. Some mine
Girlfriends have got married and are very happy, one my girlfriend has got married
Somewhere in the USA. It got acquainted through agency
Acquaintances on the Internet, it was approximately 2 years ago.
Sometimes with my girlfriends we go in discos, it is a little to have
Rest from work and the house.
I not the admirer to go in discos, but sometimes
It would be desirable to replace conditions simply. When in us summer
I like to float and sunbathe, at us is the small river Volga, addresses to.
I like to float in it. In
The summer to me is pleasant to take away me years, since the childhood with which we have gone
Parents behind berries, know, how is tasty to eat, I clear wild wild strawberry
With milk. There is such smell wild wild strawberry when you eat it.
Nevertheless I like to go behind mushrooms, in us it is many mushrooms, me
As they to gather, but to me do not like, when they clean. I like to play
Sometimes computer games and to look films when there is a free time.
I have written to you, that I live one, and it happens me is sad one in long
Evenings. There is no simple human dialogue. Cares that I could care
From the person favourite to me. I like to prepare, but at me now anybody is not present to
Be prepared, that someone has estimated my culinary abilities. I am tasty I
Be prepared, I have been studied by mum, and then I studied to be prepared. It is pleasant to me
To go sometimes with girlfriends, to eat in cafe, but I prefer to eat
Buildings, buildings are more tasty. I the internal girl also am pleasant to
I an internal cosiness more. Write to me about itself and tell about
Internal hobbies. I with impatience will wait for your letter.
Yours Nadezhda.
Letter 4

Hi Charles.
I am glad, that you wrote me the letter and we with you can write letters each other. Your letters please my soul and force itself to feel the woman. You know it very pleasantly when you paid compliments also with pleasant words. Any girl likes when to her pay attention and pay compliments. I as well as all women love beautiful words, speak, that the woman likes ears. Sometimes nobody understands us, how the main hero in film told (Back in the future), women is a ninth riddle of the universe and us sometimes not simply to understand. But actually we are easy for understanding. That is necessary for me, as well as to any other woman is to be loved that you loved. The happiness is when you the calmness and a cosiness love, it when houses, it when you wait for the favourite person and know, that you are necessary for him and that you unique and unique for him. I think, that many women dream of it on the ground. I heard, that at you the woman not such, that they are interested only with money and independence, freedom. I think, that it is not correct. So should not be. The woman is a keeper of a home, she is the mistress in the house in which she should create a cosiness and rest for the favourite husband. I unless am not right? Write to me please, that you think of my ideas. I so was brought up by my mum. My senior sisters too were brought up also, and I take an example from them. At them in families understanding and a cosiness, husbands of them like. To my sisters carried. I think, that I too shall be happy sometime and I shall have the family and loving husband. At me now began such period in life, that to me began to seem, that around all grey and typical. I am very glad, that I could get acquainted with you, I think that to me simply carried or it is destiny that we met you. Recently at us in Russia showed transfer, she (To find you) refers to. In transfer are engaged in search of people and lonely hearts, one plot there was, that the young girl from Russia corresponded with the man from abroad, they liked each other, but something happened with the Internet (breakage) and they lost each other. On transfer they met, the girl asked to find the favourite person on transfer and he arrived to her. It is very touching history of love, but it so is romantic. I with each letter start to trust, that letters with my words, inform up to you my part oppress, and your letters bring to me a part of your soul. It to not explain yet, but to me new and unfamiliar feeling. It is pleasant to me. I shall tell to you a little about myself. I like houses to prepare to eat, I like to prepare when at me on a visit my girlfriends. You know as it pleasantly when someone appreciates your work and your abilities, this not overlooked feeling. I like, that at home at me was always clean. My girlfriends sometimes for fun speak, that I am frequently cleaned. I simply got used to the order as mum did at me. Earlier I liked to play volleyball, I remember, that I well played to school. We with girlfriends even went on trainings on volleyball when went to school. After leaving school all this was somehow forgot and at everyone the life appeared. It was for a long time. Now I write you the letter and I try to transfer with him a slice of the soul.
Your Nadezhda.
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