Scam letter(s) from Regina Appiah to Sid (USA)

Letter 1
Hello sweetie,probably you should be on air now,mom's mail is -
I wish you a save journey, and say some prayers while traveling.Love you
Letter 2
Well Sid,its really questioning.I don't believe you did that,but how can get my mind off it, it was your mail,how could you let another person get to your mail? where do you think that might have came from.Office in the states? Hotel in Canada?
Something still baffles me, i got an offline also,and how does this person knew you wanted to give me a gift?
I'm still in total dismay and I want to believe you . but i don't know how.This doesn't take inch from me, it only passed pains .I will try fix my msn and i will see if we can chat.
Good day Sid
Letter 3
My dear Sid,who knows if that guy who sent those mail is still in your premises,just be careful hon, and make sure no one hurst you there.Actually i wasn't happy when i got the mail,and that made me mad, yes you told me that you are sid when i asked you if you are rick or sid,well since we both know now that its a problem from an angle,we can tackle it.What does your stay in Canada is this time ? Have you fished out if you will be there for long, how long would that be ?
I'm having bad connection now, so i havn't fish out the MSN stuff, when i get it down i will send my IM and e-mail address to you.I miss you.
Letter 4

Sid,my faith on your has been strong and my hope was never shallow,it only put me in total dismay and i couldn't help to imagine what that was.Today i still got a mail from steve, i check that now but i haven't seen whats there, i will copy past what he says, please hon you have to be careful there, i think its dangerous there. I wanted to ask you before you go there, if there is safe, but i believe since its not your first time, probably you must have known the situation over there.Well, i only believe this is our test time, and i think we have been able to sail through it.Please sweetheart, be very careful, i think you see what i wrote ? be careful there, someone who could get into you mail, and blocked you access to it might hurt you with gun or harmful objects to get valuable things from you. Lock the hotel room when you go into your room,don't open till you ask the name of who wants to come in and verify that with the receptionist on the inter-pol call to know if truly its the person sent to your room.
I believe you and i wouldn't let this give a slight doubt in me, as i believe you trust me too.I'm trusting you hon and thats why i have to admit that, i haven't seen such happened, but its all programming, people might get silly and idle to doing that too.But what matters to me is your safety.ok ?
I miss you S
Letter 5
Dear Sid.I'm pleased to read your letter, and I would commend you for being so conciderate in your plans with Linda and my grandchild.They are the only treasure I got and add with this is my husand which is Linda's step dad.I once feel this way also,I wanted the good thing to happen soon in my life, I did all things in my capacity but thank God i meet my dreams now.Linda is the only child and i want the best for her family too, I'm greatful that you knew this.She explained to me that you made the choise for her to come and in your letter I see how true that is and the reason you had behind it. It's reasonable I think,and i wouldn't stop this to happen rather I'll contribute my quota to make it work.What I will plead you to do now is to be upfront with her as I know she'll be to you too.Equality matters in relationship and that comes by understanding.As a perfect gentle man, which i sensed in the letter you sent, I believe all is going to be well with you.I hold onto your
promises and assurance to making them happy, and that has given me a reason to let you
all be together when you want it to happen.
I appreciate you for awaring me , and thank you for the understanding to informing me all these.It gives me better understanding about your (Linda and You) whole plans.
Letter 6
Dear Sid.Thank you for the letter,I believe you had the previous one as the responce to your first letter.Actually,I assume you knew I'm not ready for this in any way,being your interest makes it more compelling.I would miss them now if i chose to let them leave.But I'll suggest you should still have sometime with getting to know her better and I hope that would make time pass away with reasonable thoughts, and both gainning trusth in oneanother.Thats my thought for now.I hope you have a nice day
Letter 7
Dear sid,I'm delighted to get intouch with you again, how's your health and work .I've explained to Linda this morning that I would be booking a ticket but with a part payment.The price I met it was $2336,I made a part payment of $1300 left $1036,while I make the booking to 23rd of October as fixed by Linda and as a roundtrip ticket.I believe that's your plan too? I have decided to help in this situation because I think its you guys time and with the way you descirbed issues, it would be better you start your lifes together.We would need to complete the ticket fee before it could be given to Linda,and this has to be before the date we booked for.This is what I could come up with and I hope it's appreciated.Take care,Hope to read your opinion on this.
Letter 8
My love sid,I know this may sound cliche' but to be honest you changed my life. From the moment I saw you I knew you were a gift from God. You constantly shower me with unconditional love and you always understand my shortcomings without criticism. Just looking at you is enough to make me happy. My life is now full of promise, every day is worth looking forward to, and it's all because of you. You made me become a better person. I never thought I could love someone the way I love you now. I know you hear this all the time, but I want to tell you again and again that I truly love you and my life would never be the same without you. I miss you every day but soon, we shall be together and live all our days without a waist.....I love you now and always.Linda
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